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Pizza hut nutrition calculator canada

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Avatar f tn I crave pizza hut all day long go head and grub
6725113 tn?1392847526 That's exactly how I feel. I keep eating thinking I'm satisfying my hunger but than I just keep eating lol. I really Been craving spicy bbq wings from pizza hut with a ton of ranch. Sounds amazing. If I Wasn't headed to a wake right now I would eat my weight in them.
4118328 tn?1355497576 All I want is pizza I had this cravong with my two girls my doc said its the tomato sauce im craving idk but pizza hut has my number memorized all I do is say my name and they already know my order lol smh I cant help it
7074486 tn?1389932822 Lol pizza is pizza frozen or not its A_mazing!!
4503521 tn?1400858886 We bbqed wings with franks red hot sauce on them, french fries and raw veggies with dip.
7557112 tn?1399509472 Eat your pizza, its technically an early breakfast. I could go for some pizza hut or papa johns.
Avatar f tn / I have pizza hut pizza and wings in the fridge.
Avatar f tn Tuna salad sandwich or chicken salad sandwich on Udi's bread with lettuce. Veggie sticks, carrots, celery, sugar snap peas with Sabra hummus. Boiled egg.
Avatar f tn Pizza and wings from pizza hut
Avatar n tn 30 in the morning. So, while in the car this morning, he kicked, scratched, bit me. We're not talking little kicks and bites. He's much bigger than me and I can't hold him off. He's on Risperdol to help with this behavior, but nothing is 100%. I can't keep this up....I'm just one little person. What do I do now? I'm only getting older and he's getting bigger. I am husband has pretty much left me and there is no one else to help.
Avatar f tn I love subway
Avatar f tn I through it up. I went to pizza hut for lunch ate 1 slice of pizza and 2 pickles and through up so hard my throat is sore. Ugh.... this trimester needs to hurry up and pass.
Avatar f tn Soo on my way to work i stopped and got a supreme pizza from pizza hut just for my self....i would in a fitness center at an Arts conservatory.. lol i feel so bad bc they are dancers and est and ill eat right in front of them.....
9807151 tn?1406762059 Everytime I see supreme pizza on a pizza hut commercial I start to crave it dangerously lol
Avatar f tn Order pizza hut...35$ later eat one bread stick.. craving left soon as I opened the box... my husband will be happy when he gets home at midnight! My son had pizza party with the dog...ugh cravings change so fast!
Avatar f tn We went out to pizza hut bc I was craving pizza so bad!!
Avatar f tn M craving chicken alfredo from pizza hut!!! And hot cheetos with chamoy. Its weird cause i have never tried that.. O well gonna try something new!!!
Avatar f tn Taco bell sounds awesome, I kept seeing pizza hut commercials last night that was driving my cravings insane lol