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Avatar m tn Usually kidney pain is in the upper mid back area where the kidneys are located not in the lower back.
Avatar f tn A week ago, my 44 year old brother was admitted to the hospital with Strain Resistant Bacterial Pneumonia. He has been on life support since then. Today, he was taken in for a tracheotomy because the tube down his throat was causing him to bleed out his mouth. He is still unconcious and heavily sedated. The doctor says it is a miracle he is alive.
Avatar f tn My Dad, age 77, is currently in ICU for Baterial Pneumonia, been there for 1 week and is not showing any signs of getting better yet. He is not co-herent, runs a small fever, trouble breathing & his kidneys are not working correctly so his atibiotics are limited so far, but he is getting morphene due to his pain. He also has a broken shoulder to complicate things. My question is , how long will his recovery take or how long will it take to start seeing signs of improvement ?
Avatar n tn Like your dad, her aspiration pneumonia progressed to MRSA pneumonia, and she became anemic. In addition, she became malnourished, developed secondary infections (yeast, UTI), and ended up with a stage 2 pressure ulcer. To recap: My mom can't move, breathe on her own, speak much of the time (because of the vent), or eat. The doctors think she can't be weaned from the vent, and it's only a matter of time until she gets pneumonia again. The docs may be right.
Avatar n tn It is uncommon for an otherwise healthy adult to have documented recurrent pneumonia. If the pneumonia was in the same portion of lung each time that raises the question of a structural problem or a foreign body in that portion of lung. If recurrent, but not in the same location, that raises other questions about your immune status or aspiration pneumonia. You should talk about this with your pulmonologist. Ask specifically if the rales could be a sign of pulmonary fibrosis.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with pneumonia 4 days ago when I went in for pain in my heart area and shortness in breath.. I'm on antibiotics, still can't cough anything out but today I started feeling pain in my lower back area where kidneys are. I urinate every 10, 15 minutes and the color in clear.. My mouth is dry all the time which I think is a side effect from the antibiotics. Could have the pneumonia caused issues in my kidneys or bladder???
Avatar n tn The pneumonia caused lung and kidney failure, but a week later we started to see improvement in his lungs and kidneys, and he is now peeing about 3 cm a day. Since they saw improvement, the doctors decided to take him off the sedation medication, and about an hour later give him an eeg scan, after the results, they said he is brain dead, and there is nothing they can do.
Avatar n tn I tend to be sick longer than the average person. I should also mention that I'm a Beer Drinker! Back in early November, I caught what I believe to be yet another Flu. I was not aware that Alcohol-abuse weakens the bodies' ability to fight sicknesses such as the Flu. After being sick for over a month now, it occured to me that my frequent Alcohol intake may be inhibiting my recovery. DUH! I have been off the booze for 2 weeks now, yet I am still sick!
Avatar n tn However, in the majority of the patients it’s something known as pre-renal dysfunction which means dysfunction of the kidney due to defects before the kidneys and the commonest cause for the same is dehydration. Dehydration leads to poor filtration in the kidneys and thus leading to the accumulation of waste products within the body. It also affects the functioning of the kidneys.
315996 tn?1429057829 Anyway, the nurse came back in and bang, bang, bang, I got the A, B, and pneumonia vaccines. (or the first in the series for A and B). God bless nurses. Went to the dentist earlier in the day and told the hygenist when she asked me if there were any changes in my health (hell yes). She was really accepting and went to ask the dentist and the dentist just said, "active TB is the only one we can't do work on". It wasn't even a yes/no about me.
Avatar n tn Doctors have found nothing wrong with my heartbeat but I haven't had an EEG. Other recurrent things are pain in my kidneys or adrenals, nausea, red sores on my chest, neck, scalp, etc. cold sores, inflamed lower intestine, and fatigue. Any ideas what thiscould be? Could it be Staph infection? Some immune system problem casing all the other things? Could it be systemic flare ups of Herpes? Thanks for any suggestions.
Avatar n tn Since her diagnosis in July 1998 she has been almost continuously ill with something or other. She is currently getting over pneumonia. Before her first real infection in July she was never sick with anything. Can the reflux affect her immune system?
Avatar n tn Why is it the only one that's elevated? Between the IgM, eGFR and Creatinine, could my kidneys be in trouble? or even Waldenstrom, given my other (possible) cancers? Should I be doing anything about this? Should either surgeon know about this before I get operated on? (either breast or lung?) I've always been concerned about my kidneys since historically (and to the present), I've always had a very hard time drinking my 6-8 glasses per day, plus, I've had lots of meds since 1978.
Avatar f tn Help, My father-in-law (67Years old) had a stroke 3 weeks ago (Right sided paralysis, no or little cough/speech ability) He had a crainectomy to relieve pressure on the brain. I understand it is common for stroke patients to get pneumonia but he is getting very sick fast. He has a Tracheostomy and a PEG. Tests showed that he also has Tuberculosis that may have been there for years.
354236 tn?1196905787 He's coughing harder, severe chest pain, feverish, and the part that scares me is that he has this sharp, stabbing pain in the middle of his lower back, he say's it feels like his kidneys but we are not sure. He's seen 3 different Docs since this started about 3 and a half weeks ago, and none of them has done a chest X Ray. I read some where that when it goes into the airways; it's going into pneumonia. Is this true? And if so; why won't these doctors do a chest X Ray?
Avatar n tn The most common of such is musculoskeletal pain which is most commonly due to stress or fatigue. Also in that area are the lungs, and any disease of the lung such as pneumonia or cancer may present with pain. Some problems in the abdominal organs such as the kidneys may also present with pain radiating to this area (such as kidney stones or kidney infection). The pancreas and stomach can also produce burning type of pain.
Avatar f tn Hello, Microscopic hematuria can be due to urinary tract (bladder) infection, swelling in the filtering system of the kidneys ,stone in bladder or in a kidney, blood disease, like sickle cell anemia, certain medicines and tumors in the urinary tract. You may need a series of investigations like urine examination, urine culture, ultrasound or cystoscopy to confirm the diagnosis. Please consult a urologist and get it done.
Avatar m tn The authors of the IDSA report noted that Acinetobacter can also cause pneumonia; mortality rates for the pneumonia can be 20% or more.
Avatar n tn do they often send someone home that was in the hospital for about a week that has chf, pneumonia, and fluid in lungs??? anything would help I don't want my husband to get worse just because they need a free bed in the hospital!!!
Avatar f tn The rate of infections slowed down in 2000 up to 2003. I had also been diagnosed as having a neurogenic bladder in 1996. This was after a TURP and a 6 O' clock resection of the bladderneck. Just recently in 2008 while I was hospitalized with a kidney infection and pneumonia, I discovered that I was passing gas through the penis and catheter. About April of 2008 after having had a cystoscopy it was discovered that I have a fistula (hole) between my prostate and rectum.
Avatar f tn She had congestive heart failure with fluid retention in arma and legs and both lungs. She had pneumonia, rsv and mersa in her kidneys and lungs. She was malnurioushed and the diabetes was acting up. She ended up with a thorancentesis on her right lung which removed 2 ltrs of fluid. Now we are on day 23 and she is in ltac. Still has chest tube and is on high levels of oxygen, iv meds. She had a thoracentesis on the right lung again 1/2 a week ago.
Avatar f tn Two of the times we were sent home and told to rest and keep up on fluids. The third visit he was finally given a chest XRay which confirmed severe pneumonia. He has been in the ICU for 3 days now and has rapidly deteriorated. The prognosis is lesions/ nodules surrounding the heart that need to be removed which they are unable to do until his pneumonia clears up. There is an apparent Staph infection of one of the nodules inside a ventricle of the heart.
Avatar n tn Some of the causes of left upper quadrant pain arising from the bowels are ischemic colitis, crohns disease and irritable bowel syndrome. Splenic infarction, enlargement of spleen, infections in the kidneys, kidney stones, gastric ulcer, gastritis, cardiac conditions like pericarditis, pneumonia, tuberculosis and referred pain from the nerves. An ultrasound and an X ray of the abdomen will be useful to make the exact diagnosis. Please get it done at the earliest. Take care!
Avatar f tn In the last few months I have been getting a sudden weakness in both arms. It comes on suddenly and lasts a maximum of 5 minutes. When it happens I cannot lift anything. I feel so weak that I have to sit or lie down until it passes. This week it hit me twice. Before these 2 incidents, the last time this happened was a month ago and before that was probably another month (2 times in a week). The sensation is from the shoulders down to my hands. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn Catharines as they will know who to avoid in medical. A learned curve. Also persons focused on nutrition. In 8 years I still do not have a doctor, met lots of liver killing pill pushers. I do have upcoming appt's. Currently distracted with pneumonia, antibotic working on the pain issues, time will tell with lungs & liver. Like I said 'meet knowledge', not discuss myself in forums. Email is handy thereafter. Advice to newly diagnosed : IT'S YOUR NUTRITION. YOU.
Avatar n tn I have read that anything above 1 CM is abnormal. I have no pain in the nodes themselves but have developed pain in the neck which seems like a stiff neck, and pain exists with any pressure from straining or lifting, also movement related pain in neck, chest and spine in the same region. No signs of infection at all, but do have extreme fatigue, back pain, some weight loss, among other varied symptoms.
1840891 tn?1431551393 A fever may mean the infection has reached the kidneys or has penetrated the prostate. Other symptoms of a kidney infection include pain in the back or side below the ribs, nausea, and vomiting. How are UTIs treated? Most UTIs are caused by bacteria, which are treated with bacteria-fighting medications called antibiotics or antimicrobials. The choice of medication and length of treatment depend on the patient’s history and the type of bacteria causing the infection.
Avatar n tn He said that the scans don't show any cause for this to be happening and it looks like it is curving in rather than the bone thinning in that area. At this point it isn't affecting my brain, so he wants me to repeat the scans in October and come back so he can see if there are any changes. Keep in touch if you find anything out about yours. and feel free to send me a message in my inbox - I have a watch on this post and my inbox and I recieve an email whenever anyone posts to it.
Avatar n tn i had severe pneumonia in jan this year i was incubated and was in intensive care my kidneys failed i took a severe pnemathorax lung collapse annd had septis i av severe pain in my middle back recently does this mean the pnemonia is back any advice wud be grateful thank u