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Avatar n tn I don't know if my Metoprolol is succinate or tartrate, all it says on the bottle is PMS-Metoprolol-L , but anywhow, I took my second dose thise morning and I've noticed effects I don't like and wondered if they could be temporary, such as inability to have an erection and sometimes like "ticks" in my heart.
Avatar n tn Toprol (beta blockers) Inhibit healthy levels of the catecholamine hormones (epinephrine and nor-epinephrine) Adrenalin.Thus they inhibit good estrogen, allowing the bad estrogen to possibly promote cancer. The following is from read the whole artical under (DIM). If you have a-fib and on a beta blocker I would hesitate to supplement with (dim). Any increase in Adrenalin could cause a-fib.
Avatar n tn Works like a charm for heart rythmn, relaxation and PMS (cramps, migraines, mood, energy) Taken for years - doctors are now catching on to prevention (rather than masking and pills)
Avatar n tn I still take the Taxtia XT, but wonder if I would go into a crazy racing heart if I stopped(probably right)??? I take CQ10 along with L-Arginine and an hour later take L-Lysine. I take Vitamin C with Ester. I have recently started taking Resveratrol of which I bought at Walgreens. If this stuff (resveratrol) helps from everything I have read about it, I am going to go to a high grade type that does cost a bit more. Everyone should read up on it.
Avatar n tn My sister gets it too. I wonder if it's a symptom of pms as I get this a week to a day before a period. Just came across this, "Another change in the body when you are premenstrual, is an increase in hormones called prostaglandins. These hormones are directly related to inflammation processes within the body." The link also contains tips on diet and exercise. Omega 3 fish oil may assist too.
537497 tn?1292556656 , fatigue and anxiety will cause migraines as well as PMS for myself before and after for me since age 34 no hormones. throid issues, chronic myofacial pain,multiple spinal prob spndylosis ,arthritis,bonesprus degeneration, (R) leg nerve damage & knee arthrits form 3 accidents, neck broken in hihg school, thorasic from abuse ...then a work related injury that placed me on permanent SS disability...
Avatar n tn severe lower abdominal pain. Feels like someone stabbing me. Worse than bad pms. Then I feel weak. I go to the toilet. Explosive diarrhea and sweating and weakness and faint feeling (some times I do faint or lean on something to keep me from falling over). Then after it's over I get very cold. I still feel a little weak but I feel much better. I drink lots of fluids and am a pretty healthy 25. I don't believe it's all separate diagnoses.