Pink discharge on period day

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Avatar n tn Had my first period this week after one depo shot in April blead heavy day one day two was medium day three was light day four was spotting and nothing today but just now went pee and had light pink on when wiped what's going on?
1274271 tn?1453265765 today i had some pink creamy discharge. I've never had this before in my life between periods. Its the 14th day of my cycle so thats just weird? i also did a ovulation test and it came out negative. Whats going on???
Avatar n tn I have been on Yasmin for a number of years due to irregular periods etc, never had a problem with it, but had my 7 day break last week, started taking the pill again on Friday and my period finished then, but yesterday and today I have had a pink discharge is it just spotting?
Avatar f tn i thought it was a yeast infection from taking amoxicillin. i had unprotected sex before the discharge. i took monistat 3 day kit and its day 5. no pain or itching.
Avatar m tn Ok, so I'm a little worried. I'm 23, my period is due in the next day or 2, and the last 3 or 4 days I've had a little bit of light pinkish brown discharge. I'm on the pill, have been for 2 years and have thus far never had a problem. I'm also really careful to take it properly. Any ideas what this could be? Google keeps telling me I could be pregnant, I REALLY do not want that right now.
Avatar n tn It could just be your body playing the usual tricks! I would wait until you are due in but you can always get an early detecting test! Don't threat though, i've had the same and it was just my hormones.. A few weeks later I came on. Good luck!
Avatar n tn My IUD came out around 3/6/07 i was bleeding heavily at that time but still sexually active with my husband from then on. Nothing was used for protection. On 3/20/07 i had pink discharge on the tp and on panties along with mild cramping. The discharge only lasted a day as well as the cramping. Now all i am having is just a little nasuea. I have never had the pink discharge before and it conserns me what it could mean. Any help would be helpful!
8395982 tn?1399262329 / i got a new one nd whiped again nd it wss still light pink. Em i ok? My contractions arent really painful yet.
Avatar f tn I had sex on the 20th and again had some pink discharge come out. Then the next day when I had sex I had some thick pink discharge come out. I thought I had a miscarriage since I am having unprotected sex but I wasn't sure. For the following 2 wks I had pink discharge come out during sex. I went to the doctor for a pap-smear on the 5th and got my period March 11. I stopped bleeding from March 11 until April.
Avatar f tn Could be implantation bleeding.. give it a week..
Avatar f tn I had sex on the 10th and late in the day on the 11th, I had a bit of pink discharge. A day or so after I started to feel really bloated, a bit more emotional and subtle cramping (very, very mild) and lots of clear discharge. I am not supposed to get my period until the 22nd or so, but when we had sex was right when I was ovulating, do you think I could be pregnant? That would have been too early to be implementation bleeding right?
1907302 tn?1321897249 My last day was on Nov. 3, 2011. My ovulation days were 11-16, as I read off on the internet.
Avatar n tn today i had noticed some light pink discharge when i ahd went to the bathroom and i came on my period last sunday 08-19-07 and came off that thursday, late thursday 23 do anyone know what is wrong couz i never had this before
Avatar n tn On the fourth day, it became much more pronounced in my right groin, and i started to fear i had appendicitis or something like that. On the fifth day, however, I barely had any symptoms. On the sixth day (today), the pain was more diffuse, and i felt it on and off in both the left and right groin, as well as throughout my abdomen. It was also generally pretty mild until the evening when i started to feel some cramping in my pelvis and abdomen.
Avatar f tn But as soon as he started going in it felt tight and painful so I told him to stop and then he tried again but this time went in slightly deeper which really hurt but when I got home everything was normal until the next day or the day after I went to the toilet and wiped myself and realised I had a light pink discharge and I got nervous because I looked up on the Internet and it means implantation and beginnings of being pregnant I started to panic a lot that it made me get scared and throw up
Avatar f tn Hi, this morning i woke up with a wet bed and pink watery discharge down my legs. I mean it was continuous, i had to walk around with a pad all day. does that sound like a miscarriage or not? i mean it was just a gush of pink fluid! PS i could be pregnant because im not on birth control however i had my period 2 weeks ago.
Avatar f tn Well when I got home, nothing was there and then all of a sudden a very light pink discharge appeared. It was pink at first and then turned into a light "tomato soup" kind of color. My breasts are slightly sore and I'm always tired. I've already looked up the symptoms for pregnancy but I just...can't be pregnant. If you think I'm wrong and there's a huge possibility of me being pregnant, please get back to me. My periods are usually regular and I'm on no birth control whatsoever.
Avatar f tn I know it takes some time to conceive, Im just getting frustrated because Im counting all the time to see exactly when I ovulate. Then when Im a day or two late on my period, I take a pg test and its neg, then I usually start. But I thought maybe the pink discharge was implantation bleeding. Thank You for your help!
Avatar n tn 28 days, you would ovulate round about your 14 day from the first day AF starts. I've had pink blood/discharge before from 10 days before AF has arrived and i have yet to become pregnant 33 months later. I hope you do get your BFP, but the best way to know is wait until you have missed AF as i know how it feels to get stressed and over excited about every little symptom. Best of luck!!
Avatar f tn In the beginning it was very dark brown with clotting, which only lasted a day or two, and then turned into very red, heavy bleeding and lasted like a normal period. I ended on Sunday and just on Wednesday and Thursday I noticed a very light pink/brown discharge only a couple of times when I wiped. It was enough to concern me and I was wondering if anyone could help explain this.
Avatar f tn I had slight pink spotting/discharge on and off every few days for weeks until 10 weeks. At 10 weeks I had a bleeding scare and went to the ER expecting a miscarriage. I am now 23 weeks pregnant and baby is perfectly fine! 6/7 weeks is very early so you can still have some bleeding from implantation, changing blood vessels, etc. Generally cramps are a bad sign but you said yours ate light and I had them at the same time as you.
Avatar f tn I thought that the brown/pink discharge was implantation bleeding. But now I have my period which feels like my period, except that I'm more sensitive to smells, much more emotional than usual, and I've been feeling really funny for about a week now. Could it be pregnancy if I'm bleeding right now?
Avatar m tn I felt nothing... my areola's looked puffy one day. I will say the cramps on this period were so painful one day tht I felt like dying.... idk what is with me... I've had sex sense the last fling with my ex but it was protected sex. I just want to know if I might be preggers with my ex's baby...
Avatar f tn The only time you should get worried is if you start to experience unbearable pain that's more similar to bad period pains and if you start bleeding red blood.
Avatar n tn Last month i took my pills all on time and my boyfriend and i also use spermicidal condoms EVERY time also. my period came on time and was normal maybe a little on the heavy side. the week after my period (which i haven't had sex since before my last period, i started feeling sick. have not gotten sick at all but feel a little sick periodically throughout the day.
452571 tn?1311160076 hi everyone any info on this?