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Avatar f tn When i went to a breast feeding class the nurses recommended the medela breast pump.
2026902 tn?1369098398 *Another benefit to knowing hand expression is during the hospital stay- during the colostral stage, a pump may not remove milk from the breast & if it does, colostrum comes in such small quantities that it would stick to the pump accessories and waste the feeding "liquid gold". (When a baby is born, their stomach is close to the size of a marble *hence the small amount of milk/colostrum supplied, giving most moms a perceived milk supply issue.
Avatar f tn m ready to return to work just to make sure I will produce enough milk to breathing feed but my concern is when we are on the road or even in public places where it will be hard for me to feed from the breast I looked at the medella double pump, its a little pricey and I see they have the single for about half the price, would pumping with a single be too difficult? I will be returning to college in the fall and working so I also need something that isn't too time consuming.
Avatar f tn Most insurance companies cover the Breast pump. I would check there first before along a huge purchase.
9023883 tn?1402943375 My baby girl is in the nicu and I'm trying to pump for her but my supply doesn't seem to be picking up...
550546 tn?1249410039 t matter what the pump says. A baby is much, much ore effective at drawing out the milk and stimulating the supply than even the best hospital grade pumps. Although if you are going to pump, it is best to invest in a hospital grade one ;-) Anyway, it can vary so much anyway that my advice is to relax and keep nursing as often as possible and don't worry about the amounts coming out of the pump as long as baby is satiated.
1627026 tn?1347882552 t an accurate measure of how much you are really producing and how much he takes in at a feeding. Infants are much more efficient at emptying a breast than a pump is. A more reliable indicator is whether he is gaining weight like he should and how many wet diapers he is producing per day. Sometimes there are other causes besides low supply for fussiness at the breast...
873692 tn?1337275733 Medella double pump for me as well, but I rented the more powerful double pump from the hospital in the beginning because it worked better to bring my milk in. Once your milk is in the Medella works fine. Tiredbuthappy pumped for 6 months or more and fed with bottles so she is the pro on this subject. I would get in touch with her. She has a lot of helpful information.
Avatar f tn s not getting enough screaming/fussing etc 2 feed baby first and pump after if you want to freeze it, when you go back to work bring the pump with you. And pump when you can to try and keep your supply up. 3 and I used to get a ton of my left boon and nothing of my right when my daughter was a baby ! I'm sure it's normal. 4 your let down might be strong. To much milk to fast for baby. Try leaning back for the first few mins as you breastfeed baby.
8720413 tn?1408306012 Does anybody else feel like they can't so anything right? My husband and I are always fighting because apparently I don't make the right decisions. I ordered a brEast pump through insurance it was free for the starter set. If I did the upgrade (which I did) it comes with more stuff and it was only $83. In the order that pump goes for $269. He walked out and slammed the door. I'm now sitting at home alone crying.
2181422 tn?1400511380 And if not do you just hand express the milk or pump?? Next for the creams you can put on the nipple is it safe for babe to be on it with the cream? Or do you wipe it off first? And then I know when you get the milk in you get engorged which can be painful.. I've heard that compressed kinda help relieve the pressure but was it hot or cold? I thought cold was for if your trying to dry up the milk.. which I do not want to happen for a while lol (: any help would be appreciated!
730826 tn?1317943334 Im 2 days away from being 18w pregnant. This morning I was picking the white bumps off my nipples and I noticed clear, slightly milky, stuff started coming out. I squeezed my breast and yup, it kept coming. Is this the start of lactation already? Its not soaking my bra but a fair bit comes out with pressure so Im going to get breast pads today. Is this too soon or a sign of something? Thanks!
Avatar f tn My DS is 6 days today and he doesn't really empty my breasts effectively yet. I sometimes get pain in them so I'm forced to pump HOWEVER, when I do, all I get is 1-2 oz from BOTH BREASTS!!! Where is the milk?? They still feel full and I can't seem to empty them with the pump or the baby. I massage the breasts and still nothing. What's going on? I've started taking fenugreek and blessed thistle to increase my milk supply. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn They will let you use a hospital grade one while you're there, and it's amazing! So you won't need yours.
250155 tn?1485295939 s supposed to be a good indicator of him getting enough to eat, right? but how do i keep him interested in staying at the breast longer and actually eating from both sides? if i still supplement after him eating from only one side then he's full longer and my other breast suffers b/c i have to wait longer for him to want to feed again. so that's why i don't want to supplement!
Avatar f tn What breast pump do you ladies recommend? I know we can get one free from our insurance now but I am not sure which to choose.
118074 tn?1228329003 So, do you pump right after nursing to et whatever it's left or pump after a while. The baby will eat every 2 hours, so I will be nursing and pumping every hour?
Avatar f tn Is that the only brand you can get? Do they let you pay out of pocket for the difference if you want a more expensive one?
Avatar f tn At least not before you ask your doctor for a prescription for a breast pump. I just got a Medela pump and paid nothing out of pocket because my insurance covered it all!
Avatar f tn Whats the best brand for pacifiers, bottles, diapers, whips, and a breast pump?
480331 tn?1310403529 However the baby hates to nurse from that side. My right breast is the one I always nurse from, but if I pump it only produces about 2 oz of milk.
Avatar f tn Wow..nice to see so many women upbeat on breast feeding....when the time for shopping comes...I will definitely take advice from experienced mothers on breast pump and little unwritten and untaught secrets for doing it right and timely manner...I too would BF as long as possible but not sure about the work place...will still try.
Avatar f tn Medela is the best from all the research I've done and posts I've read. I think from my reading on others posts insurance companies do let you get them. But there are a lot of cheap crappy ones out there.