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Avatar f tn Occasionally men or children are affected. Perioral refers to the area around the mouth, and dermatitis indicates redness of the skin. In addition to redness, there are usually small red bumps or pus bumps, and mild peeling. Sometimes the bumps are the most obvious feature, and the disease can look a lot like acne. The areas most affected are within the borders of the lines from the nose, to the sides of the lips, and the chin.
Avatar f tn Then this year a few weeks ago my went to a pharmacy shop and asked the person there about my skin and showed him my arm, and he said it may nt be eczema bt maybe some kind of bed bug biting me. Then later my mum showed him my back of the shoulder and he was shocked by the condition of my skin and said it is a fungus infection and advices my mum to buy a mild steroid cream called Econazine an anti fungal cream.
Avatar n tn It started around the time of my second period after I had a miscarriage. I have never had a yeast infection or any other problems before this started happening. I have been having sex with only my fiance (father of the baby we lost) for about a year and a half now. Now that I see I'm not the only one that this happens to, I don't understand how this condition doesn't have a medical term for it. I really don't think that this condition is caused by allergies.
Avatar f tn I know it wasn't the smartest thing to do and I have suffered for the next 25 years cause of it. The rash on my face did eventually go away, except for around my nose. It's red with tinny little pin head like bumps which sometimes has white stuff in them like a pimple. Or the skin is just red and raw looking and constantly flakes. It right around the underneath edges of my nose sometimes partly coming out from inside my nose. I feel it tingle at times, but I try to never touch it.
Avatar n tn My son is 11 months old and has had an ear infection and cold for 2 weeks now, with his runny nose thick with green cattarh and appearing to get no better. i have also noticed a small cluster of pinprick sized lumps around the outer corner of each of his eyes, can anyone tell me what these could be?
Avatar m tn However, I have a list of others that could perhaps be symptoms of HSV, and perhaps of other causes. - Most notably, my lymph nodes near my groin (and neck, sometimes) swell. They have done this before my encounter with her, because of my eczema. Now, I'm not sure which I should attribute it to, though I do certainly have eczema on my legs presently. Also, they began to swell a few days before my first test.
Avatar n tn It sounds like a form of eczema called dyshidrosis. cause unknown. Not contagious. A virus wouldn't come and go as you describe. For proper diagnosis, you'll need to see a skin doctor. If at all possible, photograph the rash as best you can in case it isn't there when you go. meantime, however, I don't think you need to worry about passing it to you family. Take care. Dr.
Avatar n tn At first I was scared that perhaps my partner was too big for me and was causing trauma. I have stress induced eczema on my hands. And come to think of it, this totally makes sense!!. I have been reading the websites and i thought I had cancer!!! (all the google sites just point to vulva cancer....i was sweating.) I recently changed soaps 2 months ago. Thank you so much everyone. And for the brilliant dermatologist who recognized CeeTee's problem to start.
Avatar n tn My son is six years old and is perfectly healthy and normal 99% of the time. However, starting around Christmas of 2007, he started to have "attacks". Extreme debilitating leg cramping/pain, fevers, headaches and his lymphnodes would get very large (in fact he has multiple lymphnodes that stay visible all the time). The "attacks" happened about every two to three weeks, and the fevers would get progressively higher.
Avatar m tn the area around my mouth and nose must have dried up from all of the tissues and paper towels I used.
Avatar n tn The rash looks similar to pictures of contact dermatitis. The roof of my mouth feels itchy as well. I also developed upper respiratory tract infection with a slight runny nose, cough, and sore throat. I went to the doctor's office this morning and all he said was that I have a viral rash, which wasn't very helpful since that was the reason I came in in the first place.
Avatar n tn I have yet to find a definite answer, though I have had my hormones tested and discovered all of my hormones are out of balance. I'm in the process of trying bioidentical hormone replacement to see if that helps. Hope you find some answers.
Avatar n tn The doctor feels I will be up and around in a matter of days. I know most of the women who post except for tammy all had lumpectomies. I think I should expect different results. I know no driving for a week but how long to heal after that. This outpatient so I need my family to understand that for 3 days mom will be on the couch with the remote or will it be longer than that.
Avatar m tn s When im cold my redness completely subsides - perhaps I have an allergy, other disease/ eczema? I have not had a formal medical diagnosis as of yet, however I have been to the doctors whereby the asked me to do a uring test which I eventually did not return as my redness kind of subsided at that time (April 2010). I eat lots of tuna, porridge, rice milk, chicken, eggs and fruit, in addition to omega 3, zinc, multivitamic and water.
Avatar n tn The weirdest part of all is that the itching literally moves around my hands and feet. Sometimes I itch on the tips of my fingers, then it moves to my palms. Likewise with the feet...sometimes it is on the sides of my heel and others it feels like someone is tickling my bones with a huge feather duster. Not seeing any visible rash or blisters on my hands save when I scratch myself raw. I've tried rubbing alcohol, hydrocortisone creams, you name it. NOTHING works.
Avatar n tn Does this sound like a cold sore from Herpes I or could I have genital herpes but in the corner/crack of my lip/and inside the check of my mouth? Oddly, there was no tingling or pain before the cut/sore appeared, unless I didn't notice, and when I look at pictures on the Internet of herpes it doesn't really look like that. It does tingle and beat now, but only after put Herpecin on, which burns the hell out of this cut/sore.
Avatar f tn One doctor told me that it MIGHT be perioral because then it seemed mild, though he never prescribed me antibiotics just gave me one cream that didn't really help. Anyway, the area around my mouth is always dry if I don't use a moisturizer, and it seems it lost the ability to regenerate itself normally, and yes, I used corticosteroids around my mouth before this condition appeared which I stopped using about 7 months ago.
Avatar n tn I have small lesions at the corners of my mouth. They feel dry like no moisture is being retained by them. Especially in the morning, my lips are very dry. I've been drinking enough water as i wrongly suspected that was the problem. I've been using Burt's Bees and Blistex in the past; the other flavored chap sticks irritate my lips. I just finished my ochem summer class so i thought it was stress because that's when the dryness really began its onslaught.
Avatar n tn At one point it was around my eyes and near the corners of my mouth. (could have been something different) It gets really red and the skin gets tight especially after a shower. Hydrocortisone creme relieves the tightness for a short while. Before I found out to use Hydrocortisone creme on the internet often times it would crack and bleed. Apart from the tightness there is normally no pain involved. It seems to get acne or is an acne hotspot. Is this excema? I am 19 years old.
Avatar n tn She also has some pale (white) discoloration on her lips at the corner of her mouth. Her doctor diagnose it as eczema, and prescribed the expensive Elidel cream three weeks ago, but it does not seem to help so far. She is seeing the doctor again tomorrow. I hope they can figure out something to make her feel better. It is driving her nuts.
Avatar n tn they are really tiny, and look like perennial goosebumps that itch, making my skin feel really rough. it kind of looks like the pictures of rosacea i've googled, except that 1) i'm asian and fairly dark skinned (about olive-y colour) 2) the bumps are not accompanied by flushed skin, except a faint blush on my cheeks that's a little redder than usual but not very ostentatiously red. it only turns redder if i scratch it.
184674 tn?1360864093 so if he touches anything, he of course puts his hands in his mouth or rubs his eyes and nose--and then his eyes get bloodshot and swollen and his nose leaks like a snot faucet. The pedi wants to do allergy testing on Greydon, but apparently that's not done on kids under two (guess not a whole heckuva lot is done for kids under two if it involves allergies and respiratory issues).
Avatar n tn A little over a year ago, a man with many coldsores on and around his mouth gave me oral sex; this was before I knew that coldsores were caused from the herpes virus. I took a type specific HerpeSelect IGG antibody test this july, I was HSV1 positive 7.37 H; HSV2 was negative. I may have had coldsores or fever bliters in my past when I was a child; however; I am not sure. Please keep in mind that me and his man had oral sex MANY times while these were there.
Avatar n tn Picking or scratching the bumps may lead to further infection or scarring. In about 10% of the cases, eczema develops around the lesions. They may occasionally be complicated by secondary bacterial infections. The central waxy core contains the virus. In a process called autoinoculation, the virus may spread to neighboring skin areas. Children are particularly susceptible to auto-inoculation, and may have widespread clusters of lesions.
Avatar f tn Description you provided is potential clinical description of many skin diseases (eczema, periorificial dermatitis, seborrhoic dermatitis, even rosacea, acne or folliculitis) – redness, dryness with feeling of skin tightness, and “spots” (what kind of spots you did not describe). Skin should be evaluated in person, by a dermatologist who should dedicate time to your medical history as well.
Avatar m tn Since I didn't have this before, I had a primary outbreak around my gums (2 painful blisters) and then 2 OBs around my lower lip (lots of tingling, no blisters but I noticed small bumps). Right after the primary outbreak in my mouth, I experience throbbing, tingling and itchiness around my clitoris followed by redness and what looks like small paper cuts (if examined closely) on my clitoris.
Avatar n tn However, the use of this cream totally bleached my son's face in places where applied and slowly he started developing reddish patches around his mouth that are very very dry and scaly and losing pigmentation. We stopped the use of this cream as soon as we discovered it has steroids and because of the changes in his complexion on the applied areas. The hypopigmented patches have less distinct spots.
Avatar f tn First, with the level of outbreak you detailed, you should be on Valtrex 1000mg a day for at least six months straight, and at 2000mg a day during outbreaks (with at least two months symptom free before discontinuation) . Second, take 500mg of L-lysine with the two largest meals of the day. I have seen this addition turbo charge Valtrex with many patients (even though we are still arguing about this in the medical community).
Avatar f tn Here goes. A couple weeks ago I kissed a guy for a very extended period of time. He had no visible sores around his mouth. He did, however, have alleged "eczema" on other parts of his body. 2 days later I developed what I had thought was a pimple right on the border of my bottom lip (2mm x 2mm). I occasionally get blemishes in this area so at the time I didn't think anything of it so I popped it in my usual manner. But this time it seemed more clear/liquidy but it wasn't painful.