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182352 tn?1231187010 i posted last week about my 6 month old being diagnosed with pneumonia. thnak you all for your advice. my question now is how long til we can bring him out, or til he can be around other people and kids? he is due to see the dr on thurs.(that will be 1 full week since his diagnosis.) we figured we would just wait and see what he says. but my friend asked me to watch her 3 1/2 yr. old on friday and she needs an answer.
Avatar f tn A CT scan screening on Feb 13th showed a small area of mild or minor pneumonia in upper right lung. I had not felt well, like coming down with a cold, but didn't get the test results until Feb 20th and didn't feel any worse. Primary gave me an antibiotic immediately and it's been 2 1/2 days on meds. Still no real cough. Had a slight need to cough late yesterday and chest feels funny, but no cough, no fever. I do have some weakness and headache.
Avatar n tn Is it normal for ngu (which I assume is what I have) symptoms to persist as long as two weeks after treatment? Will a second dose be needed? Is ngu contagious if it is not chlamydia or gonorrhea? I ask this because I had unprotected vag sex with my regular partner after experiencing symptoms and BEFORE it possible that I infected her? Please help.
Avatar f tn i had the same thing back in june.. they thought i had pneumonia..ibut didnt..but it isnt contagious..the cough is part of the bron..
Avatar f tn 1) Should I be worried that my cough lasted so long or is that normal? How long should the fatigue last for? Does this mean I have a bad immune system? Could smoking ciggarettes be preventing me from getting better? Okay the second thing I'm worried about is my ears... So two days ago I noticed a slight loss of hearing in my right ear. It kinda felt like it was muffled or like I was in a high altitude.
Avatar m tn From the CT Scan the doctors were pretty sure it wasn't cancer and their main concern was TB, This was ruled out as contagious after 3 negative samples of sputum came back and I was let out of hospital with suspected pneumonia which I was given 2 types of antibiotics clarithromycin & co-amoxiclav and scheduled for a Bronchoscopy the following two weeks.
Avatar n tn I feel better with the itching again, but at night, I think I touch the area, so when I wake up in the morning it's red again. I feel like these treatments aren't working. How long do I have to wait for the treatments to work. Am I just expecting it to cure the yeast infection too soon? Is this something that takes time to heal? It's just really irritating. It's been almost 2 months and I would like it to go away. Can anyone give me some insights?
Avatar f tn So, a cold --- that IS contagious that caused 'gunk' to get thick in sinuses, bronchial tubes or lungs and then that festered into an infection that you need antibiotics to treat. The initial virus is contagious and for how long varies. Usually a week, I'd say. Pneumonia can be contagious until about 48 hours into antibiotics (the viral kind that some will have treated with antibiotics any way). So, does that long winded info above answer your question?
162948 tn?1205256292 Has anyone had the Mirena IUD and had it removed to ttc. I am just curious how long it took you to conceive after Mirena IUD removal? How long until your menstrual cylces were regular? I got my IUD out on Aug 5th and am ttc. I have had lots of spotting and maybe a period but nothing regular. I called my doc and they said that it takes 3 months before the hormones are out of your system. The mirena website makes it sound as though you can get pregnant anytime after removal.
Avatar f tn In humans, antibiotics are used to treat health conditions caused by bacteria, including ear and skin infections, food poisoning, pneumonia, meningitis and other serious illnesses. These are also used to treat or prevent it can complicate critical medical procedures including surgery, cancer therapy, and transplants.
1930941 tn?1400111122 Is my Aunt still contagious? Will she always be contagious? And is it safe to drink after her?
Avatar f tn I am being tested right now for several things. How long does each person have this sickness before it becomes debilitating. I wonder if we carry it and until we get some major illness it stays dormant. Also can I transfer it to family and friends?
Avatar m tn My question is that my father was 79 years old and had a bypass surgery on his left main artery.Afterwards he aspirated on apple juice and developed pneumonia and was on the ventilator for 3 months after which he eventually passed away.He also developed A-Fib which the doctors were trying to control with medications.He had diabetes and was being fed through a tube.A few times they managed to wean him of the ventilator but never for long and he would go back on it.
Avatar f tn My sister that lives over 5 hours away just had a baby and I would really like to go visit her next weekend since it's the long one... My question is, am I going to be fully healed by next Friday? (Today being Wednesday) I don't want to pass it on to a newborn baby. Thank you.
Avatar f tn lol The last time I went to the doctor, I had pneumonia and bout died from it cause I let it go so long! The doctor yelled at me and I asked if he was gonna treat me for free! Gave me some antibiotics and a week or so later I was some better but it did some damage to the lungs having it that long with no treatment. So yeah I know what ya mean..
Avatar f tn As many of you know I was diagnosed with pneumonia after my second treatment. Dr said I am now at a stage 3, due to all of the hurry up and wait that has been going on with my immune system. The pneumonia is just about cleared up, but now have pleurisy (ouch) The gyn/onc is recommending IP chemo. What is this and are the side effects atrocious. Would this help to keep from developing these off the wall infections?
1098165 tn?1340760837 from a hacking cough, to pneumonia, to acid reflux and now a bad body rash...i cant take this anymore. the cough is still lingering and cant seem to get rid of obg said it's just a cold and to drink lots of oj...thanks dr...had acid reflux and threw up for two days so no more oj! woke up yest with red dots all over my belly and worse this morning...went to walkin clinic...they said they're afraid to give me any creams bec it's a large area and it could harm teh fetus...
1058524 tn?1285190840 If I could not leave the area, then I would make an invisible six foot perimeter which you would not be allowed to enter. Being diagnosed with bronchitis, pneumonia every year, sometimes multiple times a year will do that to a person. Intermittent bouts of vertigo, tinnitus, migraines and other types of illness drove me to fear many things. If my children got sick...I knew I had two, maybe three days at best before it would soon envelop me.
Avatar f tn i just googled this because they think my older son,18 had shingles and my 5 year old who had the pox shot got the pox after a week or two. I just googled this Chickenpox and shingles are two diseases caused by the same virus, varicella zoster virus or VZV. The virus is similar to the herpes virus, the roseola virus, and to the Epstein-Barr virus (which causes mononucleosis). Until the late 1990's, most children caught chickenpox as children.
242516 tn?1368227505 The flu has passed epidemic rates in much of the country, and if you don't have a cold, I'm sure you have a friend who has the sniffles, fever, chills, aches and pains of a viral upper respiratory infection. This is different from a bacterial infection such as sinusitis, bronchitis, or pneumonia. A viral infection doesn't improve with antibiotics as these infections do. A virus hijacks your own body's healthy cells and uses it to reproduce and spread.
Avatar n tn so in the first week of october i went back he took anther xray said i had pneumonia and sent me to the hospital, they said i didnt after two days there and i did have elevated white cells, but they said that could be from the steroids. while th4ere iw as treated with levaquin, prednisone and breathing treatments. anyway it is now almost february, i have been treated for everything from bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, allergies, and pertussis.
1807132 tn?1318747197 If she stays home alone in isolation she may still need someone to bring her food and medicine so just want to be sure what the safe practice would be. How long is a person contagious if they do have it and how long is their environment contaminated? I read that the bacteria can persist in dusk particles for months.
Avatar f tn Sounds like you need to have further testing with PCR for your Lyme confirmation. I hope you are seeing a lyme literate doctor or ( LLMD) who can direct you to a good PCR test. I believe the PCR test is called IgeneX. But regarding the Chlamydia pneumoniae part of the question. What kind of test did you have done for the C. pneumo? Was this recently? You can be a carrier of C. pneumo and still be able to transmit the organism and not have symptoms.
408958 tn?1214847183 I'm going to try to avoid taking care of kids (I work in a recovery room) and anyone who has some kind of contagious disease as long as I'm going through treatment. I wash my hands like crazy at work too. Even when I'm working with other staff members who are sick. I have started going around with a spray bottle of antibacterial stuff to clean off phones and keyboards, etc. if there is anyone sick. Might be over kill but I'd rather be safe than sorry.
Avatar n tn Tuberculosis is generally treatable, as long as it's caught fairly quickly--do you ever cough up any sputum, particularly any blood-stained sputum? This would be indicative of tuberculosis, as well as a few other diseases. Do you have swollen lymph nodes anywhere on your body--particularly in your neck or shoulders? Finally, where do you live?
Avatar f tn Can you have scarlet fever with no fever? How long can you have scarlet fever before it turns into rheumatic fever?
1777240 tn?1315631185 I am 42 and live in Virginia Beach, formally from Long Island, NY. My Mom was diagnosed with MS in 1970, she is doing well today at age 78, better then me some days. That is a brief summary of me, I am just wondering has anyone since being diagnosed gotten flu shots?? If so, does it cause any kind of flares afterwards??
Avatar n tn My housemate from Burundi fell sick at about the same time I did, with the same symptoms, so we figure it has to either be contagious or a common source, with the latter being more probably because none of our respective family members has fallen sick in the month we've been back. She still has a low-grade fever, as well. She also has had many tests done, at different places from where my tests were done, all negative/normal.
Avatar f tn I think his doctor is handling it fine, but be aware this drug continues to treat for a long while after it is started, so I don't know when he will stop being contagious is my only question. They say it is a long half-life. So to me, it always seems like it has a delayed reaction compared to other antibiotics. It's in your body, but it's working on the infection after finishing the pills.
219704 tn?1338612705 My mom is recovering very nicely. The pneumonia completely cleared up on x-ray by the 10th day of antibiotics and her ribs are starting to heal up abit. She still doesn't sleep well because of the pain when she rolls onto her rightside, but she's getting through it all. The doctors are still keeping close tabs on her and are expecting a full recovery within 8 weeks. I'm just so thankful that we caught the pneumonia early on.... Artaud, Connie, dolfnlvr, PVCman, everyone..