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Avatar n tn I am a mitral valve replacment patient that takes Coumadin daily. Is it possable to use Plavix in place of Coumadin for this purpose? Your comments would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn I read an article here and understand the drugs are different, but why would one set of Dr's use Plavix and the other elect Coumadin? Obviously, Coumadin is a much higher maintence drug. Which is likely the more appropriate drug?
Avatar n tn Severe joint and back pain usually is not a side effect of Plavix. Coumadin is more powerful than Plavix. The Plavix is important to take especially if you have coated stents. You may want to be checked for arthritis that may be flaring up. Coumadin is not to be used in persons with high cholesterol.
Avatar m tn The recommended treatment for DES implants is dual therapy of aspirin and plavix up to a year. Combining plavix and aspirin increases the risk of bleeding vs. aspirin alone in patients treated for more than a brief period of time. That is the regimen followed for my DES implant. f you are in this category a prior MI and unstable angina:" In the CAPRIE trial, clopidogrel (plavix) was equivalent to aspirin for patients with a recent (but not acute) MI.
Avatar n tn When I went to get my initial IRN check, the nurse explained to me that there were different classes of drugs (I think 8) that worked on coagulation. Heparin was one, aspirin was another, then Coumadin/Warfarin, Plavix, etc. She explained that I had to be on the Warfarin and aspirin while healing because these were the drugs best suited to my condition.
Avatar n tn Plavix is not necessarily a better drug than Coumadin but it definitely involves less monitoring. Plavix, similar to aspirin, is effective in treating arterial clots (stroke, heart attack, peripheral arterial disease), whereas coumadin is effective in treating venous clots (deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism). Therefore, you would base your therapy on the type of clot you are being treated for.
Avatar n tn Told me to get off the Plavix and she would RX Pradexa which is like coumadin.(never been on coumadin or heparin) I am 74 years old and also take Nexium, Crestor, Avalide 150/12.5, Lopressor, 50,000mg of D3 daily, Synthroid for 3 thyroid nodules and Hashimoto's..(TSH is in the 3-8 range) I take .375 Bayer daily for sinus headaches and advil for knee arthritis. I have a high Parathyroid Level (serum) but normal calcium. Parathyroid adenoma is seen on Nuclear studies.
Avatar n tn Why is Coumadin prescribed for A-Fib instead of Plavix? If one did use Plavix for A-Fib, would they have the same danger associated with internal or other bleeding from an accident? I have BC/BS Federal option, cost is not a factor.
Avatar f tn cons regarding taking coumadin vs. aspirin for paroxysmal atrial fib. rate is controlled 90% of the time with digoxin and cardizem. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Coumadin Guidelines</a>.
Avatar n tn There are 3 serious medical conditions (right-side heart failure, uncontrolled bleeding, and clots (pulmonary embolism and thrombosis) that requires consideration when prescribing medication. Anticoagulants are effective in preventing pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis, but there is a risk for bleeding. More than 80 percent of patients with massive PE die within the first two hours after onset, mainly from right-sided heart failure.
Avatar f tn I don't know about "normal," but if the regimen of warfarin and Plavix is working for you, then great. Your goal is to find something that works. Have you been tested for clotting disorders? Your story makes me wonder about that, especially if the stroke happened to be due to a clot.
Avatar n tn I am trying to do my own research as to whether I should take this med and get off Plavix or whether I can take Plavix also....or just stay on Plavix and veto the Pradaxa. I am 74 years old. I am also on Nexium for severe gerd, Crestor, Avalide 150/12.5 and Lopressor and B12 Injections and 5,000mg of Vitamin D daily and Synthroid for hashimoto's...TSH is in the 5-9 range. I also take .375 Bayer, daily, for chronic siunus headaches and Advil for my bum knee.
Avatar n tn Today they did an ultrasound of the posterior side of her heart and found a hole which is leaking blood and causing clots to form. The Doctor's have left the decision of Plavix and Aspirin vs. Coumadin and Aspirin as a daily regimen to deal with the leaking heart/clotting issue for my sister and her husband to decide on.
Avatar n tn I also don't think that blood thinners including coumadin and plavix are conducive to recovery from coronary artery disease for physically active people who are doing the right things to maintain healthy blood. Also, although effective against BP, I don't believe diuretics are a good idea for people trying to get healthy. Can draining the water from all of the body's cells be a good idea? But regardless of what I think, I never comment until after the CCF doctors respond.
Avatar f tn Given that yesterday he said to not take the warfarin he was changing me from the genertic warfarin and putting me on the brand name of the med coumadin. Said some folks do not tolerate warfarin well but do well on coumadin and i am to start the coumadin today. I would be lying if i didn't say i am a bit gunshy at this point. This med has made me absolutely miserable and today is my 43rd bday...
293157 tn?1285877039 When you have a heart stent, they are usually drug eluting stents (vs metallic stents) and require the patient to go onto a maintenance dose of Plavix (or similar anti-coagulant) to keep blood from *sticking* to the stent and causing blockage. What is the protocol post-stent for these in the brain? I am defnitely NOT a fan of plavix - there are tons of side effects, especially bruising at the slightest touch and profuse bleeding if you cut or scrape yourself.