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Avatar m tn Hi, Please help me with your opinions and asnwers. I had shortness of breath and when I went to doctor they put me stent an said that you diagonal artery cloted and LAD closed due to spasm. It has been 3 months since stent and I have still shortness of breath. It getting worse and worse. Doctor put me holter but nothing found. Shortness of breath starts when I am lying down in evening. I might have it daytime too. All heart tests (Ultrasound, Stress test) are normal.
Avatar f tn Fusix 40 mg - Vastarel 35 mg - Plavix 75 mg Enapril10 mg - Simvagen 20 mg - Lanoxin 0.125 mg Asprin 100 mg - Diamicron 30 mg But still the problem of shortness of breath from time to time, especially when sleeping and during the walk. After visiting the doctor said the treatment Ventol 2mg. My question: 1- What are the symptoms in the presence of lung fibrosis, and in the presence of fluid in the lungs? I hope that explains it.
Avatar n tn The sublingual nitroglycerin seems to work to relieve the pain/pressure when it occurs but I am still conerned over the shortness of breath and fatigue along with a low temperature..95 and widely varying resting heart rate... 46 to 78 and widely variable resting blood pressure 148/98 to 102/70 thirty minutes later. What further testing, if any, would you suggest?
Avatar n tn My 62 year old wife was having mild angina attacks 1 year ago (ocassional shortnesss of breath & pain). Her Dr. did an angio and found 1 partially blocked artery with spasms. He inserted a stent. Put her on Plavix & Lipitor. She has been fine for 11 months, but now has similar symptons. A nuclear stress was negative.
Avatar f tn cardiologist said that the heart and stent looked ok and sent us to a lung doctor. could the meds be causing the shortness of breath? we just need some answers. this has been going on for almost 3 months. my husband is not able to work and i am the only one working. will you or someone please advise me. we just need some answers and some help.
Avatar f tn You have the symptoms of heart failure, and that was my condition 7 years ago....shortness of breath, faster than normal heart rate at rest 115 bpm. If the nitro relieves the pain as it apparently does according to your post, then in all likelihood you still have problems with occluded vessels. Rather than take nitro (fast acting and brief), I take a nitrate before going to the health center, and that is effective, and I have known vessel occlusions.
Avatar f tn After triple bypass 13 years ago I have been on Plavix, now generic, and. cholesterol, blood pressure normal. No problems until shortness of breath upon exertion about three weeks ago. 65 year old male. What could be causing the shortness of breath after the angiogram. Also have a dry cough but it's not bad.
Avatar f tn You are most in danger of suffering a major stroke within the first six months of having an episode like that, so get into the doc, please, ASAP! A loved one of mine is taking Plavix daily after having suffered a TIA. And your cholesterol panel is important to get done right away too to see if high numbers may have contributed!
170654 tn?1330082729 I'm taking Metroprolol, Lisinobril, Plavix, Aspirin 81, Hydrochlorithiazide, Sertraline, Simvastatin, Zoloft and trazadone. Two weeks ago I began Interferon / Ribavirin therepy for Hep C. I do not have angina. I'm just curious if there are any cautionary warnings with the Hep treatment.
Avatar n tn My husband just had a heart cath due to chest pain ,shortness of breath and abnormal results of a carotid study. The cardiologist told me he had 50% blockage in 3 areas on the left side of his heart,placed him on Isosorbide one aday .He is also diabetic and taking blood thinners Asprin & Plavix along with,Crestor,Nadolol, and Nitrostat PRN chest pain. My question is what is the prognosis for this and at what point due they try to clear the blockage?
590231 tn?1285432264 ) i found myself disoriented, extremely fatigued and experienced severe shortness of breath, even hours after the walk. the last time i did that walk, i experience pain in my left arm that radiated to my elbow and in my neck on the left of my throat. i lost the ability to type a sentence at work, was dizzy and almost threw up at work. i was very scared because i'd been reading about differences women & men have in heart attack symptoms.
Avatar n tn It is important that he undergoes a complete cardiovascular exam since heart pain can manifest as toothache and shortness of breath. Please get it done at your earliest. Take care!
1274110 tn?1270792161 Had a double bypass 9 years later. Had to quit work in 2004 because of severe angina and shortness of breath. EF of 40. Was on 60mg of Imdur 2 times a day and nitro patch. Doing EECP every 6 months to keep angina tolerable. I am a I have been taking 1000 MG of Ranexa twice a day for about 6 weeks. I came off of Imdur 60 mg twice a day and a nitro patch. It was working but now I get real bad heartburn and my GERD (acid reflux) is back. Has any one had a similar experience?
Avatar n tn Its therefore recommeneded that you acquire a home solution and check your blood pressure at regular intervals (once or twice per day). Some patients report chest pain, shortness of breath and palpitations since starting ticagrelor, however it is unclear how much of this is related to the drug and how much is related to the underlying condition. Ticagrelor is typically given as a replacement for 'Plavix'. It is significantly more expensive, but does show some benefit. (I.e.
730053 tn?1234538251 (heart attack like) nausea, shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness, headache, confusion, cold extremities, high and low BP, fatigue. BP at time of admission to the hospital averaged 140/70, HR 60-70, ECG showed MI and an elevated ST. I had been complaining to my cardiologist about these symptoms since the end of November (One month following left artery stent placement).
Avatar n tn Generally, with an enlarged heart, the amount of blood pumped into circulation is reduced, and there will be some shortness of breath with exertion and muscle fatique that limits an older person's activity. If it becomes worse, the same symptoms occur without exertion.
Avatar m tn Symptom was shortness of breath, and I was shocked to hear I had congested heart failure...thought it was a pulmonary problem, never had chest pain and etc. Tiredness can be a side effect with Lipitor. See your doctor because you shouldn't be experiencing ennui...not having chest pain would not rule out a restenosis as sometimes there is no chest pain when there is shortage of blood flow to heart cells...but the doctors have ruled that out.
Avatar f tn Just started walking at lunch and I noticed a tightness in my chest and upper arms along with a shortness of breath. If I stop walking and rest and it goes away. Should I be worried about this or could it be from the lack excerise in past 4-6 weeks? Do I just need to build up my endurance again? Now I have one more problem.... It seems my stent implants are picking up some type of radio waves! This happened a few weeks ago.
Avatar n tn The side effects of Toprol are shortness of breath, dizziness and tight chest. Doctor feels that I started on too high of a dose and this should correct it. (I hope) I'm getting used to the PVC's (if that's possible) but he is trying to lessen the sensation. I cough almost non-stop when I'm having the pvc's because my heart beats so hard when I'm having them. It has helped...but side effects are worse than they are at this point. Anyone else experience the violent ones?
Avatar f tn After 4 days at home I noticed I had shortness of breath almost all the time when I was awake. Dr decided to take me off Coreg to see if that helped. It is now 5 days off the Coreg. The SOB is still with me all the time. Any thoughts. I did not have any shortness of breath before the stents were put in.
Avatar n tn QUOTE: "I dunno i am always tired too and just want to lay down all day. I get super out of breath if i just get out of bed to go to the bathroom. if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. thanks" >>>>> There is a limited source for shortness of breath and two parts to breathing. The problem can be the moving of air in and out of the lungs. The other part is moving oxygen and carbon dioxide back and forth between the bloodstream and the lungs.
Avatar f tn Clopidogrel (plavix) is a medication given after stenting and this causes shortness of breath with me. I had to endure it for a year and when the medication was stopped, it was like I had a new pair of lungs. ALL medications have side effects but at different severities and are often overlooked.
Avatar n tn also, it seems so drastic and sudden when i have no pain and no shortness of breath and am highly active and thin. i want to have a say in this. i know i will get more than one opinion but of course i want to do the right thing. FIRST OFF, WILL I BE OKAY FOR CATARACT SURGERY? i think if i have my eyes i can handle whatever they want me to do. PLEASE HELP ME.
Avatar n tn Some of the symptoms I have are the obvious lightheadedness, dizziness, off-balance feeling, fatigue, shortness of breath (which I have experienced for about 5 years now) and almost fainting. I went to the doctor two days ago after nearly fainting for a 2nd time and had a blood test done and was connected to an EKG. The blood test came back normal and the EKG showed a little slower than normal heart rythym, but nothing too concerning popped up.
Avatar n tn Al, my blockage never resulted in any angina or pain. Transient shortness of breath in the first 1/4 mile of running was my only real symptom. I would never have had a clue from cycling, in spite of pushing myself deep into the "red zone" on virtually every ride. Riding with a group of 50 somethings who feel they could go back and bike race successfully leads to that type of behavior. My wish at this point is to get some feedback as to how I am doing.
Avatar f tn I tried Toprol 1 time prior to surgery and ended up in the ER due to my bp and hr tanking and they could only sustain it at 70/40 and hr 41 for 11 hours. The higher HR makes me short of breath, but I feel so much better I'll deal with that. My EP prescribed Inderal for when I feel them since it's short duration med, which suites me fine. Right now, I'm having a few pvc's but nothing like I was - I'm probably only in the mildest range.
Avatar m tn I had a stint put in on April 7, 2011. Ever since, I have had shortness of breath and a slight pain right below my right collar bone when I do a deep inhale. I take Plaxiz, Metoprolol, and aspirin on a daily basis. Periodically, I feel very fatigued even though I have not done anything strenuous. Any idea why I am constantly short of breath?
Avatar n tn I too am having these same symtoms, it has been a month tomorrow since I had my TIA, and I have also had more numbness, and weakness of my right arm since I was released. I too am trying to find out how long this will last, because this VERY seriously affects my job (I am on phone calls all day) The speech comes and goes for me, depending on how long I have been talking for.
331094 tn?1221085028 Needed about a year, then I was in all sort of exercise again,1-2 hours a day, plus the daily housework by then and since I never had/have shortness of breath anymore from exercise. From sodium and MSG, yes, but I pick up very carefully what I eat, be sure you do it right. We got second chances!
Avatar m tn I recently began smoking (stupid, I know, am trying to stop), and am concerned that with all the stress my heart has been under, combined with this lifestyle, that I have considerably reduced my life expectancy. I am also suffering from a shortness of breath just as I fall asleep, and in the last two weeks have developed numerous bruises on my legs, along with lots of little cuts on my hands. I think this may be a side effect of the beta blockers? Any advice gratefully accepted. thanks!