Pink discharge and missed period

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468864 tn?1245254117 You are likely pregnant...or maybe you for some reason missed your period.....if you still don't get it and pregnancy tests are negative get your thyroid checked, it being out of whack can cause you to miss your period.
Avatar m tn Two weeks ago, during the time I would have ovulated (if I had not been on the pill) I had a light pink colored discharge. I have never had anything like this before and am worried that I could be pregnant. I have been nauseated and have had very sore breasts since I started taking the pill so I a unsure that it is related to pregnancy symptoms. I have been cramping off and on since the pink discharge, but I am suppose to start my period in 4 days.
Avatar m tn I am on the pill and may have missed a couple (which has happened before without any problem) Every time I search pink discharge it comes back with pregnancy and implantation bleeding. Can it mean anything else or am I pregnant?? Please help!
Avatar n tn My last period was the 30th July, then my Bfriend and i had sex a few time it the week 9 - 13 Aug. Last night 16th Aug i went for a wee and when i wiped i had like pink discharge? could this be implantation bleeding??
Avatar f tn My period was due two weeks ago and I have missed it. for about one week I have had slight spotting from pink to brown, and last night some black string like discharge. I am sexually active. I had a swab test done and the results were nothing present, no std, just some growths of the high vaginal bacterial infection ( that's why I had the antibiotic course). Am I pregnant?
Avatar m tn I'm right were you stand I missed a period for a whole month now its a new mth and now I'm a wk early light red spotting and I dnt know what to do I had some pain on my right side that lasted for a few min.
645930 tn?1230071690 So i had my scan at 10 weeks plus 4 days and there was a healthy heartbeat there, and i saw my baby punching, kicking and jumping. The midwife said that 98% of pink discharge cases they cannot find a reason. i suppose the other 2% must be miscarriage. So chances are it will be ok, but get an emergency scan asap just so you know.
1679244 tn?1375245159 ) and my husband wants us to wait to buy a first response test until we are for sure i've missed my period. idk i've looked online on google and things and it says its a good sign. i guess we will find out:/ i only have had it once so idk...
Avatar f tn But are very careful. Maybe two weeks after i got some light pink discharge. And did not get my period. So we waited for about a month i believe. Sometimes it does that when i over think things. So after another month has past i got light brown and light pink discharge like the end of ur period. But still did not get it. So after the half of the month he finally got a clear blue pregnancy test. Cleae bluehas to be right right. But i came out negative.
Avatar f tn Ive got endometriosis and have painful periods and they are always on time,i have had no pain and 10 days late on my period. a couple days after my period was to start i had a light pink discharge that turned to light brown now white.Have taken pergnancy tests and its negative, Also diagnosed with painful periods and thought it odd ive had no pain to speak of. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn Hi ladies, i'm 34 years missed my period for 2 months and since yesterday i have a vaginal bleedy discharge, i want to know if there is something wrong with me. its not a heavy bleeding its just a pink discharge and i even have a pain in my bladder. I have a history of abnormal bleeding from my teenage years.
326770 tn?1221587600 I would contact your gyn or whoever prescribed the pills and see if you can go in and see about getting a blood pregnancy test and if negative, perhaps changing pills. Regardless, you need to contact your doctor, because if the pills aren't strong enough, then you are at risk for becoming pregnant in the future.
Avatar f tn hi I'm 14, I started my period 4 months ago and last week I was having dark brown discharge but this week I missed my period... Does this mean next month it will be any different or is there any problems ??
Avatar n tn i missed my period and took 3 preg tests a week after and they were all negative i then took 1 just after 2 weeks and it was possitive so wait a few more days and if you have another negative test go talk to your doctor
Avatar f tn That makes it hard to tell whether you were just having a light period or not.
1554498 tn?1327903974 Pregnancy is supposed to be a joyous time not a time to be filled with worry and doubt and I cant enjoy because Im worried out of my mnd. I truly think I need HELP!
Avatar f tn Im 20 on birthcontrol and had sex about 2 weeks ago and when i went pee last night i had light pink when i wiped and im not due for my period till next week what could this be?
Avatar f tn I recently missed my period last month, and now for the first time ever, i noticed a light pink discharge this morning only when i pee as well as minor cramps. I haven't had sex since august and i have taken pregnancy test which came back negative as well as i got my period once since i stopped having sex. Like i said, this is the first time it has happen and i haven't noticed any other changed other than the colour and slight pains. What could it be?
Avatar f tn 26 2011 and i missed my next period feb.
Avatar n tn it could also be the time your 2 missed period was supposed to be due and your body just adjusting. RELAX and keep posted! r.
Avatar n tn I am currently breastfeeding my fourth, he is 13 months old, and had my first period, and only, december 8, 2007. so far i am about 10 days late. I took a test on jan. 11, it was negative. my first child was 2 yr9mo before my period returned, then four periods later i was preg. my second was 18 mo when i got preg, with 3 periods before. my third was 14 mo when i got preg, with 2 periods before. everytime was it was a normal cycle .
582761 tn?1218100031 Alright, for about two days now I have been having very light pink discharge and today cramping along with it. I'm currently taking Lybrel (birth control with no periods) and wouldn't assume I was pregnant if I hadn't missed my pill the same day I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. I've also thought maybe it is some sort of an infection? I've never experienced any problems before now so I don't know what to look for. I'm hoping some of you here could help me.
Avatar n tn I have had some light pink discharge on my toilet paper and its another week and a half until my period is due. Does this sound like pregnancy? It seems too early to know and its way too early to take a test. Any advice?
1907302 tn?1321897249 It keeps track of your period and ovulation days for you and tells you when you period is expected and when you should test if your period does not come.
Avatar n tn Ive always eatin alot. Ive been having trouble sleeping, and this morning I had light pink discharge. that happens only a day before my full period. My period Isnt due for another week or two. I would love to have a baby. But about a year ago with my ex I was convinced that I could NOT get pregnant. He has no children. But my now boyfriend has two that are not mine. Could I be pregnant? I also thought that the light pink discharge was from rough sex. theory.
1523094 tn?1291287944 Then a week before my period was due I had some pinkish discharge for about two days. Thereafter white discharge. I was due for my period on the 27th of November and am now 5 days late. I have done 2 pregnancy tests and both are negative. Last night some light pink discharge again and now nothing. I have no symptoms other than the fact that I am extremely tired and sleepy all the time and some cramps but nothing else. Is there a possibility I could be pregnant?