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Avatar m tn Hopefully, you aren't smoking, and are eating lots of those fish you are catching, and avoiding the red meat, it's poison to you. Please keep up informed.
Avatar f tn my concern is i'm due to come off plavix in 1 month's time and heard a lot of bad thing's about coming off it.
Avatar n tn Can a HX of small blood vessles ,smoking,and a high platlet count be helped by plavix treatment$
Avatar f tn These included, sore throat, chest infections, bleeding gums when brushing teeth, blood in nasal mucus, fatigue and a bit depressed. I have stopped Plavix now for two days to test my hypothesis. Not much of a change yet (but a little better). The half life of Plavix is 5 to seven days, so I will give it a week to judge. I will keep you posted. And thanks for your suggestion. Paul.
1635396 tn?1301886847 I am losing weight also. (Intentionally) and have not been smoking for a month. Also have been very careful about salt and what I've been eating, and drinking lots of water.
Avatar n tn Doc has me now on 75 mg Plavix and asprin, 40 mgs of Lisiniopril for BP. I quit smoking that day -doc put me on welbutrin and the patch, I havn't smoked since I had the TIA. Very, very scary - I just wish I had gone to the doctor when I was having those strange symptoms that I didn't seem was important. I have no permanent damage from the TIA - for about a week I had a hard time with remembering names and had a hard time just saying words. But that is all gone now.
Avatar n tn even though he had lost 100 pounds, quit drinking and quit smoking. I have found if you don't tell you doctor...they really don't care. Well except about their Caddy & house payment. Good Luck !!
Avatar n tn I am left with an EF of 36%. Meds include plavix, asprin, topral, captopril, norvasc, lipitor and lasix. I continue to have SOB with any exertion. I am quite fatigued. Doc doesn't seem worried. I work full time and feel ok but wonder is this as good as it gets for me? What else can I expect? Will other arteries become blocked as well? Docs blame ABVD and mantle field radiation on the heart problems. Have you heard of these late effects?
1542723 tn?1294451038 There is a 20 to 30% chance of a stent having some blockage return in the first 6 months, and there are treating doctors that expand the vulnerable period up to 12 months with drug eluding stents and treat with plavix and aspirin. Once you are out of this period the outlook for long term patency is quite good. If the underlying cause that developed your occlusion, there may never be a need for any other therapy.
Avatar n tn The interventional cardiologist is much more aggressive about prevention and has me on Zocor (for secondary endothelial effects), Altace (for the same reason), and Plavix (standard post-stent). I have changed to a cardiologist who actually believes that I have the disease, rather than the one who was in denial. Medicine is scientific but it is not science. All I can do is take my meds, eat a reasonable diet (hard to be disciplined with TC=133, though), have fun, and work out.
Avatar m tn ) dizziness and fainting, but they can not increase the dosage of Nebilet due to risk of bradycardia. I recently began smoking (stupid, I know, am trying to stop), and am concerned that with all the stress my heart has been under, combined with this lifestyle, that I have considerably reduced my life expectancy. I am also suffering from a shortness of breath just as I fall asleep, and in the last two weeks have developed numerous bruises on my legs, along with lots of little cuts on my hands.
Avatar n tn Does your father have any risk factor for stroke like high BP, obesity, high cholesterol, smoking and alcoholism? It is important that he undergoes a complete cardiovascular exam since heart pain can manifest as toothache and shortness of breath. Please get it done at your earliest. Take care!
Avatar n tn Dear heart, There are many different lifestyle changes that may help with decreasing PVCs including avoiding caffeine and smoking. You can read about other things that helped people on this site. You may also discuss with your doctor increasing your Toprol dosage. There is not a 'limit' on the number of PVCs that an individual may have although 10,000 beats in one day is quite a few. The most I have seen was nearly 20,000 in a 24 hour period.
1158443 tn?1262577451 I now have to take about a billion pills a day, lol. Plavix, asprin, coreg, zocor, zoloft, percocet, and ibuprofen. Oh yeah, and rantadine cause I have an ulcer from all the other meds and I have nitro pills that I have to keep with me all the time. I have been hypertensive since I was a teenager and at about the age of 21 my family doc put me on norvasc, I rarely took it and my bp hovered around 160/90-110 for years, my cholesterol was 346 las time I had it checked.
Avatar n tn is my heart rate to lowdue to coreg should i be concerned had 1 heart attack at 43 now 50 quit smoking 7 years ago weight235 heith 5 9 male 3 stents diagnose lower ventricular dys pcp sugests cutting coreg in half no chest pain plavix 1asprin a day alpuronol This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/877455'>Re: Low pulse rate</a>.
Avatar f tn i am using nicorette gum in an attempt to quit smoking. after chewing shortly and parking it between cheek and gum per instructions, i get this feeling of a clogged esphagus, right in the center of my chest. i also get the hiccups while chewing. is this normal?
Avatar n tn i smoke weed every day and take celexa, valium, tricor, omeprozole, plavix and amlodapin 4 various ailments . does anyone out there know about prochlorperazine? is it safe to take to get high?
Avatar n tn Im on BP tablets, cholesterol tablets, and thinners. I gave up smoking, get regular exercise and (try) to be careful what I put in my body food wise.I still get symptoms (maybe side effects from the tablets, or my arteries reacting to same or effects of my condition) which nag at me almost daily.I get whats called 'shooting pains', sharp needle like pains in my head,neck, temples lasting maybe 30-40 seconds.Spicy foods sometimes give me woeful indegestion across my chest.
Avatar f tn I would keep eating the way you are and take magnesium in the morning and calcium at night, and also check into L-arginine; your sister may be helpful for researching the worth of these supplements. coq10 may be good too. my mom had a heart attack and was put on that drug but she had a GI bleed, so the gastroenterologist took her off of it. Then she saw a general surgeon about a hernia, and he was thrilled she was off it. He said he thought they put too many people on that long-term.
Avatar f tn How did this happen? We now have to get a CT angiogram of the carotid and other heart tests. He is on plavix, no statins. He quit smoking after the stroke. He is upset they won't clear him to take out the gall bladder yet. What are the risks of surgery with his current carotid function (40-45% on the right side) too? Is there an up side to his having some returning blood flow to the left side or do we need to worry more about another stroke??
Avatar m tn And, you need to be sure your blood pressure is regularly within normal range. Being a healthy weight and not smoking are also important.
Avatar n tn Is there anything else we can do he is also on plavix and 81 mg baby aspirin to keep blood thin. He required 10,000 units of blood thinners during angioplasty (his blood is very thick). Just wanted to know if another drug would be better for him.
Avatar n tn At the time of surgery the left main had a 60% block, the rca was closed and the 2 other arteries were 30 and 40% blocked. I started smoking about 3 mos later (yes I know not good but it didn't last long and I stopped again) and the angina pains came back. At the 6 mos mark the dr did a cath and found everything looked good. .
Avatar f tn I still have memory problems which the doctors say is a combination of aging and the TIA's. I take lipitor (generic) and plavix (generic) because of my (and family) history. You definitely need to stop smoking, exercise, watch your diet and monitor your salt intake.
Avatar m tn It depends on the damage your heart suffered from the infarction.
Avatar n tn I am seeing my family DR. now and he begged me to take the Plavix and aspirin, but still all of my tests are coming out negative, it gets very discouraging, because I want to know what is the problem, I just want an answer, I am going into a state of depression because of it.
Avatar f tn he almost lost his life less than one week ago because of smoking. True, I am not a smoker and I have great empathy for those who do smoke and I am aware of all of the research and how difficult it is to quit. But come on, when God hits you over the head with a baseball bat (my equivalent of falling to the ground and getting a subdural bleed) you'd think you would wise up and just say no thanks.
Avatar n tn We typically want to see at least 70% ADP or arachidonic acid suppression by clopidogrel (plavix) and aspirin, respectively. If he is a current smoker, he'll need to stop. Smoking increases risk for stroke, heart attack, cancer, and many other diseases. Please ask his primary care physician for smoking cessation therapy. Good luck. Thanks for using MedHelp Forum. THIS INFORMATION IS PROVIDED FOR GENERAL MEDICAL EDUCATION PURPOSE ONLY.