Pneumonia in both lungs

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Avatar m tn what does patchy infiltrates at both lungs bases , does that mean i have pneumonia.
Avatar n tn It showed pneumonia in the bottom of both lungs.. I took cipiro for 2 weeks...Felt better now Im coughing bad and coughing up yellow phelghm. New xrays showed nothing.Whats going on? And what kind of pneumiona lives in the bottom of the lungs? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/283416'>Multiple Lung Nodules, Pneumonia, Sweats, Minor Atelectasis</a>.
Avatar f tn Interstitial Pneumonia.;Mantoux test <5mm.; the Doctor"s final Dianosis:R/o Kochs infection...and he prescribed INH for it right to follow the prescription of the Doctor?
Avatar f tn hi i have had pneumonia since the begining of december,although i was really poorly at the begining i am not to bad now,just had my 5th exray and its still not gone although it is resolving ,i am getting a lot of aches in both sides of my lungs is this normal with this condition also i am very tired most of the time.can anybody help ,do i need to do any exercises?
7900821 tn?1395195704 I have pneumonia in both lungs. How can I keep getting pneumonia? I am concerned because there have been so many of my dad's side of the family dying with lung cancer with mets to the brain. Is there anyway to mix up an xray and call it pneumonia and it truly be cancer? I thank you for your answer.
Avatar m tn ” If localized to the same area of your lung as was the pneumonia, it might, in reality, not be fibrosis. If the description of “mild fibrosis” refers instead to shadows consistent with fibrosis, throughout both lungs, that is another matter; one that might eventually require a CT Scan to further delineate what it is that these “fibrosis” markings represent.
Avatar f tn i have been showing signs of pneumonia lately and also felt a small bum under my armpit but cannot see anything. what i want to know is can the axillary lymph node be linked to pneumonia because usually i hear it swells in the neck? i also was using doxycycline 100 mg and septra for chlamydia. its kinda strange how pneumonia just popped up a while after my chlamydia and cleared up. i am really freaking out im going for a test today.
Avatar n tn When I had my bronchitis episode in March, I was spared the pneumonia. Still I think it is very possible to develop it on tx. I know you are against the resuce drugs. You mentioned your WBC -- now what is your absolute neutrophil count????? Remember, neutrophils are the infection fighting type of white blood cell, and your body is left without that important protection when your ANC is low. Seems like any real drastic change in climate - and from the deep south back to Mass.
Avatar n tn After much hesitation and thought I am going to provide you with specific advice. Of course you should consult your physicians, who will undoubtedly disagree with me. You are entirely correct in viewing the mucus as the problem. The organism causing the trouble (Let's call it"Harvey") is living the good life in what is called a "biofilm". Harvey can exist in a Lugols solution (which kills every known bacteria)in one of these films.
Avatar n tn • Minimal increase in the sizes of the nodular densities in both upper fields. There are reticular densities in the right lower lung fields with confluence on the left, probably due to the pneumonia. • These, in retrospect were present previously, unchanged in status. • Heart is top normal in size. Aorta is atheromatous. • Diaphragm, sulci and bony thorax are unremarkable. June 18 and 19, 2003 – BP = 120-130/80, HR = of 128-136, RR = 32-38, temperature = 36.4 – 37.
Avatar n tn We've also been inducing a cough 3-4 times a day to assist him in clearing his lungs. We are seeing slight improvement in his cough, which isn't as frequent and not as productive, but he is still very fatigued. His temp is back to 102, which they have told us is normal. My question is, is it typical for these antibiotics to take such a long time to take effect? If not, are there other possible diagnoses for these symptoms, and if so should we take him to another vet for a second opinion?
Avatar n tn The Tuberculosis Association of India 3 Red Cross Road New Delhi – 110001 or Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg New Delhi, New Delhi 110002, India 011 23234270‎ 011 23236923‎ It is also possible that she could have tuberculosis and, in addition to that, pneumonia caused by another organism (bacterium). In that case, she would require medicine for both the TB and different treatment for the pneumonia. Either way, she should be quarantined to the best of your ability.
Avatar n tn Hi there. I understand your concern. Fluid in the lungs can have a lot of causes, most commonly from a lung infection called pneumonia (though from the symptoms you are describing, this diagnosis can be unlikely). Heart failure can also cause water to accumulate in the lungs if heart pumping is not adequate. From the recent surgery, injured lymphatic vessels can also cause this accumulation of fluids.
Avatar n tn That's a rough time for you both. I've seen aspiration pneumonia in animals, particularly baby squirrels. People mean well and try to help by giving a baby squirrel some fluid by mouth. Problem is it takes a gentle, trained hand to feed a small animal and too often the animal will aspirate (breath in) some of the fluid, food or formula. It gets into the lungs and is a perfect medium for bacteria to grow. And it can be hard to catch it in time.
884528 tn?1240762205 His lungs are both affected and the has been in the ICU now for ten days. There doesn't seem to be any improvement. He was on 65% oxygen , but it was pushed up to 80% today. He is very fit and has no fat on his body. He is flat on the bed and gets Morphine and Dormicum to keep him calm - otherwise he wants to pull out the tubes. Is there any hope for him? I am so miserable, as we have only been married for four months and have relocated and made a lovely home.
Avatar f tn The other day, he had an episode of projectile vomiting, and swallowed some. He had a fever of 103+, which came down in 2 days. He also had fluid in both lungs. He was given oxygen, which was taken off as his saturation reached 94%. How can someone in this stage recover so quickly? Will these episodes continue? How long can someone live in this state? I live in another state, and I feel that my life is somewhat on hold, depending on what happens with him. Thank you very much.
Avatar n tn diagnosed with pneumonia 9-2-08, hospitalized on IV anibiotic plus oral for 2 days, sent home on oral antibiotic for 10 days. after 2 days home went to e.r. short of breath and given inhaler and breathing machine. Had cat scan on the 11th of Sept and all clear. But now October 5 still have tightnes, short breath if move about or talk normal pitch and feel some soreness and burn under breastbone and fullness in left lung. Am i just not giving it time. I dont want to go to dr unnecessarily.
Avatar f tn There is something called pleurisy which can hurt your lungs when you breathe, but both pneumonia and pleurisy are accompanied by a cough. Behind your lungs are your kidneys, is it possible that when you breathe your lungs are hurting your kidneys? Therefore it would feel like your lungs hurting but it's not. Just an idea if the doc is ruling out lung problems.
Avatar f tn I have a 7 year old pug who was diagnosed with pneumonia back in March of 2008. After a series of both herbs and more serious medication (human quality z-pack {both of which are prescribed by my vet}) she seemed to be doing well. Her coughing seized and there was no fluid detected in her lungs. She has been off the medication for 3 weeks and her coughing started again. We are trying a number of herbal remedies to try to right size her health, but nothing seems to be working.
Avatar f tn Sent to a Rehab center - Doing fine for almost 2-weeks, found unresponsive (no answers why) and have been on a respirator in the hospital ever since. Going on 2-weeks. Now saying MRSA Pneumonia. 1. Drs are now saying that she needs to be off of the respirator within 2-weeks - Trach is option, however, they are saying her lungs are too far gone and want us to make the decision to remove the respirator and let her die. 2. Has atrial fibulation, however, Eco shows no significant issues of concern.
Avatar n tn I have never had the opportunity to try this, but I have thought about it a lot, and, in cases of aspiration, why wouldn't it be possible to swing the puppy like you swing them when they are whelped to get the amniotic fluid out of their lungs?
550796 tn?1214946191 My 5 month old kitten aspirated some wet food on Sunday and I took him to the emergency vet. She did xrays, which showed cloudiness in both lungs. She told me to take him to my regular vet in the morning, which I did. He was at the vet's all day. When I went to get him in the afternoon, they told me that they had given him an antibiotic injection to prevent secondary infections. I took him home with a bottle of amoxicillin (sp?) to give him morning and night.
Avatar m tn I got this cough and shortness of breath I went to the doctor with her and he told me that i have pneumonia and should be home in bed. He ordered X-rays and it showed my lower lung area clouded he said that he was worried about fibrous of the lungs. He ordered a cat scan and scope test and sent me to a lung doctor it really didn't turn up anything bad.
Avatar f tn I am 59 yrs old and have had pneumonia 3 times in last 7 months. I have had pneumonia many many times since I was born .Have been told many years ago that my lungs are scarred from this. Each time i go to my doctor he says I have bacterial infection adn treats me with Levaquinn for 7 days(500mg).Had an xray done reclty and now he wants me to see a lung specialist saying I need to find out why my immune system is weakened.
Avatar m tn U should be alright... I had pains on both of my lungs. Shortness of breath..sometimes I will be like something will be pokin me around my body wit a knife. Went I will take a deep breath it will hurt..I never took treatment it took a long time to heal by should be an infection..i had pneumonia once and I was the nasty short pain breath..
Avatar m tn Tomorrow is my first anniversary when my lungs were announced as being clear of pneumonia. Go Lungs! I did it! Felt good too. Yes, I will be your friend, Sunny. Anyone who ready my dribble deserves to be more than a friend. Seize the Day!
620048 tn?1358021835 In MS, Aspiration Pneumonia can be related to issues with swallowing or gastric reflux. Stomach contents and saliva can cause problems in the lungs. Sometime occupational and speech therapists can help with swallowing issues. I have no idea whether sleeping upright on pillows or a recliner works. It seems to help reflux patients keep the stomach contents down. I suspect that it may help with the drainage of saliva. Let us know what you find out.
175861 tn?1428186013 Well I supposedly got over pneumonia. I went to the doctor today and he said my lungs sound good. I've been sick for 2 weeks at least. I'm still coughing up stuff, however he said I'd be coughing for another 6 weeks. But I haven't been able to sleep lately (I wont fall asleep unitl 6 hours after I lay down) and I'm itchy all over. I dont know if they're related to pneumonia or not. My appetite is also not totally normal. Is this maybe b/c of the antibiotic I was on?
186606 tn?1263513790 Please get lots of rest and feel better soon. I never had pneumonia, but I did have bronchitis one Dec. in New Jersey. I wasn't getting enough rest. Please take good care. Wish I was there to work on your feet.