Pink discharge during ovulation

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Avatar f tn I suspect that it is implantation bleeding because its before your period. Ovulating does not produce a pink discharge. Ovulating is more of a clear, watery stringy discharge.
Avatar f tn First off, let me apologize for any of this being TMI. I'm embarrassed with posting this but due to not having insurance at the moment, I can't afford seeing an OBGYN. Here's my issue.. The last few days (Tuesday), I've been experience pink discharge. Not like a period or yeast infection discharge. More like, the discharge a woman gets when our lady bits are cleaning themselves out and it's kinda clear but not quite? I don't know how to explain it!
Avatar f tn I am 19 into cycle, 8 dpo, past two days i had very slight pink discharge, today it was alot of pinkish and brownish discharge.. what is this?
1055604 tn?1254239738 I have had no discernible discharge during pregnancy but did before during ovulation and such. Some women will have spotting during pregnancy, pink, brown (old blood), ect...but just because they do have it, doesn't mean that they are pregnant. You need to take a HPT or talk to your obgyn.
1907302 tn?1321893649 second yes you could be pregnant hope fully this discharge is implantation bleeding. if it increases from pink to fresh red blood and increases in amount it could be that you are just about to start your menstrual cycle. however i am bit confused about the length of your cycle. do you know when you ovulated? and what Cycle day are you on right now?
Avatar f tn I am 20 years old. I do NOT have regular cycles at all. they're all over the place. this month I started on October 22-27th. Its now Nov 1st and when I use the bathroom and wipe, its a SUPER light pink.. and sometimes a pale brown. However, it looks kinda "slimy" like ovulation.. could this be ovulation ? Or why is this happening.
Avatar n tn I have already had my period for this month now im having light pink discharge and a negative pregnancy test so far but it was taken in the night
Avatar f tn O the day of ovulation and the day after, he did ejaculate both times, 3 days later I decided to take a plan b, the next day I had pink spotting on my tissue when I wiped, later that day I had light brown discharge and then I had a white-ish creamy discharge. Then after, for the next to days I had pink spotting during the first pee of the day when I wiped only. Could this be from the plan b or pregnancy spotting ?
1031343 tn?1287386579 Is it red? I have had brown and light pink spotting around ovulation but never red. Maybe you should call your dr. just to be sure?
Avatar n tn It is pink due to the discharge from ovulation and the mixture of blood. The other possibility could be, an injury during sexual intercourse, this is most likely minor and nothing to worry about. However, if the discharge is still pinkish after a week or so I would go get it checked out to be sure.
Avatar f tn 2 days before ovulation is due to end btw
Avatar f tn I needed up having sex with my husband after during ovulation for all days before and after expected ovulation in which my breast were sore, perky and normal ovulating symptoms. This month I was expected to get my period two days earlier than last month (Oct. 11-) but no red. I ended up being four days late with just pink liquidy discharge for two days then it is brown and it's been brown for almost 6-7 days. The brown is a tanish color with no strong smell and only when I wipe.
Avatar n tn This morning i went to use the bathroom and there was this pink discharge on my panties but when i wiped it was normal... question is i need to know whats going on?
1837090 tn?1328040121 pink mucus could have been ovulation time, brown spotting could have been implantation time :) creamy white discharge..... pregnant?
Avatar f tn Milky white pasty discharge is a sign that ovulation has ended. Clear, stretchy discharge like raw egg white usually occurs during the height of ovulation. The unusual bleeding she's experiencing is probably a result of the Plan B contraception - it causes delays in periods, and unusual bleeding and spotting. A pregnancy test would be accurate with first morning urine by Saturday, although it's highly unlikely she's pregnant.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have been trying to conceive for three months. Since my last ovulation things have been totally different....for example: my cravings are different, I have had headaches, bloating, nausea, gas, dizziness, extreme fatigue, cramps, moodiness.....I haven't noticed much in the way of breasts changing, except a little perkier. I've also experienced more sticky discharge than ever before. My period is due today. (I'm normally a very heavy bleeder).
Avatar f tn I had unprotected sex on the 29th and I was ovulating but I never checked until after and my boyfriend was sure he didn't go in me but I insisted to get the pill it was the take action pill which is the same thing as the plan B pill but I took it on the 30th the day after which was on my peak of ovulation then exactly a week later I started to spot and it lasted for 8 days it first came in a pink discharge then light red then brown then the discharge started going on and off as in they'l
Avatar m tn i had a miscarriage last month my husband and i have been having sex after i stop bleeding I started today with the brownish discharge and when i go to the restroom I see a very light pink what does that mean
Avatar m tn Me and my partner had unprotected sex the day before ovulation, the day of ovulation and the day after ovulation. It is now 22 days later and my period is 6 days late. My period is normally regular. I am having symptoms of , sore breast, watery discharge, frequent urination. We took a test 2 weeks later there was 2 negatives and 1 faint positive. Today we took this test both lines visible but the second line is faint. Am I pregnant ?
Avatar f tn I went to the bathroom and wipped and it was a eggwhite discharge with a lil pink in it.. what could this be? I'm praying its not my period cause I will be very sad cause I truly want a baby. Help me?
Avatar n tn Mine was a continual pink discharge when I wiped that kept getting worse by the day. The pink discharge eventually changed to a brown discharge which proceeded to thicken until I could tell I was losing material. My doctors office wouldn't see me before 8 weeks after finding out when I was 4 weeks 5 days, and so I went to the hospital. When I went they took my blood and tested my hormone levels. That was the only way they were able to tell me I was having a miscarriage.
Avatar n tn It is now 12 days later and I am cramping slightly and have light pink/brownish discharge... not really blood texture. I am not due my period till around or about the 1st ish. but my periods have always been very regular. I know I should just wait and see if i get my period but I am curious to why i am spotting and cramping early? Now I was tracking my period with a calender and my knowledge I ovulated around the 7-8th....
505857 tn?1329681517 I took an OPK on sunday 7th and it was just a bit darker than the control line so i knew i had almost passed ovulation, but with the days we bedded i should have caught it. I am still having brown discharge which then went a light pink and is back to brown today.
Avatar f tn I am 19 into cycle, 8 dpo, past two days i had very slight pink discharge, today it was alot of pinkish and brownish discharge.. what is this?
Avatar n tn My period is not due for another 2 weeks. The day before yesterday i got brown and pink discharge and yesterday i got light bleeding. I am still having light bleeding but i know its not my period because its light and its too early. So is this implantation bleeding, can you have light bleeding during implantation or it just discharge? What could it be please help.
Avatar n tn ve had 2 miscarriages, anyway, i am 6 weeks pregnant at the moment, and i know discharge increases during pregnancy, but when i went to have a shower, i noticed a blob of stretchy clear discharge on my underwear, exactly like the discharge during ovulation. Is this a sign of miscarriage, or is it normal?