Pink discharge during pregnancy first trimester

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Avatar f tn During pregnancy your cervix has more blood flow going to it so you bleed easily. Intercourse can irritate the cervix and make you spot a little. So at this point I would say that is normal. Just keep an eye on it. As for everything else you are getting to the point where sickness, for most, start to go away. Your body is starting to get used to the extra hormones. I also hated chicken but just started liking it again one day.
Avatar f tn I'm 7 wks and 5 days pregnant.I had a light pink discharge today.My feet have started swelling and am feeling tired all the time.Is this normal?
94902 tn?1330483267 I had similar spotting during my first pregnancy and now have a healthy 7 year old. This time at 6 weeks I haven't had any spotting at all and no nausea so far. I guess it's true what they say that every pregnancy is different. Spotting is normal early on.
934644 tn?1245340349 Did you have sex or an internal exam/internal ultrasound recently? These can cause spotting throughout your pregnancy because your cervix is more delicate, some women also spot throughout their whole pregnancy and have healthy babies. You really have to just wait and see. It's a good sign your HCG levels are going up and not down too!
Avatar f tn I had a pap at my first appointment at 8 weeks. The next dday I had just a teeny tiny bit of brown discharge. It's because you have extra blood flowing down there so your cervix is a little sensitive but it's not going to hurt the baby. I understand your trepidation though.
893889 tn?1294280577 so then the er doc told me that I still am pregnant and I have a threatened abortion which means first trimester bleeding and 40% end in miscarriage and 60% go on to have a normal pregnancy. This morning it got worse and Ive been clotting like crazy .. but I followed up with my doc this morning and Im not dilated anymore.. and Im still pregnant!! the er doc was so quick to diagnoise a miscarriage!! UGH..
Avatar n tn I agree with Stinasmom I had two miscarriages the same way my doctor told me no sex the first trimester and no sex when my normal cycle was during the entire pregnancy....Of course I did that and now have a beautiful baby girl but we also did progesterone injections too! So I don't know if it was a combo of both or one or the other but it worked so it is something to think about. I am 8 weeks pregnant now and poor hubby hasn't had any sex for about that long!ha!ha!
147932 tn?1226969710 of brown spotting with both me and my sister during her first trimester. I can't help but feel extremely stressed out about it, especially since when I had an u/s at six weeks, I found out that I have five ovarian cysts (3 on one side=5cm and 2 on the other side=4cm). I have been having a lot of pain recently, and I have no clue if it is the cysts, normal pregnancy pains, or early miscarriage. Now with the spotting, I feel like the biggest pessimist on Earth.
Avatar n tn Everyone feels better when they know the reason why. The sight of blood is very unnerving during a pregnancy, and I think they should be more accomadating in figuring out the reasons WHY it happened.
Avatar n tn So I have been reading up on this, and I have been thinking well i dont think im going to have a miscarriage because sometimes its normal during the 1st trimester. But I don't want to give my hopes up. I have had a miscarriage before, my very first pregnancy. I was 14 weeks pregnant when I had it, but then 2 years later I ended up having a healthy baby girl. And now 2 years later again, pregnant.
Avatar n tn I just found out there is something called Decidual Bleeding during the first trimester of pregnancy you can read more about it at If your bleeding is exreamly heavy or has lasted for more than two days and you are pregnant you should go to the dr. and get checked out.
Avatar f tn A thread just for all of you in the first trimester. First trimester is up until week 14 of pregnancy. Feel free to discuss all of your 1st trimester questions and discussions here!
Avatar n tn Was it like cm? Maybe from implantation still? Or could be from mucus plug formimg? Sorry not very helpful, just some ideas. Hope the appt goes great on Tuesday!
Avatar f tn I have had a brown discharge, sometimes pink and the doctor examined me and said hes not worries. I still freak about but try to find comfort in my doctors words. My sister miscarried and it was heartbreaking so i just pray that the doctor is right and baby is ok. Beat ofmluck!
Avatar n tn Also spotting can be normal for a lot of women during the first trimester. I spotted during my whole first trimester. Just keep an eye on it and if it gets heavy and/or bright red call your OB. They may want to do a blood test just to check your levels. Good luck.
1706065 tn?1332938160 My nurse and doctor have both assured me it is safe to take during my first trimester. Did anyone else use this during their pregnancy? Thank you!
1529868 tn?1291922572 Brown is old blood so is a lot less concerning than pink or red blood which would be fresh blood. Sex can cause spotting. With many miscarriages your dr should have recommended pelvic rest for at least the first trimester (meaning no sex or other "pelvic activities"). I would highly suggest obstaining from sex during your first trimester given your history of miscarriage. I'm really surprised your dr did not tell you this. Also call them and let them know what's going on.
10582759 tn?1411227510 It is completely normal u have nothing to worry about, only if its red blood period like u should go to the doctor or ER but what ur experiencing is normal I had it with my first pregnancy which was on and off during my whole first trimester (about 3 months) hope this helps and God bless
Avatar f tn Vaginal discharge increases big time during pregnancy and the peach color could be old blood from your missed period.
Avatar n tn HOPE... First off...CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy! I've heard many women speak of spotting & also light bleeding that carried to full term w/o any other problems. My aunt was bfp w/cousin & bleed the first 6 months of her pregnancy & went to full term & delivered a healthy babygirl. I hope this comforts you in at least a small way. Be encouraged. I say if you are concerned...
950954 tn?1271214487 Even though the baby is still small your uterus does A LOT of growing in the first trimester! If it get bad though, like pain that doubles you over, or the cramping is accompanied by bleeding, I would definitely put a call into your Dr. How far along are you?
325477 tn?1250554909 I have few maternity pants that I bought during my first pregnancy and I am using them. I hope everyone else is doing fine. everyone staying in the cold zone stay warm... its freezing today.
325477 tn?1250554909 I read that overall in the pregnnacy is better to gain few pounds in the first trimester bc the last trimesters are killer and is when you really hate steppping on the scale. Anyways, I think we all girls are beautiful and our babies are doing great. I have a doc app. this afternoon so I will let you know what did it go later. Also I am going to get couple more belly pics as soon as I get my 20 weeks u/s. Love to all.
Avatar f tn You will probably have to deal with this for the rest of your pregnancy, since it is normal to have increased discharge during pregnancy. I personally did not have much of a sex drive during pregnancy, so didn't really have to deal with this, but it seems to be one of those things that you either live with or choose not to.
Avatar n tn My OB/GYN normally has his high risk of miscarrying patients take progesterone in the 1st trimester until he can hear the embryo's heartbeat. (He also only allows us to fly--on airplanes--during the middle trimester of pregnancy to minimize risk of miscarrying.) Hope this is helpful & reassuring (though its only annecdotal).
Avatar f tn If yes it could be a yeast infection but I also heard Its normal. When you get pregnant discharge increases a lot wait until the third trimester it's gonna be a lot more. But you can ask your doctor tomorrow about it.