Pink discharge on period day

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Avatar f tn i thought it was a yeast infection from taking amoxicillin. i had unprotected sex before the discharge. i took monistat 3 day kit and its day 5. no pain or itching.
1749128 tn?1311800786 it was a normal period. then a week after we had sex (my period had come and gone) i had a very faint pink discharge for about a day and a half. i have been having headaches everyday and when i eat i get queasy, but don't throw up. my stomache feels all turny. but my boobs don't hurt. its been about three days since the pink discharge stuff. can anyone explain what's goin on?
Avatar n tn It could just be your body playing the usual tricks! I would wait until you are due in but you can always get an early detecting test! Don't threat though, i've had the same and it was just my hormones.. A few weeks later I came on. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Then it stopped the third day. On the fourth day I started spitting a light pink color and the brown discharge again. My bf used a condom and pulled out so its not possible right ?
615651 tn?1233707108 I was expecting my period yesterday it was my 29th day cycle when I went to the bathroom in the afternoon and wiped I had a pink discharge so I assumed it was my period and bought a pad but all I had the whole day yesterday was just a tiny drop and no more until now no period but still having on and off heavy cramping, I went to the bathroom earlier and wiped there again but a brown discharge and now nada but I;m wearing pads right now just in case but still hope I'm preggo.
Avatar n tn I have been on Yasmin for a number of years due to irregular periods etc, never had a problem with it, but had my 7 day break last week, started taking the pill again on Friday and my period finished then, but yesterday and today I have had a pink discharge is it just spotting?
24288 tn?1390176604 The next day, I had medium pink discharge (only when I wipe) which told me my period was right around the corner. Well, the day after, I had a little bit of brown discharge in my underwear, and my period never came. Almost 2 weeks to the day later, I had light pink discharge again (only when I wiped) but no period. Now 8 days later, I'm getting this again. Kinda crampy, backache, diarrhea, and when I wipe, it's a pinkish discharge. What the heck is going on?
Avatar f tn My period usually start super heavy for three days and then lighter and end on day 6 or 7. Last month I got a speck of red blood mixed with clear mucus about 3 days before my period. Then a peice of weird brown blood mucous string by itself. Then pink blood( discharge) never seen that before... the next day and it was light. Then my period started and was with dark brown blood and then red flow for two days and my period stopped for a whole day and then 2 days of brown spotting.
1907302 tn?1321893649 My last day was on Nov. 3, 2011. My ovulation days were 11-16, as I read off on the internet.
Avatar n tn Had my first period this week after one depo shot in April blead heavy day one day two was medium day three was light day four was spotting and nothing today but just now went pee and had light pink on when wiped what's going on?
Avatar f tn But are very careful. Maybe two weeks after i got some light pink discharge. And did not get my period. So we waited for about a month i believe. Sometimes it does that when i over think things. So after another month has past i got light brown and light pink discharge like the end of ur period. But still did not get it. So after the half of the month he finally got a clear blue pregnancy test. Cleae bluehas to be right right. But i came out negative.
Avatar f tn 30pm a (couple of days ago) i had a trickle of fluid down below and it was pink?? and this morning i woke up and my sanny pad was pink again, it doesnt look like a period, it doesnt smell, and im not in any pain?? im abit worried, is it normal or NOT!!
Avatar f tn I had sex on the 10th and late in the day on the 11th, I had a bit of pink discharge. A day or so after I started to feel really bloated, a bit more emotional and subtle cramping (very, very mild) and lots of clear discharge. I am not supposed to get my period until the 22nd or so, but when we had sex was right when I was ovulating, do you think I could be pregnant? That would have been too early to be implementation bleeding right?
Avatar f tn I have lost my baby month ago so i went doctor and they clean up my body but oh ok i have a question i had sex and now i have pink discharge when i pee and wipe but my period dont.
Avatar f tn experiences of your own would be great. normal i bleed i get 2day period but this time it was light bleeding red for all a day then i got spotting that was red then pink and then very light brown colour. the spotting lasted 3days and when i had day of bleeding had pains in right side but that only pain i had.
Avatar f tn I’ve been on my pill for 7 months now, during my 7th month just a 2/3 pills before I was meant to have a break and go on my period I noticed I had a pinkish/brown discharge I then proceeded to come into my period as normal and now I’ve just finished my period and now I still have the same discharge? I’ve never had this at all since starting my pill what could this be??
468864 tn?1245250517 No. You are likely pregnant...or maybe you for some reason missed your period.....if you still don't get it and pregnancy tests are negative get your thyroid checked, it being out of whack can cause you to miss your period.
555593 tn?1215483707 Soon after the first couple of times i started getting a pale pink discharge. I´m due my period in about 4 days and have been having this discharge almost 2 weeks now. I´m 23 years old and we plan to start trying for a baby in the winter. I took a pregnancy test last week and it was negative and am now paranoid about cancer and such.
Avatar f tn in August I have had a miscarriage and got A DandC done everything was fine I have had my period last month it was kind of like normal. Today I am supposed to get my period but all in getting is a lightish pink color and looks maby like spotting in it ive been feeling alil bit crampy but nothing like a normal period.
Avatar f tn Then I had dark red blood with blood clots then the next day brown discharge and the following day red blood like a period with more blood clots followed by brown discharge and the next day it all stopped. Not sure if it was spotting, period, or implantation bleeding. Please help!
Avatar f tn But as soon as he started going in it felt tight and painful so I told him to stop and then he tried again but this time went in slightly deeper which really hurt but when I got home everything was normal until the next day or the day after I went to the toilet and wiped myself and realised I had a light pink discharge and I got nervous because I looked up on the Internet and it means implantation and beginnings of being pregnant I started to panic a lot that it made me get scared and throw up
Avatar f tn I had intercouse the day my period ended. the light pink bleeding started the next day...
Avatar m tn Today I havent had any abnormal discharge/bleeding. Definitely sore breasts but due period on thurs. Could be period symptom although i do not usually get sore breasts. Took a test today that was negative. Dnt feel totally convinced so we will see what wed/thurs brings!! any more thoughts??