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1168718 tn?1464987135 I've get puple feet too, I first became aware of it back in 08, one day at work one of the teachers freaked out when she noticed my feet were both purple, and i do mean purple! It kept happening but i didn't have pain or even discomfort, only the occational slight swelling but i really think the swelling was more because it was summer weather, the purple just made it more noticable.
Avatar m tn I did see a doctor about it a while ago and he said it was a condition ( i can't remember what it was called) that was not serious and that nothing could be done about it, something to do with me being tall and the pressure being put on my feet and that i would probably get Varicose veins at some point. I'm worried that it seems to be getting worse though and spreading, do i need to be concerned? I stress about such things!
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor and was told I have leaking of the veins in that foot, I want to know if any thing can be down about it.
987762 tn?1331031553 If i sit up after laying down, you can actually see the veins engorging one after the other in my left arm, filling up with blood, by the time i'm standing the veins on each side of my ankle have engorged. With varicose veins heat will tend to increase vein distention and lead to more pooling of blood so that makes sense why heat makes this even more unpleasant but I dont have varicose veins in my arms, or visible ones any where, which if this was varicose you'd expect to find some evidence.
Avatar n tn My first liver doc told me the more I knew the better off I'd be so I spend a lot of time doing independent research trying to figure these things out. Also weakening of the veins and capillaries in the extremities is pretty common with aging regardless of health.So for those of you that are older. Yup for you it may just be a part of the aging process.Never hurts to stick your hand in the docs face and go oi! For me avoiding planes and eating better seems to have worked mostly.
Avatar n tn -I also have a very hard/stiff penis when flaccid (like but 2inches long) -I experience a burning sensation in my penis often in the veins. -I have varicose veins on my testicles. -my testicles are smaller than before. -I have gradually had a harder and harder time getting erections and they are not "full". When erect my penis is about 5.5 inches instead of 6.
Avatar f tn Varicose veins are common in the superficial veins of the legs, which are subject to high pressure when standing. Besides cosmetic problems, varicose veins are often painful, especially when standing or walking.They are often diagnosed based simply on the appearance of the veins.Confirmatory tests are Doppler ultrasound and angiogram.You can get it confirmed from a vascular surgeon and after getting these tests done. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar n tn I also find that I love the smell of fresh cut wood, such as you would find in the lumber isle of Home Depot, etc. I have even stopped at Home Depot just to walk through the lumber isle and smell the wood, all the while salivating!! I also want to eat the wood, and I try to think of ways that I can do this without harming myself. I sit and daydream of eating sawdust that is soaked with gasoline!! I have told my son and my husband this, and they seem very concerned.
Avatar m tn Hello, The most common local conditions that cause edema are varicose veins and thrombophlebitis (inflammation of the veins) of the deep veins of the legs. These conditions can cause inadequate pumping of the blood by the veins (venous insufficiency). You need to get your cardiac status also checked as mentioned earlier. You should indulge in moderate exercises like walking, avoid prolonged standing and avoid sitting with the feet dependent.Decrease salt intake and drink plenty of water.
Avatar m tn This healed down to a 2cm x 2cm wound within 1-2 months and took over 1 year for the rest to heal shut. She had varicose vein ablation in both legs to eliminate varicose veins and to reduce edema. The edema in her left leg is almost gone. The edema in her right leg continues to be a problem, but is far less severe than prior to the vein ablation. She has had 3 femur repair surgeries in 2007/2008 to her left leg (femur broke, rod broke, femur broke above the 2nd rod).
338416 tn?1420049302 I went and had ultra sounds done on my entire body, they could see it as plain as day, great pictures but found absolutely no structural explanation in my veins or arteries. It was normal, no internal varicose veins even, simply nothing, so i'm still no wiser lol. For about a year, i now get engorged veins bulging in my arms to hands, ancles to feet. It hurts, tightening pressure feeling but as i said yes its happening but they can't find a medical explanation for it.
1408746 tn?1283678948 I think it should be a standard procedure when a woman comes in complaining of chronic pelvic pain.... I am attaching a picture of my surgery scar to correct my Nutcracker Syndrome and I would also like to state that although I just had my surgery, my pelvic pain has improved dramatically. I hope this helps someone!
180483 tn?1229532768 this has helped ALOT. using this kind of pillow keeps your back straight while you sleep and helps keep your spine in line. you can get one at almost any store that sells bed stuff. Also, having really supportive shoes to wear helps prevent back pain.
Avatar n tn The dermatologist prescribed a cortisone steroid ointment, but said it would cause thinning of the skin, which would be permanent. Some of the pictures I have viewed are rather scarey, but I feel lucky that this is not life threatening. So far, for me, this has been mostly a little pain and mostly cosmetic issue. But I am, none the less, scared about the potential severity of this disease. I have heard that this disease can be caused by some medications.
Avatar m tn I have seen a GI doctor who suggested i take stool softeners and see what happens, no significant changes were observed, I haven't returned since (6 months). I've seen a Urologist who said I have varicose veins in my left testicle and wants to perform a CT scan on the abdomen. I'm hesitant to do so because I've had many ultrasounds for this issue as well as a CT scan (he is unaware of) earlier this year.
Avatar n tn However, since I was already scheduled for on-going app'ts with my GP who had begun treating me for high blood pressure, (a month before referring me to the sleep clinic for a polysomnogram), on two of these visits I complained to her about the swelling in legs and feet and she prescribed daily use of a 20 mg. diuretic (prior to that, I had only had to take a diuretic occasionally on hot summer days....not any other time of year).
715240 tn?1229800874 When you walk or run, the calf muscles in the legs help to pump the blood in your legs back to the heart. However, during long periods of inactivity, blood can pool in the veins of the leg causing a feeling of heaviness and sometimes swollen ankles. This in turn can lead to aching and tiredness. If these symptoms are allowed to persist over a period of time, it is quite likely that varicose veins will develop.
Avatar m tn This healed down to a 2cm x 2cm wound within 1-2 months and took over 1 year for the rest to heal shut. She had varicose vein ablation in both legs to eliminate varicose veins and to reduce edema. The edema in her left leg is almost gone. The edema in her right leg continues to be a problem, but is far less severe than prior to the vein ablation. She has had 3 femur repair surgeries in 2007/2008 to her left leg (femur broke, rod broke, femur broke above the 2nd rod).
338416 tn?1420049302 If that part isn't in spasm its hard and I thought it was just the muscle going tight from spasticity. I did speak to my GP about my veins, they were fine on the day but i had pictures of how bad they get and he was pretty adement that it was from my neurological issue.
534800 tn?1217170959 Further thoughts about this. My mother had varicose veins. I have thread veins in the upper legs and on the backs of the knees. I wondered whether there could be a medication taken in the past which has triggered a sensitivity. I had Septrin in my early twenties, to which I developed an allergy. I have heard that Septrin can trigger sun sensitivity, so who knows what other long term side effects there could be from some of the stuff we have taken over the years.
Avatar n tn All during this time, I have been under a lot of stress and just feeling off, kind of in a fog, frustrated with a lot of things. I am in my mid fifties. For the first time in my life I went to see a mental health therapist. Kind of sorted out what has been bothering me. I won't go into details, but I will say that the red scrotum issue has significantly resolved. Still a bit red but almost no burning. Stress related. I sure think this is a factor.
192055 tn?1263559137 Mega; I too have the varicose veins in the scrotum and the shaft of the penis. They seem to be very noticeable now. Plus, I now have two or three huge veins up the side of my shaft that I didn't have a year ago.
Avatar n tn I had not had an outbreak of eczema in twenty years and then all the sudden it was back on my hands and feet. Then I got a cluster of blisters on my inner thigh that would come and go over the past two years. Now I get the blisters in random symmetrical areas on my feet, legs, buttocks, stomach, and scalp. The head blisters are the worst and drive me crazy at night. I have had all the tests for gluten allergy and everything came back normal.
Avatar f tn I wish I knew what. It's an endless process of red bumps, flake, heal and then all over again. Not heal as in all gone, but just one bump gone while another few are brewing.. At the moment I'm just letting it run it's course and seeing if maybe it stops. Usually I give in to antibiotics once it becomes really noticeable. It's not to bad at the moment and people cant see it unless they come up real close..
Avatar n tn the spirochette bacteria is a corkscrew shaped bacteria that moves about in a wiggly manner and is inside of ur joints and in cases left untreated affects ur heart and brain. when u take the antibiotics the spriochette bacteria begins to die off and i like to think of it as they are struggling for life wiggling about crazily and we feel that ( if u can imagine it) - its a disgusting thought!!! GOODLUCK!!
Avatar n tn But I was also taking a B6 supplement about 3 times a week (I really can't remember how much was in there, maybe 200mg, or 500mg) and I also took Horse Chesnut Root (to prevent varicose veins) and I have not been able to find out if that also has vitamin B in it or not but it sure does make my pain worse when I take it, so I suspect that it does. In addition to my awful awful neuropathy, I had constant fatigue, and still have some.
Avatar n tn I had a tooth implant done Jan 2006. May 2007 I was hospitalized with symptoms of numbing tingleing of arms and legs,feet and the sides of my face. When standing, after laying down or sitting down I would feel lots of pressure like my feet were swollen. I felt fatigue and no energy. I even had a urn/track infection. I was in the hospital for 7 days running 150 blood test. They came up empty. It could of been stress... so they say. March 2008 after living with all of these symptoms...
Avatar n tn My doctor is clueless and thought it might be some kind of neuropathy (I have diabetes) but thought it odd because it normally would be in the feet and go up from there in to the calf of your leg, not the thigh. There is something to this if it's happening to others who describe it the way I feel.
Avatar n tn In other words no heroics. And an accurate assessment of level of consciousness may be skewed in the presence of drugs used to make the person comfortable. However, there is validity to the premise that pain will actually keep you alive longer, and it's always an ongoing challenge to find the balance of pain and/or anxiety control.
Avatar n tn most of the pain has gone away and only occurs once in awhile...dull ache in testicle...stabbing pain in abdomen...but this is a rare occurence now. however, testicles are still small and i have little to no libido which is depressing!