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7900821 tn?1395195704 Lung cancer can predispose one to pneumonia but in that case the pneumonia would recur in the same place in your lung each time. In addition it is quite unlikely that the radiologist would mistake lung cancer for pneumonia. That still leaves the question of why you should have recurrent pneumonia, unanswered and that is a question that will require further investigation.
Avatar m tn ” If localized to the same area of your lung as was the pneumonia, it might, in reality, not be fibrosis. If the description of “mild fibrosis” refers instead to shadows consistent with fibrosis, throughout both lungs, that is another matter; one that might eventually require a CT Scan to further delineate what it is that these “fibrosis” markings represent.
1618318 tn?1318199883 Since this procedure is expensive and hazardous modern physicians usually only prescribe broad-scope antibiotics. The usual presentation of a bacterial infection in the lung is yellow or greenish sputum.
Avatar f tn I ave just been diagnosed with pneumonia. Will this leave me with permanent lung damage. I feel very short of breath.
178345 tn?1242539846 But in November I developed a cold which turned out to be pneumonia well i was on the antibiotics for 14 days..In December I went to the Dr and again I had pneumonia in the other lung. Again I was placed on 2 antibiotic treatments..My Docotor didnt like that I developed it 2 different times and is having me see a pulmonologist. Well I am concerned and was wondering if this could be from being weakend after so long?
Avatar n tn Of course drink lots of water and try and take it easy. Sometimes I found staying in bed for one or two days and forcing myself to sleep as much as possible helped my body recover. All the best.
Avatar n tn I recently had a CAT scan and bronchiscopy to see if there was possibly something more wrong with me. Nothing unsual found. My right lung, middle lobe is where the pneumonia continues to reoccur. I have always been healthy. I used to workout 5-7 days/wk. prior to having Sam. During and after the pregnancy, I have not worked out at all. I am 5'6, 130 lbs. Please help.
1205142 tn?1265693162 Hello I have a 7 year old whom since he was 2 weeks old was diagnosed with asthma and reflux he has been in and out of dr office alot has had pneumonia 4 times since winter of 09 till now we are currently trying to get into national jewish to get help but for now what can we do?
Avatar m tn basically i have had a pain in my bk at first i thought oh it will pass but itll just ache n ache but wen i try rubbing it to make it better i cnt find the spot like it underneath the ribcage its so painful then n e heavy movement it winds me then it got worse as days went on for acouple of days till i had enough and went to the doctors it really set in then they said just to take paracetamol wat i was already doing and wasnt touching my pain i then went to hospital because i was really bad i c
Avatar n tn and a lack of air movement in my lower left lung. She diagnosed me with community acquired pneumonia. I was prescribed Robitussin with codeine to help me sleep, although all it really did was tire me slightly. After another week of feeling completely miserable I started to breath better, my nose dried out, and my cough produced less and less green mucus. Sleeping then was hard, but I was able to take my meds, settle down, sleep for about two hours, wake up again from coughing and repeat.
Avatar n tn Harvey can exist in a Lugols solution (which kills every known bacteria)in one of these films. The anti-biotics cannot reach the organism through the film. Now comes the hard part.How to get rid of the film? You need an electrical nebulizer immediately. And you need your physician to prescribe TWO solutions. Ipratropium Bromide inhalation solution .02 (0.5 mg/vial) and Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation solution (O.83%). There are severalissues.
Avatar n tn The CT Scan is quite good at distinguishing a mass from pneumonia. In general, one does not biopsy pneumonia but one does biopsy any associated mass. You are right to be very concerned. A pulmonologist might appropriately do a bronchoscopy in NC but you would do well to bring your mother to Philadelphia for further evaluation and treatment.
Avatar n tn In April I developed a feeling of one side of my chest rattling, the doctor took an xray and diagnosed mild pneumonia in the left lung. I was not at all unwell, no fever and the cough was only moderately worse than usual. I took oral antibiotics and the follow up xray showed complete resolution and concluded clear lungs.
Avatar n tn I went to the hospital one week ago with chest pain and had a CT to see if I had any blood clots in my lungs. no clots however the radiologist noted a fairly homogenous subcarnial mass measruing 3.4 X 3.7 cm. The doctor in the ER told me that the blood worked looked good and to check with my PCP but that he felt good that it was nothing major and my PCP would have me rechecked in 3 months. I showed my PCP the radiologist write up and told her what the ER doctor said.
Avatar n tn I was hospitalized for five days with pneumonia last January. Recent x-rays and lung function tests show that I'm recovered, however, I have a persisent cough and feel a slight flutter in my heart. I have not felt like I'm back to normal since my bout with pneumonia. I take Humira for arthritis, but all my doctors seem to think that this is not an issue. I have a healthy lifestyle and have never smoked - should I pursue a medical answer or a nutritional/dietary change?
Avatar n tn People can survive pneumonia, even bad pneumonia.
Avatar n tn one year old has had pneumonia for three months. X-rays have revealed a pocket of pus in a lung. She is being given massive amounts of antibiotics for weeks. Pneumonia is clearing up but the pus pocket remains. I need information on possible treatments. She turns blue alot.
Avatar f tn 1) that these “pneumonias” are (not truly bacterial) but caused an allergic fungal disorder associated with asthma called ABPA or ABPM, 2) if the pneumonia repeatedly recurs in the same anatomic portion of your lung, that there is some other disease in that portion of lung (for example a condition called bronchiectasis or a tumor or cystic fibrosis)that predisposes to either re-infection or never-completely-resolved infection, 3) that you have acquired an immunodeficiency state (a derangement
Avatar m tn Well it was much worse than that I ended up with MERSA pneumonia, then collapsed lung, then septic. They put me in a SNOW state while I was on a ventilator for two weeks along with chest tube, trach, and feed tube in my stomach. I spent 3 weeks in ICU then one week in Rehab. I have been home now for 2 weeks. I was wondering what is the normal or approximate recovery time. I am getting stronger but I just want to feel normal again and be able to go back to work for financial reasons.
Avatar n tn We had an xray done and they saw cloudy-ness all throughout his lungs, which led them to believe it was a bacterial pneumonia and not aspiration pneumonia. He is on two different antibiotics, zenequin and clavamox and has been for the last week and a half. We've also been inducing a cough 3-4 times a day to assist him in clearing his lungs. We are seeing slight improvement in his cough, which isn't as frequent and not as productive, but he is still very fatigued.
6483754 tn?1381722452 I recently had a two chest x-rays in different hospital, first is for pre-employment physical and the second one is for mayors permit, The first results stated that i have pneumonia left upper lobe koch's etiology not ruled out, and the second result stated that i have fibrohazed densities at the left upper lobe or ptb, i just don't have the signs and symptoms of the same disease, .i am so confused.kindly someone help me.
Avatar m tn The recurrence of cough and pain along with the abnormal X-ray findings of “scarring” and “a hole” in her lung suggest otherwise; that is to say that hers is what we would call complicated pneumonia. You ask, if she needs to be admitted to a hospital. My answer would be perhaps, depending on the severity of her current illness including a possible worsening of the pneumonia.
Avatar f tn Well i began to notce that it used to be a cold that wud turn bad that penu set in but now I can b cold free and get entirely new sympthoms. In Sept 09 I got wht i call a sever lung spasm(felt like a charliehorse in my right lung) which u cant move r anything until it lets up.I was fine one minute and then it came on. Once it lets go u get the feeling that u get when u have pleurisy.Pain but not like the spasm! When i get my spasms I also cough up blood tinged sputum .
Avatar f tn ” If that is truly case, I would be strongly suspicious that he a localized, most likely congenital abnormality of that part of his lung. One such is a condition called lung sequestration. Two noninvasive tests are used to confirm the diagnosis. These are, 1)CT with contrast can demonstrate both the extent of the lesion and its vascular supply and 2) Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) is also useful. These tests could be seen as an alternative to bronchoscopy or as complementary to it.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with pneumonia three weeks ago and treated with zithromax, doxycycline, and prednisone. I have finished the drugs, but still feel wheezing in my chest and severe pain in my back, light headed and weak at times . I have been to the Dr. at least three times to follow up and feel like I have worn out my welcome, as he keeps telling me go to the ER to be re-evaluated if I feel bad, and tells me that I should feel better already.
Avatar n tn Hello, After a two day stay in a hosptial in Tucson, Arizona, with pneumonia, the doctor told me to follow up with my Primary Care physician because the X-ray showed a single nodule on one of my lungs. I am a 55-year old female, otherwise in good health. I am a non-smoker, non-drinker. Two (2) years ago I had a biopsy on a small lump on my breast that proved negative. I have lived in Arizona for 10 years --- Valley Fever area.
Avatar f tn After going to the doctor I had a Xray, which showed up a wedge in my lung which they thought was a blood clot or pneumonia. They then rushed me to the emergency room, and did bloods, and the d-dimer showed up normal. They sent me home with antibiotics. I went back two days later in still the same if not worse pain than on Monday (the day it started). He sent me for a VQ scan, which showed up that i had that wedge, but it did not rule out a blood clot.
Avatar n tn What you describe is not the normal or most common course, 6 months after recovery from acute pneumonia. That is pneumonia occurring in a person with previously completely healthy lungs. There may be a problem with your lungs, for example chronic bronchitis or a condition called bronchiectasis, or an inherited abnormality such as cystic fibrosis (CF) or alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency or that you had an atypical pneumonia, one prone to cause tissue destruction.
884528 tn?1240762205 Tags: pneumonia, lung, blood, mucus My husband was admitted to the ICU with pneumonia. He hadn't been coughing at all, however, he had blood in the mucus that he spat out, but never told me about it. He had been complaining of breathlessness, dizziness, sweating at night and pain in the midriff area. He went cycling and ended up with an enlarged heart beating at 175 a minute. His lungs are both affected and the has been in the ICU now for ten days. There doesn't seem to be any improvement.