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Avatar f tn Did you find out what was wrong because I'm having the same problem, I also took the monistat 3day and had sex and also having a pink discharge but nothing like blood and discharge because I know what it looks like.
Avatar m tn Also, I took a dose of Cystex this morning because I think I have a UTI so i'm not sure if that has anything to do with the pink discharge since I know it turns urine pink. I am something of a hypochondriac when it comes to getting pregnant. I don't want to get pregnant. Please help me. I am getting all worked up and scared.
Avatar n tn why do i have a pink discharge from taking monistat 7? is it period?
Avatar n tn If only I had read all of the posts before using this product!!! I thought I was going to pass out from the INTENSE-EXTREME BURNING, ITCHING, THROBBING, SWELLING. It felt like I had inserted LIQUID FIRE!!! MONISTAT ONE DAY TREATMENT (1200 MG) needs to be taken off of store shelves IMMEDIATELY!!!! I submitted a MedWatch Online Voluntary Submission Form 3500 to the FDA. I would suggest that anyone who has experienced the same HORRIFIC REACTIONS do the same.
Avatar m tn have you been using a different soap to wash with just recently I ended up with a an itchy vagina it was swollen from trying to relieve the itch and super red I had odd discharge no odor but I didnt have the pink tissue. I had been using a different brand of body wash and when I went back to my regular body wash it seemed to have gotten better but it was horrible so I totally get how irratating and uncomfortable you are right now...
Avatar f tn So about a week ago I experienced several symptoms of a yeast infection (itchiness, thick discharge, ect) I purchased monistat 3 and just finished it about two days ago. I noticed that I had pink discharge and sometimes orange... I assumed maybe the monistat made me bleed because my periods aren't usually that color... I am on birth control and haven't been taking it correctly, but I'm pretty sure my yeast infection came from using vaginal soap and wipes too often.
Avatar f tn Has any body experience this horrible pregnancy discharge or am i really just over the top, my nurse said go get some monistat now im not being cheap or anything but shoot monistat is kind of expensive like i said im not itching or burning because other wise i would be in the e/r just tryna get some feed back on this matter i mean im washing up 3,4 times a day that's how bad it is and at work im constantly going to the bathroom to change the tissue because like i said it seeps threw so i no if
Avatar f tn The last few days (Tuesday), I've been experience pink discharge. Not like a period or yeast infection discharge. More like, the discharge a woman gets when our lady bits are cleaning themselves out and it's kinda clear but not quite? I don't know how to explain it! Anyways, the last day of my period was the 12th of July, last week. On the 13th, my boyfriend and I fooled around but there was no inserting anything! Not even fingers. Its more like dry humping and I gave him oral.
Avatar f tn My nurse said it's normal to have a lot of discharge but she said nothing about this horrible odor, i don't itch nor burn im just smelly i mean i wash up 3,4 times aday the discharge is like whitish or sometimes lite lite brown or lite pink i mean i don't no . Im making an appt on monday because although my nurse said go get some monistat thats expensive im just gonna wait and make an appt. and pray nothing is seriously wrong.
669230 tn?1252152794 So I did, but just 2-3 days into the treatment I started having pink bloody discharge and now its 3 days after the last dose and I'm still having the discharge and very mild cramping. It's way to early for my period to be coming, so I'm pretty sure it's the monistat. Should I be concerned or is this a normal side effect? I've done the monistats before with no side effects at all. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I am on that one now because I didn't want to wait 7 seven days for it to go away but now I wish I got that one. I just got down using monistat for the second night and the discharge has subsided but my lips are still swollen and red and still itch. I was doing some research online and now I'm scared that I might have vaginitis. Plus sometimes it hurts to pee.
Avatar n tn For over two weeks now I have had a very increased white discharge that has a pungent smell(that doesnt seem yellow or clumpy enough to go along with the symptoms of a yeast infection). I tried applying yoghurt, tea tree oil, and garlic (as websites online suggest treating a yeast infection) and have been eating yoghurt every day, and on most days, twice or three times a day. All to no avail. It may be irrelevant, but I have noticed that the discharge only seems to be when I am on the pill.
Avatar f tn I did some googling and discovered that men with lowered immune symptoms are susceptible to physical signs of yeast infection so I stopped worrying and we are both clear of yeast, About 2 weeks ago, i noticed that when I urinated, there were traces of pink in my otherwise normal vaginal discharge. It's gotten worse, especially after intercourse I have bloody discharge. We haven't had sex in 2 days, and this morning I had an abundance of bloody discharge.
Avatar n tn i am 8 weeks preggo and i found out i have a yeast infection doc wouldnt see me told me take monistat, but before i even used it i had bowel movement and found pink discharge in with the yeast discharge. are they connected or two totally diff things???? they havent scheduled my first ob appt till end of april why do i have to wait till my 2nd trimester to know anything!
Avatar n tn I have a discharge from my belly button that comes and goes. It usually is a light discharge but sometimes heavy. Its a mixture of light pink blood with gunky, puss looking liquid with a really bad infectious smell. Ive had this for over 10 years now but it only happens for a week or two and goes away for months at a time. I get a little pain there too. I had two of my doctors (gastro doc and general doc) look at it and they dont seem to think it is anything serious.
97615 tn?1212682189 not smelly just yucky and uncomfortable. i did the monistat and it worked on itch but i still have discharge. i also have pink blood. not like a period bleeding and its only when i wipe. i have a call into my dr but i am nervous. I am not pregnant. I keep crying because i keep imagining the worse case scenario, like uterine cancer or something. Maybe my hormones are kicking in or maybe i am losing it. please help.
Avatar n tn i took monistat and it seemed to clear up but it came back again. now its a yellowish discharge with no smell.
Avatar n tn I am 30 and this is my first time trying to get pregnant. I have had had 2 "chemical pregnancies" in the past 6 months. (Chemical pregnancies are early miscarriages at 4-5 weeks.) I am currently 4 weeks pregnant again and keeping my fingers crossed that this one is going to last. With my first 2 miscarriages, I had a lot of dark brown & pink discharge that was kind of stringy when I wiped. I knew right from the start that they wouldn't hold.
Avatar n tn with HPV but I did get rid of a suspected wart this past year. Can you have a bacterial infection without discharge? It drives me CRAZY sometimes, the only thing that calms it is gold bond ointment, which is minty and refreshing but I'd like no itch. No "rash" that I can see, unless I give in and scratch. I take cranberry supplements to keep me flushed out for a UTI, which I was treated for last year.
Avatar n tn Day one of using the applicator went fine and my symptoms were already starting to go away (no discharge unless I was out doing errands and no itchiness), I used day 2's last night and woke up this morning with a large amount of orange/dark pink discharge. I went to the bathroom and there was some blood. I went to the bathroom a bit later again and there was a lot of blood but I'm not leaking on my pad and I have no yeast infection's white discharge.
Avatar f tn people couple days later I got a yeast infection then I used monistat 3 then I noticed I had a slight itch so I finally I looked in the mirror the bumps where small pink in itched its been 2 months I still got the same bumps they havnt got smaller or bigger in I have a lot of pasty discharge in the monistat burned soo bad I didnt get this itch till after monistat the bumps look like they are under my skin they are not ucler I went to the doctor in she said it look like herpes but it look like th
Avatar n tn tell him/her you would perfer the pill its a tiny little light pink or yellow pill that you take in the office and goes away by night time i dont take monistat i take the pill and i was told monistat 7 is better where ministat 1 and 3 causes issue's
Avatar n tn I've had an infection a few times, and i can't remember pink discharge when using a cream. I don't think it's normal to get a pink discharge. Unless the cream is pink, it seems you're bleeding a bit. Best call your doctor about it to make sure it's ok to keep using this cream. It can be an overly sensitive reaction to the cream, or the infection might be so bad your skin is damaged or something alike (don't stop using the cream unless doc says so tho).
Avatar f tn So I've had a yeast infection for a while now and my friend told me to use monistat 3 day, no itch no nothing but now I have a pink discharge and it's not blood because I'm on the implanon birth control so I don't get a period. I haven't had one for the last year. Can anybody help?
Avatar n tn I had pink discharge in the begining aswell I had a UTI make sure you drink lots and lots of cranberry juice and water, if you think you drank enough drink more. Make sure to take it.easy. how far are you? Ask for a non stress test!! Good luck!
Avatar m tn However, I got a yeast infection 4 days ago and then used monistat 3, and my discharge was mixed in with an EXTREMELY light amount of pink, it was barely visible. I read online that it could constitute as implantation bleeding, so that worried me. I didn't know if it was an effect of monistat or what.
Avatar f tn So doctor said I have a yeast infection because my discharge is smelling funny. How many of you have taken fluconazole 150mg and have been just fine? They say there is risks taking it but that it's safe. I'm 30w0d.
Avatar f tn i read it could be a yeast infection if accompanied by disharge. I do have discharge but no odd smell. I really would hate to have to go through another set of antibiotics while im pregnant. My next doctor appointment is not until Feb. 28th. Could it really be another infection or just the Ph balance? No brown or pink color.. just irritating itchiness.. also, my symptomes have decreased. A normal sign? Or should i be concerned. Last appointment was @ 10 weeks.
Avatar f tn It sounds like a yeast infection. You will sometimes get pink/blood discharge after sez because your more sensitive while pregnant. You can always call in to your doctor and see what she recommends. I have had 3 yeast infections and took monistat and then they gave me a stronger prescription cuz it wouldn't go away.