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Avatar f tn make sure your go back to the ENT if this isnt cleared up soon. I was just given a diagnosis of the bacterial infection that causes walking pneumonia. It had been presenting as sinusitis and recurred after 2 full courses of antibiotics. #3 .. Go to the Neuro ANYWAY in case you have some other problem that the ENT can't see... I had meningitis 2 years ago...and that was the most excruciating pain ever, luckily I survived. The neuro saved my life.
Avatar f tn I went to the doctor and they believe that we both have walking pneumonia which is a bacterial infection that can be somewhat supressed by some antibiotics but not completely cured. I was given arythromicin antibiotic and a metrodol (prednisone)steroid pack. Good thing I didn't wait to go...
Avatar n tn I stumbled upon this conversation after Googling "cocaine + sinus infection" because I shared a similar bad experience with Nick. After doing a few lines the night before, I woke up the next morning with my head spinning from sinus congestion & my ears were ringing & my throat was sore. I took a hot shower, & the steam must have made me clear out a large scab looking thing from my sinus & another from the back of my throat.
Avatar m tn It just takes alot out of you to get rid of a serious infection like pneumonia. I hope that you feel stronger by the does take time, but you will feel better. If you don't start to improve, then it wouldn't hurt to touch base with your doctor.
Avatar n tn It is not so uncommon to see this type of response following sinus surgery. The swelling persists and then a sinus infection follows. If is frustrating and sometimes needs more time and treatment and other times needs to be repeated.
Avatar n tn He heard some air trapping, said the white cell count pointed to bacterial infection and gave me 400mg of Tequin for 5 days. I'm wondering if this sounds plausible. Typically I think bacterial infections tend to make you feel very bad, and I have just been feeling a little run down. Also it concerns me that this has been going on for a month and survived a 14 days of ceftin. Is it possible to have a mild bacterial bronchitis? Having just quit smoking, I am wondering if I waited to long...
Avatar f tn You had to clean up human feces and urine? You probably caught some bacterial infection. This is why you must wear a mask, gown, gloves, shoe protective covers when cleaning waste like this.
1609219 tn?1298108535 I am on heavy antibiotics (avelox, levequin, bactrim, and fractive this time around), and so the heavy antibiotics are the only ones that work. I am very sensitive to smoke, and that can trigure a sinus infection-but can that really turn into walking pneumonia? Is it possible It has never totally left my system? Any help would do. Thank you.
176267 tn?1216068167 I just was diagnosed with fugal sinus infection, It was is so much worse than the bacterial sinus infection. So much thicker and can't breath, feels very stuffy behind nose, but only had clear sticky fluid in nose and horrible post nasal drip, gross odor in nostrils, feeling chills and achy and have prickly,painful asthma every time I breath through nose and to a lesser degree when I breathe thru mouth.
1280753 tn?1367761532 Most commonly spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP) in ascites (25%-31%), urinary tract infection (25%-31%), pneumonia (15%-21%), bacteremia (12%) and soft tissue infection (11%). Of course as with all things... the more advanced the degree of cirrhosis (compensated with portal hypertension, decompensated cirrhosis and End-Stage Liver Disease) the more dangerous infections can become.
Avatar n tn This can be an abscess or a walled off sinus infection. Another possible reason is that you did not have pneumonia on these occasions, but have had asthma attacks where the airways have closed down. When this happens, it is very difficult sometimes to tell this from pneumonia and the symptoms are the same.
Avatar n tn I took levaquin for 9 days (around my 13th week of tx) because I had a huge sinus infection. I've had sinus surgery 2 years previous from starting hepC treatment and suffer with my sinus. The levaquin cleared up my infection however, a CAT scan shows that it would be wise to have sinus surgery once again. I am holding off on the advice of my ENT as well as GI to not have surgery during my treatment meds.
242516 tn?1368227505 The flu has passed epidemic rates in much of the country, and if you don't have a cold, I'm sure you have a friend who has the sniffles, fever, chills, aches and pains of a viral upper respiratory infection. This is different from a bacterial infection such as sinusitis, bronchitis, or pneumonia. A viral infection doesn't improve with antibiotics as these infections do. A virus hijacks your own body's healthy cells and uses it to reproduce and spread.
Avatar n tn When any of the openings that drain your sinuses are blocked it will take longer to clear a sinus infection. If a viral infection is the cause it's a matter of time until the sinusitis clears on its own. When a bacterial infection is the cause you may need to take an antibiotic for at least 3 weeks. This inflammation can block sinus drainage, cause increased mucus production, and bleeding that may mix with the mucus.
Avatar m tn Another possibility is that you had a bacterial infection superimposed on an initial viral infection. Given this sustained/relapsing illness, you should have cultures of nose/sinuses, lungs and blood, the latter especially if you experience chills or fever when the antibiotic is discontinued. Any further antibiotic therapy should be based on the results of these cultures. You probably should have a CT scan of your sinuses and a chest x-ray.
Avatar n tn At the beginning of this year/end of last year, however, I ended up with pneumonia/atelactasis, after starting to be treated with ceftin for a sinus infection. The hospital ended up putting me on Augmentin, but after a week that was making no progress (sorry, I don't recall the mg for the z-pac, ceftin, or augmentin). My primary doctor put me on Levofloxacin 500mg once a day for 10 days.
Avatar f tn Good luck with the antibiotics for your sinusitis and pneumonia. I'm sorry you're sick. What did your doc prescribe? Sorry you need tubes, how long has it been since your symptoms started?
Avatar m tn One of the causes of maxillary sinusitis is a tooth abscess that has leaked the infection into the maxillary sinus. The teeth may be X-rayed to find this. • Ethmoid sinuses. If infection occurs, you may get puffy eyes and pain between them. The sides of your nose may get tender to the touch, your nose may get stuffy, and you won’t be able to smell so well. You may also get a splitting headache, felt most intensely in the forehead. • Sphenoid sinuses.
Avatar n tn The pulmonologist thinks I have a drug resistant bacterial infection, and I have to go for another CT, and bronchoscopy after I recover from this current bout. Anyone experience anything like this? It's really unnerving. I am in my 40's, and have small children. My mind can't help but wander out to the dark side... Any input would be appreciated!!
Avatar n tn The common causes are- -Discontinuation or reduction of medications -Acute viral upper respiratory tract infections or fungal colonization -Heavy exposure to allergens (change in place may help) -Exposure to noxious inhalants (change in place may help) -Worsening of inflammation secondary to bacterial infection or fungal colonization. It is important to rule out mentioned causes and steps should be taken to avoid further exposure.
Avatar n tn It could be a continuation of a chronic bacterial sinus infection. It could possibly be a fungal infection of the sinuses, which continues to be reinfected with bacterial infections. It could also be an immune problem etc. It is likely that the upper airway problems are the source of your intermittent lower airway problems, as well. It will be necessary to establish a relationship with a physician who will work through all of the possibilities to get to the cause of all of these infections.
Avatar m tn The sinus infection flares and ends up in the lung and a cycle of dfficulty breathing begins. Sinus infections are a bear to get rid of and treatment usually involves twice daily flushing of the sinus cavities with saline plus a long period of anti-biotics. There are alternatives not available in this country.
299940 tn?1192322967 I wasted 5 years of sinus infection treatments prescribed by a primary care physician, when I should have seen an ENT even to diagnose me with a sinus infection. I would rather for my ENT to tell me that I have a sinus infection, than my primary care physician. The sinus problems we are experiencing is CRITICAL to our overall health. DO NOT ignore the signs. See a specialist immediately, so you can be on your road to recovery.
Avatar f tn One part of your hypothyroidism suffering has been a vulnerability (more vulnerable than what is normal for you) to catching colds (or to developing any other upper respiratory infection...or any infection of any kind). If this does describe you, could you post the details? I am testing a hunch, which I will explain after the poll results are in.
Avatar n tn My hubby had the same thing she did and his doctor had to give him 10 days worth of levaquin (antibiotic) and cortisone. His sinus infection went into pneumonia. We do not live in the Great Lakes Area. It is sooo sad when Docs are too busy to listen and the patient sufferes needlessly.
Avatar f tn My Urologist really recommended a probiotic (OTC) called Culturelle to restore the good bacteria in my system. I had bacterial pneumonia last year. She says give it 4-6 weeks to work since it is a natural remedy. But she stressed how important it is for those whose have taken antiobiotics. I'm on antibiotic now for a sinus infection. Never had one before in my life.
Avatar f tn Sub-optimally controlled asthma may predispose one to recurrent infection, but to a limited degree. Most individuals with asthma do not have pneumonia or any other recurrent chest infection, including bacterial bronchitis. It works both ways and the more likely scenario is for asthma to make asthma more difficult to control and cause flare ups. As you report, chronic recurrent sinus infections can also make one's asthma more difficult to control.
Avatar n tn I went to the doc and have been taking Septra for a possible sinus infection, but no improvement. I don't know what's linking the sinus condition with the other symptoms... virus (like chronic fatigue), allergies, infection, autoimmune disorder (hope not)? Any advice or comments welcome.