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Avatar n tn I have had aspiration pneumonia in the right middle lobes seven times in the last eight months what is causing this to happen to me? I was put on a breathing machine for a week and was in ICU for another week so worried what is going on?
Avatar n tn Interstitial lung disease is long term effect of such disorder and significantly reduces the oxygen saturation.) and the lung cancer. Metastatic lesions are the one which spreads to an unrelated tissue (from else where to lungs). This can be a disease or it can be a cancer. You have not cleared your primary disease. You need to undergo certain serological tests to rule out such disease (RA factor, ANA titer, sDNA etc.).
Avatar n tn Most probably she might be having fibrotic lesions in lungs due to repeated attacks of pneumonia.
Avatar f tn I have had 2 CT's since August. It shows the edges have changed. This was 7mm in 2007. I just had Pneumonia. I had a P E T Scan today. Anyone with similar situation? I don't have insurance and was laid off in August. Very worried. I am 56 yrs old and grew up around smoke but I have never smoked.
Avatar m tn In addition to benign tumors there are other causes for the development of “a small mass” including infection, inflammation, collapse of a portion of a lung and clots to the lung. “How small” is also important as “masses” smaller than one inch in diameter are more likely to be benign than are larger lesions. Whatever this proves to be, it is probably the cause of the wheezing, especially if the wheeze is limited to the right lung. Sounds like his doctor has done all the right things.
Avatar f tn The term “lesions” while probably appropriate in your situation is quite non-specific. That is the “lesions” could be a reflection of pneumonia or other infectious lung disease (bacterial or fungal), non-infectious (allergic or other) or growths (at your age strongly likely to be benign). The radiologist who interpreted your chest X-ray abnormalities could probably be more specific about the likely cause.
Avatar f tn 6cm nodule on left lung, 7cm nodule on right lung and lesions on both lungs. I did have a severe asthma attack which I haven't had for 27 years. I'm 48 years old today and otherwise seem to be in good health???? my doctor wants me to get another chest x-ray in 4 weeks to see if the lesions are healing. does this sound right? and could someone please explain to me what nodules and lesions are and what causes them? I did smoke for 30 years and had just quit 2 months ago.
Avatar n tn Their recommendation to repeat scanning in 3-6 months is sound and there is no risk in waiting. Be re-assured by the confidence with which your lung specialist has declared these lesions to be something to not worry about.
Avatar f tn They picked up a tiny 1mm lung nodule 2009 while I was sick for 6 months, and monitored it with 2 stable CT's. #3 was just done at a different facility after a very quick progressing viral? pneumonia with bilat atelectasis lower lobes. It showed mild scarring and multiple scattered nodules measuring up to 7mm, with one being a 3.9mm groundglass nodule in the lingula. I do have a history of in situ breast CA with mastectomies in 1984.
Avatar n tn When nodules are small, it is possible that the lung tissue taken by biopsy is from an area of normal lung rather than the nodules. This lung tissue will of course be normal and not tell anything about the nature of the nodules. A nodule is usually a small, round shadow seen on chest x-ray anywhere in the lungs. Nodules are due to infections, inflammation, or tumors. Small nodules in a healthy 27-year-old male are almost certainly benign.
940391 tn?1255758976 Nicole I am no doctor - but I have done lots of research on Nodules - from what I have read - most lung nodules are benign. I would not worry - sounds like you doctor is right - beneign lung nodules - I also have many scattered nodules - and if these were going to kills me - I should be dead by now..........mine are also up to 7mm .... small nodules are almost always benign..........stop worrying and enjoy your life. Life is precious - we need to enjoy what we have ........
Avatar n tn So how typical is it for a 43 yr old, male, non smoker, eats well, isn’t overweight, doesn’t drink, to develop cancer in the lung? Can a lesion that may be caused by pneumonia get bigger over time with recurring chest colds, bronchitis? Due to my long use of steroids I have a lower immune system and as such get more frequent chest colds etc.If I had a lesion from pneumonia in 02, and I had a flare up of bronchitis/pneumonia in June, could it have scarred the same place again?
Avatar n tn MYcoplasma is not diagnosed by chest xray, although it commonly does cause pneumonia - there are other causes also for the xray appearance. It is diagnosed by blood tests - measuring an increase in the amount of mycoplasma antobodies in the blood over 2 weeks is diagnostic. It can commonly cause a range of neurological symptoms which are usually self limiting once the infection is treated and include aseptic meningitis, and peripheral neuropathy.
Avatar n tn The various causes of patch on a chest xray when you had chest pain as the chief complaint could be emphysema, pneumonia, tuberculosis, lung abscess, rib fracture, lobar atelectasis, malignant lesions etc. wait for the meeting, carry any old xrays or other imaging studies of chest for comparison. Make note of any constitutional symptoms like fever, cough, and weight loss. Consult a pulmonologist after your physician. Management would be according to the cause. Hope this helps. Take care.
Avatar f tn I ended up with chemical pneumonia. They ordered a CT of my lungs and found many nodules that was from asperating the stomach acid, and was in the hospital for three days waiting for it to "calm" down. It did with Albuterol treatments and other meds, the pulmonologist told me to have another CT in February. All of the little nodules cleared up by then except a couple that were stable and seen before on previous scans. I was then told to have a follow-up CT in August.
Avatar n tn The more dense, the whiter it is (bone being the most dense is the most white, and air in the lung the least is black). Whether it is bad news or not is hard to say. It is possible that the area may only be an old scar from a previous infection or it could mean an underlying malignancy.
Avatar n tn 3 3mm lesionin rt upper lobe, 3mm lesion in rt middle lobe, 3mm lesion in lower left lobe, 4 mm lesion in rt lower lobe and a 3mm lesion in lesft lower lobe. No other parenchymal lung lesions are identified. There is no appreciable adenopathy.The pericardium is not thickened. The visualized upper abdomen structures appear normal. Also some enlargement of the right lobe of the thyroid compared to the left, a finding that may represent an anatomic variant.
Avatar n tn The diagnosis of a lung nodule depends on the symptoms you have, the size of the nodule, number of nodules and their shape and borders. A well defined solid opacity in lung can be due to pneumonia, cancer, tuberculosis, a benign lung nodule, or due to an infarct. Less well defined or diffuse opacities are usually multiple in nature and often due to inflammation, tuberculosis (military type with multiple lesions), asbestosis, silicosis, auto-immune diseases etc.
Avatar n tn I recently had a chest x ray done as a pre-op test, the xray showed a black spot on my right lung. I have never smoked and have always been healthy. I have never had pneumonia. Is this something to be concerned about?
Avatar f tn Seeking direction for my father, as care is fragmented between physicians. Lung/liver lesions of particular concern. 65 YO caucasian male- 71” w/ shortness of breath and extreme fatigue - constant, consistent (not dependent on exertion), worsening with time (onset: winter ‘10) 12/09 – Failed stress test. Stent placed for blocked LAD. Gallbladder removed 1/11 –chest x-ray: Interstitial prominence at the lung bases, nonspecific, likely representing a degree of pulmonary fibrosis.
Avatar n tn Bone windows demonstrate no significant abnormalities. IMPRESSION Right middle lobe pneumonia with nonspecific 10x6mm nodular opacity in the left lower lobe..follow-up recommended o assess for resolution. Do you think this nodule could be cancer or infection from pneumonia...I have just completed z-pack 250 mg...I am really scared.
1064552 tn?1322583358 ) Now, I understand that sometimes MRIs are clear of lesions when you have symptoms. But, it was my understanding (and perhaps I'm wrong here) that eventually lesions would show up - that it was just a matter of time. It's been 14 years and I have obvious ongoing mobility and cognitive problems. I expected to have a lot of scarring. Am I wrong about this being MS? Is there something else that has these sort of symptoms?
Avatar m tn The causes of unilateral diaphragmatic paralysis can be • Tumor nerve compression (approximately 30% of patients) o • Lesions adjacent to a phrenic nerve (eg, pneumonia, pleurisy, aortic aneurysm, substernal goiter, neoplasms) • Natural or surgical trauma, herpes zoster, and cervical spondylosis • Trauma (common and may result from thoracic surgery, manipulation of cervical spine, central venous catheterization, open heart surgery) • Herpes zoster, infection, vasculitis, and diabetes mel
Avatar f tn I read that there are possibilities the lesions are metastasis from another cancer site ie lung, colon, or breast. Thanks.
146866 tn?1199599344 A CT scan of the chest will pick up rice size lesions, which are infinitely more survivable. Lung Cancer Alliance is a great resource for all things lung cancer.
Avatar n tn Hi, The lung nodules could be from a number of causes, including infections, so there is no need to panic. However, given your personal history of the gastric mass as well as the family history of cancer, it may be worthwhile performing a PET-CT to determine the exact nature of the multiple lung nodules you have recently developed. All the best, and God Bless!
Avatar n tn I am a 37 year old female with a diagnosis of transverse myelitis and a positive MRI for 3 lesions. Symptoms have included pins and needles in left hand and foot, TN diagnosis , urinary frequency. Medications Tegretol, Ditropan. Soon after this 'transverse myelitis' episode, I developed three bouts of recurrent pneumonia RML and was eventually treated at a major medical centre. I have not, thankfully, had penumonia for 6 months.
Avatar n tn This probably refers to an Xray of the chest, where they found 2 lesions in her lung fields. "Not active" probably refers to the fact that these "spots" were not consistent with pneumonia, TB, or Cancer. A follow-up Xray after 3 months is a good idea.