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Avatar m tn i had pneumonia last year,i was not diagnosed with it till after 4 months has the doctor thought i had a chest infection and i was not respondin to antibotics,i was given a chest x ray and i was put on the right medication and had to have a chest x ray 6 weeks later to see if the pneumonia had cleard and what damage it had done to my lungs. when the results came back from my second x ray the doctor said the pneumonia had cleard.
Avatar n tn To put this into plain English, your chest x-ray looks like you could have pneumonia.
Avatar n tn That is very good news that your husband is having a speedy recovery from the pneumonia. The X-ray shadow of pneumonia can sometimes be difficult to distinguish from a “mass”. That is, especially as the pneumonia resolves, the resolving pneumonia may have the appearance of a mass. The key question would be the certainty of the radiologist that he/she has visualized a mass. You might want to ask the radiologist or your husband’s doctor about that degree of certainty.
Avatar m tn Given that you are an “avid exerciser not experiencing shortness of breath when exercising” I would recommend that you get a repeat chest X-ray in 1-2 months along with pulmonary function tests (PFT’s). If the repeat X-ray is still deemed to be abnormal (“fibrosis”) it would then be wise to seek consultation with a lung specialist, to interpret the findings and provide further guidance.
Avatar m tn I know lung nodules which can be seen with a CT scan, don't think an X-ray can do the job, that are stable over a period of time, two scans, are nothing to worry about, but if active by growth in size or number suggests a needle biopsy is needed to determine if the nodules are malignant. A cluster of nodules may show up as an opacity in an X-ray, just a guess.
Avatar n tn She made fluorography, as result of it (wide obscuration in periapical zone of lung) doctor made diagnosis - pneumonia, prescribed Revamecitin and told to come back in one week for control tests. In five days her condition was not better and doctor prescribed another antibiotic Ciprinol (I'm in Ukraine, so medicine name can vary). In three days cough begun to subside, That was on Monday, on Wednesday she made control fluography and doctor said it might be cancer.
Avatar n tn was tumor, especially if the repeat X-ray shows complete resolution of pneumonia. Since this was her second pneumonia in 6 months, it would be important to know if both pneumonias were in the same part of your mother's lung. If so, the possibility exists that both pneumonias were set-up by a tumor that was not evident on X-ray. You should check with her pulmonologist on this. If both pneumonias were in the same lobe of her lung your Mom may need to have a bronchoscopy.
Avatar m tn my baby who is 8 month old suffered fever for 5 days and have a cough now for almost two weeks. i gave him his medicines but the thing is becoming worse. we went to the doctor and just got the result of his x-ray and resulted to "bilateral pneumonia". the doctor advised for hospital confinement but my husband and i decided to resist because we are afraid of what will our son to be experience in the hospital. so we think of home medication. we have nebulizer.
Avatar n tn I had a chest x-ray which indicated that there are interstitial opacity in the left lower lobe at the costophrenic angles and the doctor's comment was : There are no features of TB but exclude bronchopneumonia with clinical features. Please explain to me what this means and how best to treat this problem.
Avatar f tn Yes “walking pneumonia” is contagious. The development of more symptoms, in the face of antibiotic therapy, is worrisome as is the “side pain” which I assume to be pleurisy and suggests that this infection may fall into the category of complicated pneumonia. In this circumstance you should definitely request careful reevaluation by your doctor or his designate to include at a minimum a repeat chest X-ray, a complete blood count and culture of your sputum.
Avatar m tn Large undefined opcaification of the upper right lobe, possibly anterior, possible pneumonia in the correct clinical setting. Follow up xrays required to ensure resolution. CTScan required for further evaulation. Bloodwork results: severly low hemoglobin, all other ranges are normal My doctor didn't want to address the low hemoglobin and seemed quite concerned by the xrays.
Avatar f tn My chest x-ray findings were as follows: Heart size is within normal limits. There is questionable vague increased opacity in the right suprahilar region. The left lung is clear. No pleural effusion is identified. No acute osseous abnormality is seen. Impression: With the clinical history, the possiblility of early pneumonia is not excluded. Can you tell me whether the fact that there are questionable vague increased opacity means that there is a mass in my lung?
5601163 tn?1370705272 I recently underwent a two week course of Levaquin for pneumonia. On the follow-up visit with my doctor, a chest x-ray showed "right basilar opacity," which caused my doctor to order a CT scan. What does this mean?
Avatar f tn I suggest you take an appointment with a pulmonologist, who will advice a chest X-ray and blood tests to rule out any infection.
Avatar f tn Interstitial Pneumonia.;Mantoux test <5mm.; the Doctor"s final Dianosis:R/o Kochs infection...and he prescribed INH for it right to follow the prescription of the Doctor?
Avatar m tn 10 years later i wasn't' feeling good and had an x-ray taken at hospital . Doctor said same thing about dust plus I had pneumonia. Also said if I didn't quit smoking i'd be dead in another 5 to 10 years (I got down to half a pack a day and found i couldn't quit.} Anyway,17 years later [present] I thought i had pneumonia again and had x-ray taken.
Avatar n tn It showed pneumonia in the bottom of both lungs.. I took cipiro for 2 weeks...Felt better now Im coughing bad and coughing up yellow phelghm. New xrays showed nothing.Whats going on? And what kind of pneumiona lives in the bottom of the lungs? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/283416'>Multiple Lung Nodules, Pneumonia, Sweats, Minor Atelectasis</a>.
Avatar f tn Well defined opacities in lung on X-ray can be due to a benign or malignant nodule, tuberculosis, pneumonia or any infarct or granulomatosis. The opacities can also be diffuse—as seen in as in fluid collection, fibrosis, asbestosis, silicosis, tuberculosis etc. You will need more specialized tests like CT chest for a confirmed diagnosis. If you do not have any symptoms, there may not be a cause of concern, as this may be a benign nodule that may just need an annual follow-up.
Avatar m tn There is, of course, the possiblity you have an encapsulated infection that does not show on the x-ray. Or a fungal infection, for that matter. I would never suggest to someone that they don't go to see a physician or specialist. On the other hand, be advised that these lung problems often take a long time to resolve after a severe infection. And there is often no "magic bullet" that solves the problem. It just take a while for things to settle down.
Avatar n tn Recently had a chest x-ray after severe swollen glands and lymph nodes around entire neck and collar bone, fatigue. The x-ray report shows COPD or asthma possibility. I NEVER smoked and do not have asthma. No difficulty breathing, no phlegm, or cough. I had a CAT scan and I should get results any minute. I noticed on the film, a small circular spot on left side of chest that is visible from profile as well. I have been on antibiotics for 12 days so far and I still am not feeling well.
Avatar m tn basically i have had a pain in my bk at first i thought oh it will pass but itll just ache n ache but wen i try rubbing it to make it better i cnt find the spot like it underneath the ribcage its so painful then n e heavy movement it winds me then it got worse as days went on for acouple of days till i had enough and went to the doctors it really set in then they said just to take paracetamol wat i was already doing and wasnt touching my pain i then went to hospital because i was really bad i c
4250330 tn?1388624779 I haven't had it checked in a few weeks last time I went to the doctor they told me I had a cyst on my liver I went for chest pains and they did an EKG blood work and chest X-ray and said everything was fine besides the cyst
178345 tn?1242539846 But in November I developed a cold which turned out to be pneumonia well i was on the antibiotics for 14 days..In December I went to the Dr and again I had pneumonia in the other lung. Again I was placed on 2 antibiotic treatments..My Docotor didnt like that I developed it 2 different times and is having me see a pulmonologist. Well I am concerned and was wondering if this could be from being weakend after so long?
Avatar f tn The pain is only bad when I am taking deep breathes, and I am geting a little breathless. I am a smoker of 41 years old. My GP sent me straight to the hospital for a x-ray, but they told me the results won`t be through to my GP for 7 to 10 days, do you think I could have the signs of lung cancer, my mum died 7 years ago from breast cancer. I cannot believe I have to wait so long for results, as I am worried out of my mind, and cannot focus on daily living and work.
Avatar n tn It is only consistently abnormal in severe cases and should be performed in the initial evaluation to exclude other lung diseases. Findings characteristic of COPD in chest x-ray are hyperinflated lungs with flattened diaphragm, hyperlucent lungs (chest film shows greater than normal film blackening from increased transmission of x-rays), and central pulmonary artery enlargement. Bullae, areas of destroyed lung tissue that create large dilated air sacs, may be seen as well.
Avatar n tn Anyway, during her stay in hospital for a bowel obstruction she started feeling breathless. Drs ordered an x ray of her lungs and the results were shadows on both both lungs and fluid in one. She was then disgnosed with pneumonia. I am concerned about this and never asked the Dr whether it could be the cancer. They have started her on anti biotics for pneumonia. Does anyone have experience on this?
Avatar f tn Hi. The fact that you've had a previous history of breast cancer increases the likelihood that the lung mass detected on chest x-ray is malignant. There is always a possibility that the "mass" is not cancerous. It may be an infection such as tuberculosis or pneumonia. Sarcoidosis, a condition wherein non-cancerous nodules are formed in different parts of the body, may also be seen as a "mass" on chest x-ray. Additional tests will be needed (e.g.
Avatar n tn I have checked my Lungs X-Ray and the doctor has given me these results. Calcific plague like opacity is seen in mid zone and lower zone, blunting of left costophrenic angle is seen with lamellar opacity and the left lateral cheat wall. The Impression" left pleural effusion/thickening with calcified left pleural plagues. Can you suggest me anything by just reading the above ??
Avatar n tn 1, shortness of breath and a hurt rib from coughing. Doc did chest x-ray to see if I had pneumonia. X-ray came up on computer and he looked at it for 10 min like he was stumped then came in and told me no pneumonia, gave me med. and told me to go to doctors next day. I had bronchitis, strep throat, which he took no culture, pharyngitis, and viral infection, as my sickness started with vomiting and diahrea. Well, I did not go to dr, because I got better pretty fast.
Avatar n tn My husband's chest x-ray was slightly "suspicious". They found 5 or 6 small spots on the lower border and a quarter-sized cloudy appearance in the middle of his lungs. He is very anxious about this. He will have a CT-scan as the doctor wanted to be sure all was okay. He has a hx of pneumonia as a child--from age 4 to 111--6x'x and had pneumonia again at the age of 38 for 1 month.