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Avatar f tn Hello, From the symptoms that you have mentioned,the first possibility that comes to my mind is gall bladder colic or biliary colic.It can be due to cholecystitis(inflammation of gall bladder) or gall bladder stones.I would suggest an ultrasound abdomen to confirm the diagnosis.Other possibilities are irritable bowel syndrome, hepatitis(inflammation of the liver), kidney stones, pneumonia, musculoskeletal pain,lower rib fracture and malignancy.
Avatar f tn Chlamydia will not be carried for that length of time. Chlamydia also does not have a dormant phase. I can however not cause symptoms. In men up to 20 % do not have symptoms and in women up to 60 %. Also, the diagnosis of PID is a female diagnosis. Most infertility reported with Chlamydia are in women that have PID with scarring of the fallopian tubes. The connection of male infertility and Chlamydia infection is sketchy. What test was used to diagnose your husband.
Avatar f tn on to today's complaint...This is very hard to explain in terms of symptoms. I feel like there are no words to describe it. It is NOT pain. I can only describe it as a feeling of fullness, maybe pressure, or a little flutter. There does not seem to be any apparent trigger. I work very hard sometimes and that doesn't seem to be the cause. It just starts up and after a few minutes fades away. It concerns me because my 72 year old mother just had a two stents put in her coronary arteries...
Avatar n tn I used to spend the whole evening exercising 5-6 days a week in my mid-20s back in college without ever getting any symptoms such as these. But, now in my early 50's I come down with flu-like symptoms even with a mild weight workout--but no problems with walking for 40-50 minutes uphill to break a mild sweat. My internist Dr.'s response has been: "I don't know what to say!
Avatar n tn I have had circulation problems in my leg as well... but have never had any symptoms like this. I would think circulation problems would show up with more concerns than a vibration. I would also agree not a muscle twitch, because there is no "twitch" to it. Because nerves innervate muscles (which is why nerve damage causes strength issues) then I would guess this is a nerve thing, since the muscle in my leg is more sore than usual this week.
585414 tn?1288944902 I feel like you and I have alot in common with our symptoms. I wish I was as eloquent as many of the ppl on here.... I also seem to not realize a LOT of things I thought were just weird quirks may actually be a part of my BP. Like the painful skin-crawling feelings & now, the feelings of isolation and giving up. Which brings me to.... Lynnkay: We are doing the best that we can with what we've got. If we knew better, we would do better. Platitudes, yes. But it is the truth.
Avatar f tn Presently (Dec 31,2009) she has an unproductive cough (about every 15min),chest pain as above,is awake all night from coughing and sleeps during the day,no energy,persistent headache.She complains of the chest pain more now.Historically,she wheezes only when in contact with horses/cats and this is cleared up using simbicort/ventolin.Why have the steroid/NSAIDS/codeine had no effect on the pain?What does the chest pain mean?What can we expect the course of her recovery to be?
Avatar m tn The first thing I think of when I read your history is your symptoms could be coming from the Pneumonia. Viral infections can and often do linger in the central nervous system and can cause the strange signals and twitching you describe. Because you are saying this feels like it is all over your body, that takes me away from MS- like Alex explained, it doesn't present that way. I know Dr. google says MS all the time - especially is you put in numbness, tingling or loss of balance. But Dr.
Avatar n tn She wants to know if breathing amonia fumes from the urine of a house cat can cause her problem to increase. Thank you in advance.
Avatar n tn I have a lot to say, so this could get lengthy. In 2001, at the age of 21, I had had a severe concussion from jumping horses with quite a few broken bones as well. About 3 months later, I started having problems with weakness in the legs, eye problems, etc. I had tests for MS and all came up negative. One morning, about 3AM, I noticed I was having problems breathing and got to a hospital in time to be put on the ventilator and diagnosed with Guillain barre syndrome (GBS).
544292 tn?1268886268 When I crash, I pretty much am laid out horizontally hopefully on the sofa and not in bed! Being in bed, brings the drug thoughts up fast. Distraction techniques are best for me. I like to watch either light funny movies or action films. The action films help me not feel as angry. Or help me feel more angry. Both of which are useful states of mind. I was kind of expecting a complete immune system crash since all my body's energy is being used to toss Tramadol out on it's posterior!
2143641 tn?1396681743 It has been suggested that microbial infections elicit an immune response that attacks myelin (sheaths covering our nerves), resulting in ADEM. The lesions seen in the brain in ADEM resemble those of MS or multiple sclerosis. The brain lesions may also show perivascular inflammatory infiltrates as well as demyelination. You also mentioned that you had an episode of paralysis after an infection. Sometimes, immune-mediated processes after an infection can damage our nerves.
Avatar f tn 2008- tonsils removed due to having strep throat over and over and a couple battles of pneumonia. 2009- also for past two years been in drs office for gastro issues. stomach would swell and look like I was 9 months pregnant.. I had to be very very careful and eat like a bird as well as doing enemas twice a week. very painful.. found out I had a redundant colon. dr went in to take out sigmoid colon and portion of bowel but when he got in didn't think it would be beneficial to take out.
Avatar m tn I had successful surgery in March 2002. Every since, I suffer blackouts when I drink liquor. I know I could just quit drinking but I like to have a margarita/drink every now and then. Has anyone else encountered this? I never had blackouts prior to surgery so I am thinking that my brain chemistry is out of whack.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am wondering if fibromyalgia can be missed for years before being diagnosed? When I was a kid up until now I have always had muscle pain. Charlie horses, cramps, tingling in my feet & swelling. No doctor ever said anything to my parents or me. Now I'm 34 haven't been able to work for the last 4 wks due to muscle pain, cramps so bad I'm unable to walk, confusion so bad it interfered with my work, my immune system is basically null & void.
195469 tn?1388326488 Speechgeek (rebeccah) age 38 peripheral neuropathy as of 1/11/08.. in my book undiagnosed Symptoms started 9/07 and maybe a repeat of symptoms from7/04. Welcome back Heather!
459853 tn?1283144114 I have had MRI's done in the past that found that nearly all the disc in my back are bulging (c1 - T2, L3-S2). Ever since September of this year I have been dealing with pain on and off. I noticed a few days ago that my left lymph node under my chin was very swollen to the point where I could feel it in my throat and it was uncomfortable to turn my head. Then I started with a severe flare up of RA and my back yesterday . It's so bad that I am completely bed bound.
572651 tn?1333939396 We might die from complications of the disease, such as pneumonia setting in if we are no longer ambulatory. That is not death from MS. The amazing thing about the new drugs available to us is the majority of us living with MS now have a life span equivalent to our peers, and most of us will remain ambulatory, walking without the need of assistance. In a different Sunday Morning health segment I was astounded at the misinformation being given by the experts on the show.
Avatar f tn She said he was drunk one night and fell in a ditch. He developed pneumonia and died from it. Alcoholics run in my family and my husband's family. Reading these posts and hearing other stories helps strengthen my desire to quit all together.. even smoking.. I just don't want you all to think yall have wasted your time talking to me. I really appreciate your support!
1858011 tn?1319840953 I went up in a hot air balloon, I went hiking in the Shennadoah, I started training my first Service Dog. I put an ad in the local paper saying I wanted to ride horses. I have been doing that when I am able. I started advocating for those with disabilities on the State and Federal level. I am training another Service Dog. There is less room for fear. Also my disease makes me anxious. The Doctor explained my brain is on all the time and does not rest because of the MS.
Avatar f tn She did have relapses that ended up with her have one very severe relapse that she never recovered from and she deteriorated very rapidly in the end over a course of 8 months and died from pneumonia and septicaemia. I don't even know what SPMS is. Me being me will have to go and look it up now :o) Thanks for your help and guidance.
219304 tn?1190326814 I just got out of the hospital last night and was in 2 weeks ago also. I'm genotype 2, diagnosed in May, started TX June 24 with a VL count of 5 on the scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest. After 1 month of TX my doctor did VL count test and it came back the day I got out of hospital 2 weeks ago. It showed my VL went froma 5 to 1! Naturally I was thrilled to think the meds were attacking the virus so agressively.
Avatar f tn But when I got the hay fever symptoms in the spring, and then the enormous fatigue, which didn't pass a dr' who test my blood for this allergies suggested immunotherapy. I went for 2 others Professors who said I whould wait with immunotherapy and see if it will pass. After 6 months of suffering, I decided to go back to Israel. Antihistamins and corticosteroid didn't help me, as well as antibiotics.. My head hearts, and I feel tired all the time. Sometimes I feel better.
1936411 tn?1333835449 Hi Jane, I have to stick a pillow down my pants to do the bike ride which stops a bit of numb bum, but tonight I took the kids to the tennis court and had a hit. It was fabulous because the kids are only young and can't really hit that well yet. I did get in trouble when they hit the ball more than three steps away but still it was great fun. I tried swimming in our local heated pool but that was too warm and I felt exhaused afterwards. The L'Hermittes is a weird condition.
Avatar n tn I have the same symptoms with one exception, i dont feel any pain. Whenever i sit some minutes or more in a chair, in bed, wherever.. then i difficult make the first steps and even more difficult i climb stairs. Is it strange? I hadnt any injury, im fully healthy, i ve done before 2-3 months all general exams in the hospital just for check up.. I used to ride my bike, i am realy active person.. Should i go to a doctor? I am afraid a bit..
Avatar m tn However, the rest of my family doesn't really seem to care much, and many blame all my problems because I partied a lot when I was younger, even though I have been clean for a decade and have more problems now than ever before. It's so impersonal in my family that, believe it or not, when I had pneumonia and developed septic shock a year ago, my Mom and Nephew and Sister in Law thought I was on drugs so wouldn't call an ambulance.
Avatar n tn I posted a message many months ago on my sister's puzzling array of symptoms and I would like to ask you a few more questions about it, as they reocurred in full force a couple of days ago. So, I will try to give you a brief history. She is 35 yo, non smoker, non drinker, normal weight, no significant medical history aside from this problem that has been plaguing her. A few years ago she started getting episodes of sinus tachycardia at a rate of around 150 bpm.
147426 tn?1317269232 like Granulomas in your Bone Marrow, Ilg bands in your blood... lesions in your brain, and all the symptoms that come and go...and seem to get worse then better.... she said it's not in my head and to get to another Neuro for more testing.. I have done that and now seeing MS specialist..who I feel will help me find a Dx either with MS or not MS... I really don't think that people with symptoms from stress, anxiety do know that it's from stress or anxiety...
Avatar n tn It also can cause upper back/shoulder/neck pain as well. Do you have any symptoms in the legs or lower back? The lumbar MRI doesnt sound too healthy either, but like I said, Dont take it from me!!! I had my rods removed a year after surgery. Hope you feel better soon. Take it easy on your neck, dont look up or down too far if you dont have to. I was told looking up was the worst. Take it slow...