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Avatar f tn CT scans were clear. Headaches were occurring 3 times per month with more mild headaches occurring 3 times per week. MRI was unremarkable except for the presence of what they considered to be old bleeds from surgery where he was on CPB. Periactin was prescribed daily for headaches. Plavix was discontinued and 163mg daily aspirin prescribed. Headaches are now daily, but headache with vomiting has not been present for a month.
Avatar f tn Oh I think mine was per month though not per three months. The doc would write the script for 3 months worth but they'd only give me one month at a time, so 40 a month.
1722607 tn?1335747858 I contacted my insurance company today to ask about the price of the meds for triple treatment. A 3 month supply of interferon, ribavirin, & Victrelis would cost $180.00 (so about $60 a month) I thought it was going to be a lot higher. But I forgot to ask about "rescue drugs". Not sure how that works and how much that would be. Any one have an idea?
Avatar f tn I did some checking and found out that the for the cheapest Medicare Plan D you will have to pay about $1200/year to get these two drugs (less if you do it mail order), but you are saying $100 ea. per drug per month. Is that correct? If yes, you're in the wrong plan.
Avatar f tn t want to go back for fear of being labelled a hypochondriac, but the pain is very real and it occurred to me this morning that I could possibly have a collapsed stent. I stopped taking plavix 7 months ago because the cost is prohibitive. The doctor didn't seem concerned about that, and not knowing that I needed to take the aspirin forever, I stopped taking that too, about 4 months ago. What should I be doing. I have started taking the aspirin again, three days ago.
Avatar m tn My insurance is not paying for it and its cost is 280.00 where I live. The other ER Doctor sent a Prescription for Plavix which is covered. Is this a good choice? He was referred to an Internist and Urologist for prompt treatment. He is 47 and has had irregular heart beats incidents.
148588 tn?1465778809 With only 10 to 30 grams of Sovaldi needed for successful treatment, the difference from the $30 production cost for Gilead’s full course of treatment—30 grams x $1.00 per gram—to $84,000 for the 12-week treatment program represents a retail markup of 279,000%.) Weinstein’s letter to state Medicaid directors also reminds them that, “Gilead did not pay to research and develop Sovaldi. In 2011, it purchased Pharmasset, the company that had already developed the drug, for $11 billion in cash.
Avatar m tn (no previous heart problems) Doctor prescribed Digoxin 1.25 MCG per day, and Plavix , to be taken in addition to 81 MG aspirin, (which I have been taking daily for years). My question: Is it safe and is it necessary to take Plavix with aspirin?
Avatar n tn Been on Plavix for 6 years for 5 DES stents. Very recent, I had an event monitor for 3 years of ongoing, sporadic irregular heart beats that causes 5-8 seconds of dizziness/lightheadedness. Finally caught it on the event Monitor. Doctor said monitor showed Atrial flutter in the upper chambers of heart. Told me to get off the Plavix and she would RX Pradexa which is like coumadin.(never been on coumadin or heparin) I am 74 years old and also take Nexium, Crestor, Avalide 150/12.
612551 tn?1450022175 The Plavix is widely advertised and available in the USA. I have discussed with my cardiologist in past years. He said, no way is it a substitute fo warfarin... but again I tolerate warfarin well. But too, I've never had any severe cuts while on warfarin.
Avatar n tn I have a blockage somewhere in the area of the heart { lower descending anterior coronary artery region } I am an afib patient with high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetic, thyroid and bleeding from the rectum because of hemoroids and have recently failed my stress test and ordered to have an anteriogram in the stent room just in case... I also have a low blood count.
Avatar f tn i pay 300 per month in copays for treatment. Each injectable is 100 per month and I'm on 3. 700 is pretty steep but that's the way things are going in healthcare. A year ago my co pay on neupogen was 45 a month.
Avatar m tn I had 2 stents (RCA & LAD) July, 2012 at CCF. Have been on Plavix for 13 months and find I need Hernia surgery now as I am having having many problems due to the Hernia. What is the possibility of having surgery? If I have surgery is the Plavix stopped for a number of days and then resumed?
Avatar f tn Had a heart attack, and stent put in for blockage. Need to go to an Allergy Immunologist about an asprin allergy. Need to take asprin with Plavax, or therapy won't work as per Dr. What can the allergist do for me?
Avatar f tn Could Plavix and asprin be used together to help with stroke prevention or is Plavix just as dangerous and Xeralto and Pradaxa?
Avatar f tn I looked up more detailed information on Plavix and about 1% to 2.5% of patients may get anxiety or insomnia from Plavix. So it's possible that your insomnia could be caused by the Plavix.
1210142 tn?1266077031 He has recently had to put me back on Nexium for severe acid reflux, but told me to take Plavix in the morn. and Nexium at night. Have to have some blood work done in 1 month.
315318 tn?1353251800 Well, plavix is coming off patent next year so the cost should come down substantially. In my case though, I got a DES placed in my LAD in December 2009. My cardio said, I am not responsive to Plavix, but not to worry. Start taking this new related medication called Effient. Effient, however, comes with greater chance of bleeding and it is expensive.
Avatar f tn A drug coated stent was put in and he was put on plavix and aspirin. His heart has been heavily damaged. We were told that he needs bypass surgery and it has been scheduled for March 11. The doctor said he needs to stop plavix 7 days before. I'm worried because he just will have had the stent put in at just over 3 weeks.
Avatar f tn Hello! Clomid is relatively inexpensive. I think it's about $60 or so per month. The HSG shot is also $60 or so. IUI should cost ~$300.00. The other costs will be associated with blood tests and ultrasounds, though somehow my RE billed all that through insurance under PCOS. It started costing me quite a bit of money when I did an injectible cycle. That was a flat rate of $1300, plus $300 for the IUI, plus another $1200 or so for the medication. Ouch.
255163 tn?1376869746 I have been on plavix for a year and 6 months..The dr had me take them every other day for a month and then said to take them once a month for a week..I am down every day I take them..My bone scan was very bad this time from the plavix genetic..Hair loss joint pain I just want off of them..I hear about a very natureal blood thinnner , going to ask about that and go off of the plavix for good..It is called Nattokinase ..
559187 tn?1330782856 I just got the letter from Novartis about my share-of-cost for the oral drug Gilenya. I was astonished to see that they expect me to pay $150 per month. This amount is probably a result of what they negotiated with the insurance company, but I have good insurance and can't believe this is the best they can come up with. My neuro has a good reason for putting me on this drug versus going on the interferons and I'd hate to think I can't go on this because of cost.
Avatar f tn I followed up with my cardiologist and his nurse informed me the surgeon who performed the angioplasty recommended that I could go off Plavix after a month, presumably because I am taking Coumadin every day. I am continuing 81 mg aspirin with the coumadin. I feel better about it. I also started a cardio rehab program at the hospital 3 days a week. This is a wake up call for sure!
Avatar m tn I was told by my gastro-enterologist that the cost would be 30K per month for 12 weeks = $90,000. His office and the company that makes it are working on the supplemental insurance I need to pay for it, and I am not sure what I am supposed to be doing about it... maybe will head for the SOcial Security office again to ask them... I have the same question as you about the co-pay.
255163 tn?1376869746 After my bypass in July I was on plavix for a month but then my doc took me off. However, in Nov. I had to have a stent put in and my doc put me on plavix again as well as up my asperin dose to a full. He told me he wanted me on the plavix for at least a year. Come May I'll be able to lower the asperin dose and next Nov. I'll be off the plavix. It's ashame your doc's can't communicate with each other. Maybe you could have them contact each other.
Avatar n tn They put in 2 short stents and first two and longer stent in the longer area overlapping with stent for 85% blockage. Sent home with Plavix, Altace (Ramiprimil) and Lipitor (Ran-Atorvastatin). plus ASA. Have only taken Plavix and ASA so far and have a sort of congested feeling in esophagus and stomach-Like mild indigestion, feeling full and feeling like stuffing self when eat. Still in shock and ajusting. I have Fibro so other limitations and my wife has alzheimers so that is a big stress.
Avatar f tn I understand you being on Plavix for your heart, and you should remain on it. But I am very surprised to hear that your husband is still on Coumadin for a clot 3 years ago. Is this clot the only reason he takes it? My daughter had a blood clot due to a very serious car accident, but once her injuries healed, she no longer had to take anything. He needs to address this with his doctor, and ask why he still has to take it.