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Avatar m tn I have a high deductibule ins policy I have found several web sights that offer generic Plavix or [clopidogrel] that is suginifantly cheeper than brand name Plavix Will the generic work as good as plavix? Or is it just a plasebo?
Avatar m tn Tagamet (generic name: cimetidine) Prozac, Sarafem, and Symbyax (generic name: fluoxetine) Luvox (generic name: fluvoxamine) Ticlid (generic name: ticlopidine) Diflucan (generic name: fluconazole) Nizoral (generic name: ketoconazole) VFEND (generic name: voriconazole) Intelence (generic name: etravirine) Felbatol (generic name: felbamate) Patients taking Plavix should not stop taking any of these drugs -- including Nexium and Prilosec -- until speaking with a doctor.
976897 tn?1379167602 Just to complicate the Plavix/generic Plavix issue, I was told to stop taking Plavix after bypass surgery, and the bruising immediately became a bigger issue and remains a bigger problem today. I'm not sure the bruising/bleeding issue is completely understood. I still take 80mg aspirin, and wonder if that is the cause. pippi331, sometimes one is allergic to the filler with generic drugs. I'd sure report your situation as soon as possible.
Avatar m tn It has been shown that generic drugs is not any different than the non-generic. Its the same chemicals but the original drug maker has lost their patent rights. Patent rights are a method to help the orginal maker recover research and develpment costs. Thanks for your question. Take care.
Avatar n tn There are 3 serious medical conditions (right-side heart failure, uncontrolled bleeding, and clots (pulmonary embolism and thrombosis) that requires consideration when prescribing medication. Anticoagulants are effective in preventing pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis, but there is a risk for bleeding. More than 80 percent of patients with massive PE die within the first two hours after onset, mainly from right-sided heart failure.
Avatar f tn Hi Ray....I agree w/ed34. Warfarin is generic for Coumadin. Since it is the generic for brand Coumadin it is given in same dose. Mom took Warfarin for the 1st three months after her event. Month four, the pharmacy was temporarily out so I took brand name Coumadin (more$$, of course ;-) but it was the exact same dose. Month five, she was back on Warfarin. Best to you...
Avatar n tn Yes, there is a generic (Clopidogrel), and I was on it for awhile. By law it contains the same chemical ingredients. You can search the internet for clopidogrel prices. I found the following that is available over the internet, however, I haven't compared the generic prices with a resident drug store. 5mg × 30 pills $28.95 $0.96 75mg × 60 pills $50.74 $0.85 $7.16 75mg × 90 pills $74.04 $0.82 $12.81 75mg × 120 pills $94.94 $0.79 $20.86 75mg × 180 pills $136.75 $0.76 $36.
Avatar n tn I take the generic Clopidogrel Bisulfate Tab 75. Had 3 stents in April 2009. I have to have dental work done. Deep cleaning and two fillings. My doctor said to go off medicine 3 to 5 days before procedure. Is this going to pose a risk?
Avatar m tn tenvir from cipla is good and cheap generic, there are also cheaper generics but dont remember the brand
Avatar n tn I am on the generic brand of Plavix and noticed the calf muscles in my leg are not flexing very good and painful to the touch and not sure if due to medication or not. I think I may go to the emergency room tomorrow to be on the safe side.
Avatar n tn Small dose aspirin is fine to take with Plavix. Plavix is good so that you do not develop blood clots especially if you have coated stents. Some doctors recommend 6 months to a year on Plavix and some recommend for life. Plavix will help to avoid having heart attacks and strokes. The blood in your mouth is most likely because of the Plavix along with the bruising. It is the side effects. The circulation is from your heart medication and heart medication makes you tired.
Avatar m tn My insurance is not paying for it and its cost is 280.00 where I live. The other ER Doctor sent a Prescription for Plavix which is covered. Is this a good choice? He was referred to an Internist and Urologist for prompt treatment. He is 47 and has had irregular heart beats incidents.
Avatar f tn That being said, perhaps you have been prescribed a beta blocker for the first time, or the dose of an existing beta blocker has been increased. This can cause breathlessness as well. Are you taking Plavix or the generic equivalent? I think the Endeavor stent is a drug eluting product and Plavix is recommended for any stent of that type. I had breathlessness after one stent procedure and it was discovered indeed I had a problem that needed attention, I would report your symptoms.
482517 tn?1208551378 After a DES in my Circumflex, how long is it neccessary to take plavix? Will aspirin do the trick as well? Dr says we can stop it "...if I want to take my chances..." (not a good answer) What's the longest anyone's taken (taking) it w/no probs? Lastly, if I have restenosis, or a throw a clot in my Circumflex, would it be over or is that a "secondary" area?
Avatar n tn I was also told by my pharmicist that Plavix has a generic coming out in July. Ask your pharmicist if there is a generic of Niaspan due out any time soon. And as Flycaster has stated, with the Niacin there is a flushing feeling also. It only bothered me if I didn't take an aspirin just before taking the niacin. My doctor told me about that.
1632656 tn?1310693271 Can any one please tell me how much the Generic form of regular 20 mg's and Aderral xr 30 is now. I have recently decided to go back on meds with no insurance,, I am in California and I heard it is still quite expensive,, thank you.
Avatar f tn Patent comes off dec 2009 if I recall. As far as cost - if you have insurance once it's generic it usually goes on the cheaper generic copay list if you have that sort of insurance. so for instance if with your insurance you pay $30 for non-generic drugs on the approved list and $10 for generics on the approved list - you'd be paying $20 less/month for your valtrex. Typically it's 30% reduction in price when it goes generic initially for paying out of pocket. drugstore.
Avatar f tn Is anyone out there taking Teva's version of Nexium? I'm to the point now where I can't get the brand. I was astonished to see that this generic version's co-pay through my insurance is so high! $80 for 90 days. I could understand this price for the brand, but for generic? Anyway, I had tried this version as I had to with my last insurance, it and I didn't do as well on it. I tried it for a week. I an wondering if it was just my imagination.
Avatar f tn Can anyone give me a ballpark of the cost for the suppressant drugs after a transplant. Just want to get an idea, know no one can give me exacts but any info would help. Thanks.
1801781 tn?1461629469 I am having to switch to the generic version of Lexapro as it is now available. Insurance wants the change and I am OK with it as the cost will be less. My question is has anyone been on it and can they tell a difference??
315318 tn?1353251800 Well, plavix is coming off patent next year so the cost should come down substantially. In my case though, I got a DES placed in my LAD in December 2009. My cardio said, I am not responsive to Plavix, but not to worry. Start taking this new related medication called Effient. Effient, however, comes with greater chance of bleeding and it is expensive.
Avatar f tn t want to go back for fear of being labelled a hypochondriac, but the pain is very real and it occurred to me this morning that I could possibly have a collapsed stent. I stopped taking plavix 7 months ago because the cost is prohibitive. The doctor didn't seem concerned about that, and not knowing that I needed to take the aspirin forever, I stopped taking that too, about 4 months ago. What should I be doing. I have started taking the aspirin again, three days ago.