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Avatar f tn Last period was 25th December, unprotected sex 3rd jan(day10), slight pink discharge 5th(12 days), again unprotected intercourse 13th Jan(day20). Cramps worse than normal weekend of 15th, for all of 10minute period perhaps? I again had slight pink tint to tissue when wiped mon-weds this week(sorry tmi), the discharge only shows first thing in morning. Went away thurs and fri bug now today(day28) have slightly more discharge but very very slight pink tint?
Avatar m tn Hello, I have experienced pink discharge for the past 2-3 days which i have nevered experienced before. I am on the pill and may have missed a couple (which has happened before without any problem) Every time I search pink discharge it comes back with pregnancy and implantation bleeding. Can it mean anything else or am I pregnant?? Please help!
1554498 tn?1327903974 Please don't get tired of my questions I'm really concerned. My brief hx: I have had 4 chemical pregs since August 2010. I found out I'm pregnant again 10dpo, doctor confirmed my beta 64. Today I'm 12dpo & for the last 2 days I've been experiencing a very light pink discharge ever other time I pee. I have no preg symptoms except for frequent urination, elevated temp, cramps occasionally & breast kind of burn at night, (thats a weird one too). Any help is appreciated.
Avatar f tn I'm 7w3d along. Today when I went to the bathroom I noticed a light pink discharge. No bleeding, no cramping, no pain. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn I am 5 weeks 2 days and as of this morning ive had on and off light pink discharge that gets a little darker once in a while when I wipe. Nothing heavy to stain my underwear or a pad. I did have sex with my husband yesterday morning and ive read that is a trigger for vaginal bleeding but im still soooo worried.
Avatar f tn / i already had my period this month almost two weeks since unprotected sex, I'm cramping down in the female area n well there is a sort of brownish pink discharge i believe Bkuz its mixed with white. I feel real nauseated this morning as well. My question is should i count this as a period? The blood is to light.
Avatar f tn oh any by the way, the smell is gone now but the pink discharge has become more heavy and has clots of blood in it sometimes.
Avatar f tn And also I haven't felt pure exhausted like I know a lot of women feel in their first trimaster. If anything I am more awake all the time! What's going on?!?!?
280369 tn?1316705641 I am only 29w 3d and I am now freaking out because I went to the bathroom had some pink discharge when I wiped. I have been feeling weird down there today as well. I don't know how to describe it. I'm scared and don't want this little one coming now....I had more contractions than normal today...but they are dwindling down again. Only a couple were really strong..the others just felt like BH. I am getting ready to call my midwife....
Avatar n tn Ive always eatin alot. Ive been having trouble sleeping, and this morning I had light pink discharge. that happens only a day before my full period. My period Isnt due for another week or two. I would love to have a baby. But about a year ago with my ex I was convinced that I could NOT get pregnant. He has no children. But my now boyfriend has two that are not mine. Could I be pregnant? I also thought that the light pink discharge was from rough sex. theory.
Avatar n tn Though, to be sure, i'm looking forward to getting my period next week to be doubly sure as it was only a urine test that was done. In terms of the pink discharge I was having, this could have been solely due to the fact that I missed a pill, even though when i've missed a pill before i've never had a break through...sometimes you don't know how your body will cope with things.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm 9wks prego and for the past 3 days I have had a mild discharge that is like egg whites with either pink or brown in it. I had a miscarriage in June so I'm really nervous. I'm not experiencing any bleeding, just the discharge. Any advice would be appreciated!
Avatar n tn I have already had my period for this month now im having light pink discharge and a negative pregnancy test so far but it was taken in the night
Avatar f tn Hi! I am 26 years old. Married for a year and 3 months. I have had no children & have head an I.U.D. (para guard) for about a year now. My period and discharge have not been predictable, to say the least, since the I.U.D. Last week...maybe week and a half I have had pinkish discharge, and an extremely itchy vagina. The discharge was thought the day, but the itchiness signed to only REALLY bother me in the evening.
Avatar f tn I'm 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant and I'm spotting brown and pink since 3 days now, in scared i don't know why and don't know what to do.
934644 tn?1245340349 I am 5 1/2 weeks pregnant and I just started having a light pink discharge. My HCG was 260 on the 2nd and 1860 this past Tuesday. My progesterone was 12 on the 2nd and 17.6 on this past Tuesday. I am on prometrium to help my progesterone. Is this pink discharge normal? I have never had pink discharge during a pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I'm 9 weeks and noticed a small amount of light brown discharge when I wiped. No pink or red. Also no cramps. There may be a small amount of odor but not sure... what do I do?
433412 tn?1232558056 It worried me, but I've had 2 OB doctors this Pregnancy (due to moving) and both of them said it is completely normal. Some women have an increase in discharge all throughout their pregnancy. You will know when its your plug because it will be a large amount of discharge and I've heard its snotty looking. I doubt its your water leaking because it would just be wet and not CM looking.
Avatar n tn I need to relax. I actually bled on Christmas day, I wiped twice and it was pink. When I brought my husband in to show him, there was nothing, and there was nothing for the rest of the day or the next day or the next...etc... I had a "planned" miscarriage when I was 16, so I have been paranoid because I know that that can increase my chances of miscarrying now, I think that is why I get so nervous and so paranoid about every little thing. Any advice on relaxing tricks????
Avatar f tn Hi girls, Have any of you ever had a small amount of carnation pink discharge while late in your 1st trimester? It looks like an implantation bleed. I've had it twice this week, with days in between, and only a tiny bit on my pantiliner. No real cramping or pain anywhere but I am supposedly absorbing a small cyst. Could it be a bit of blood from that? I've already had 2 miscarriages so I'm a little nervous. I know some women lightly bleed thorough their whole pregnancy but that's not really me.
Avatar f tn Pregnant women can take many eye drops. You need to call your obstetrician and go in for her/him to see you, confirm the diagnosis and they have a list of "safe" drops for pregnant women. Or you can go in to see and Eye MD ophthalmologist and they have a list also.
1274271 tn?1453265765 im really worried. I went to the emergency room coz of pink discharge and baby was fine but this happened again the same time last week. Has anyone experienced this and gone to have a healthy baby? im 14 weeks now and saw baby on ultrasound last night 160bpm. I didnt have sex or anything so im so confused at what could be causing this. I need some reassurance or peace of mind.
Avatar f tn Hi today I went to the bathroom and I had some pink discharge after I peed and I looked it up saw that it could be sofns or pregnancy and I have basically been having an on going heart attack since..
1868604 tn?1346462262 About 10 min later I went to check and this time I wiped and it's blood red, no discharge mix in, just blood. Not heavy but wasn't excepting plain blood. Is that still part of my bloody show? Baby has been kicking non stop all morning too. And I'm 40wks +1. Just call the OB and waiting from them to call me back. I might be going in today. FTM so this is kind of scary.
1274271 tn?1453265765 so one week ago at 13 weeks pregnant i had some one time pink discharge which freaked me out seeing ive had two earlier miscarriages before this one where the embryo's didn't even grow past 6 weeks. I went to the ER and baby was fine with a strong heart beat 12 weeks 5 days.
287071 tn?1365196113 I am a day short of 9 weeks. I have had pink discharge evry now and then. Its not red. Its weird its pink mucous like stuff. kinda stringy like. This is even before Im put on prometrium vaginal suppository. I really dont know what it is. It is only when I wipe atleast once a day then thats it. I have no cramping or abdominal pain. Now that Im on prometrium my discharhe is light brown to tan color and more than usual. I wont have an apt till Jan 20th. If you see your Dr.