Pink discharge prior to period

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Avatar f tn re period is due tomorrow then? Maybe you just had some break through spotting prior leading up to your period. If it was implantation I would wait a few days to let the hcg build up. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I bled lightly for the five days but now for a week after i have had a light pink discharge. The discharge is pretty heavy at times and other times it isnt there at all. Today the discharge is clear. Any ideas?
468864 tn?1245250517 No. You are likely pregnant...or maybe you for some reason missed your period.....if you still don't get it and pregnancy tests are negative get your thyroid checked, it being out of whack can cause you to miss your period.
Avatar n tn It could just be your body playing the usual tricks! I would wait until you are due in but you can always get an early detecting test! Don't threat though, i've had the same and it was just my hormones.. A few weeks later I came on. Good luck!
Avatar f tn in August I have had a miscarriage and got A DandC done everything was fine I have had my period last month it was kind of like normal. Today I am supposed to get my period but all in getting is a lightish pink color and looks maby like spotting in it ive been feeling alil bit crampy but nothing like a normal period.
555593 tn?1215483707 Soon after the first couple of times i started getting a pale pink discharge. I´m due my period in about 4 days and have been having this discharge almost 2 weeks now. I´m 23 years old and we plan to start trying for a baby in the winter. I took a pregnancy test last week and it was negative and am now paranoid about cancer and such.
Avatar f tn I again had slight pink tint to tissue when wiped mon-weds this week(sorry tmi), the discharge only shows first thing in morning. Went away thurs and fri bug now today(day28) have slightly more discharge but very very slight pink tint?
Avatar f tn But are very careful. Maybe two weeks after i got some light pink discharge. And did not get my period. So we waited for about a month i believe. Sometimes it does that when i over think things. So after another month has past i got light brown and light pink discharge like the end of ur period. But still did not get it. So after the half of the month he finally got a clear blue pregnancy test. Cleae bluehas to be right right. But i came out negative.
Avatar f tn m having the same problem, I also took the monistat 3day and had sex and also having a pink discharge but nothing like blood and discharge because I know what it looks like.
Avatar m tn 3 weeks prior i went to the doctor for penile discharge that was clearish milky almost like semen. the doctor thought i had chlymidia but the test came up negative. I noticed them after swimming in a pool with very tight swimming trunks*** Please all input helps!
Avatar f tn I have lost my baby month ago so i went doctor and they clean up my body but oh ok i have a question i had sex and now i have pink discharge when i pee and wipe but my period dont.
Avatar f tn This is my first pregnancy and I'm 6w 2 days pregnant. I even noticed when I went to the bathroom and wiped there was a light pink discharge. Is this normal, I'm scared and don't know if this is an early sign of miscarriage.
Avatar f tn Now I am having pink discharge. Some of meds I am on(not birth control)caused me to be without a period for almost 5 years now. My husband and I don't use any birth control but the pull out method. I am treating myself for a yeast infection but the pink discharge has me concerned. Thoughts?
Avatar m tn Hello, I have experienced pink discharge for the past 2-3 days which i have nevered experienced before. I am on the pill and may have missed a couple (which has happened before without any problem) Every time I search pink discharge it comes back with pregnancy and implantation bleeding. Can it mean anything else or am I pregnant?? Please help!
Avatar n tn Started to spot 2 days ago, once in the morning light pink then brownish clear discharge at night. But only when I wiped. This will be my second chils if possibly pregnant. The second day I only spotted 2 times again.ill be 3 weeks right now. Wondering if I should test since I'm spotting.
Avatar n tn Just brown and pinkish thick discharge. To me it happened right around my period.
967190 tn?1257856476 I had the same thing too the pink spotting in the place of my period, but no period still im 8 days late took a test and it was negative. So should i do?
Avatar f tn hi i had unprotected sex with my Bf , And for a couple of weeks i had white discharge, Now i had light pink discharge & brown. Im not suppose to start my period yet. I need help ! Could i be pregnant ?!
Avatar f tn My october period which was on the 21st was very light, actually about 3 days prior i was getting brown discharge drops, then when i wiped it would look pinkish , i had a very light period(could have worn 1 pad throught my period) lasted only 3 days. Here is my dilema: I dont know if I started my period...was suppose to start on Nov.24 took pg test on 25 negative. On Decemer 2nd the same thing was happing: brown discharge for 2 days very very light...when i wipe my pee looks pink but no blood...
Avatar f tn Hello people, im quite worried, im 18 years old this is my second child, i had to go into hospital when i was 25 weeks pregnant because my waters broke, i had to stay in for a week to make sure i never had an infection and im now back at home im 27 wks 2days, i wear a sanitart towel incase of any leaking, all day the pad was clear and at 8.30pm a (couple of days ago) i had a trickle of fluid down below and it was pink??
417210 tn?1202788750 i had pink discharge i was supposed to start feb 9, 2008. i don't have anymore i have slight cramping not period like...i 'm never late,not stressing...someone help don't wanna be pg i already have a 7 month old..