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Avatar f tn When i went to a breast feeding class the nurses recommended the medela breast pump.
2026902 tn?1369101998 *Another benefit to knowing hand expression is during the hospital stay- during the colostral stage, a pump may not remove milk from the breast & if it does, colostrum comes in such small quantities that it would stick to the pump accessories and waste the feeding "liquid gold". (When a baby is born, their stomach is close to the size of a marble *hence the small amount of milk/colostrum supplied, giving most moms a perceived milk supply issue.
Avatar f tn Is that the only brand you can get? Do they let you pay out of pocket for the difference if you want a more expensive one?
Avatar f tn Q1: every mother has the right to choose to do both bottle and breast. Yes, it can cause confusion. Especially so early on. Q2: I would make sure you are starting with the opposite breast each feeding. If not you will become somewhat lopsided. If one breast remains hard, and becomes painful you may have a clogged milk duct. Warm compress can help.
Avatar f tn Also my left breast is really big, several cup sizes bigger than the right breast. I'm not sure if this problem is to do with the extra breast tissue appearing in other parts of my body but I hope to get that sorted too. But in the mean time I'm enjoying being a mother to my children and keeping my chin up thats the best way to deal with things at the moment until my body is surgically corrected.
1001085 tn?1287754826 ~~Crib/bassinet (although you can co-sleep in a pinch if you and your partner aren't big movers) ~~diapers (I would get cloth AND disposable just because you never know when you might not have access to a washer) ~~bottles/breast-pump (good to have bottles and at least a hand-operated breast-bump in case breast-feeding has a snag) ~~burp cloths (can use the cloth diapers for this...they're actually great) receiving blankets for swaddling ~~hats ~~socks ~~pacifiers if you choose to use them...
Avatar n tn i think that this woman needs to see a psych doctor,its very unhealthy for her and her daughter and when she starts school she will be talking about her moms breast all the time and they will really cause trouble for her with the other parents when they come home and tell them about what their classmate told them.
Avatar f tn There really isn't a formula out their for an infant that provides the same benefits as breast milk plus breast milk is a lot healthier and safer for your baby.
Avatar f tn 9% the same, it has all the same nutritional value as breast milk. And the facts that are being stated are bais towards breast feeding, cherry picking the facts to suit your needs. I have read a couple different articles about formula and how it is 99.9% the same as breast milk.
Avatar n tn I am having the same problem under my right breast and sometime under my right armpit, the pain especialy obvious at night, when i stand up, pick up somthing from the floor, coughing, sneezing, movement during lay down. Anyone consult a doctor and get cure? Please share..
Avatar n tn It is not a deep, internal pain, but seems close to the surface, just to the right of that little cartlidge/bone that splits the rib cage...just to the right of the stomach. What the heck could it be? My MD put me on Nexium, thinking maybe it is peptic in nature, but 60 days of Nexium and still the pain persists.
Avatar n tn Hi! Ascott is right. The placenta takes over and the HCG levels will decline a little and then level off. Your progesterone will continue to go up throughout your pregnancy. Like Audrie, I haven't had a beta since before my first ultrasound so I only have my progesterone levels, which 2 weeks ago was 27 and I will get another one on Monday.
318181 tn?1336447096 59 and 1@ 11.81 the kicker is my right tube blocked so I am hoping the left side wins the race. Just wondering what ya'll thought? I will let ya'll know on the bw.
Avatar n tn Also, if you massage gently it also helps the milk come in, remember that breast milk is a supply on demand kind of thing so the more you pump or feed your son, the more milk will come in!! Good luck!
1173196 tn?1292920090 lol, I'm so worried that I'm not pumping enough nor do I know when I should and I'm only getting about 2-3oz and that's for both breasts! I think I'm picking the wrong times to pump but my nipples are really sore from it (I have the evenflo dual comfort electric pump) and ouch! I know he gets more from me than when I pump so how can I increase my supply?
446474 tn?1446351282 A disadvantage to the Super Soaker was that the very useful blue hand-pump (used to pressurize the water) also prevented the device from getting close to the ear. This meant that the jet had to start approximately 5.0–7.5 cm from the patient, leading to significant backsplash toward the operator, and significant dousing of the patient (well in excess of that from the use of standard ear-syringing equipment).
2181422 tn?1400514980 And if not do you just hand express the milk or pump?? Next for the creams you can put on the nipple is it safe for babe to be on it with the cream? Or do you wipe it off first? And then I know when you get the milk in you get engorged which can be painful.. I've heard that compressed kinda help relieve the pressure but was it hot or cold? I thought cold was for if your trying to dry up the milk.. which I do not want to happen for a while lol (: any help would be appreciated!
1627026 tn?1347886152 Pumping isn't an accurate measure of how much you are really producing and how much he takes in at a feeding. Infants are much more efficient at emptying a breast than a pump is. A more reliable indicator is whether he is gaining weight like he should and how many wet diapers he is producing per day. Sometimes there are other causes besides low supply for fussiness at the breast...
730826 tn?1317946934 Im 2 days away from being 18w pregnant. This morning I was picking the white bumps off my nipples and I noticed clear, slightly milky, stuff started coming out. I squeezed my breast and yup, it kept coming. Is this the start of lactation already? Its not soaking my bra but a fair bit comes out with pressure so Im going to get breast pads today. Is this too soon or a sign of something? Thanks!
142722 tn?1281537216 I called the hospital and someone is to call me back. Should I not give him the bottle? I am thinking about using the pump. I am just so upset right now. I have been crying all morning and no sleep. I don't care about the sleep. I just want him to breastfeed.
1936550 tn?1348363808 I didn't give him a bottle for the first 6 weeks and if I did the only bottle I found he liked was the mam bottles! It was the best thing I ever did!!! The bond is amazing! If u can make it through the first month you will do great! I ended up breastfeeding till 11 months with him!! Don't let anyone talk you out of it, if its what u wanna do then go for it! My advice would be just try to relax and it should all come natural!!
377493 tn?1356505749 Before I start this, let me say that the vast majority of women that are able to nurse up to the recommended year or two do NOT behave in the way I am about to talk about. But there are a few who seem to immediately judge in a very negative way those of us who have chosen to or had to move to formula. So, before they judge.. I am sort of sick of having to justify the fact that I have my son on formula instead of breast milk.
4437866 tn?1388123224 Tandem pump by pumping one breast while your baby nurses on the other breast. Pump more often by adding a session, either at work or during the night. Power pump (a quick, five-minute pumping session) whenever you get the chance. Pump at least every three hours while separated. This may not be practical, given your work environment. But try to aim for this goal if at all possible.  The longer you go without pumping, the fuller your breasts will become.
280369 tn?1316705641 Try going to the slowest flow nipple, offering a little from the bottle to help satiate the hunger to avoid the frustration and see about offering the breast then. You may also try some of the boosting tricks like non-alcoholic beer, oatmeal, fenugreek, etc. It is normal for a nursing baby to eat every 2 hours or more, especially when stressed or even just while growing. Suckling eases pain and calms a baby.
1181036 tn?1367372240 It didn't seem like it was working even though I knew my milk had come in so I took the pump away from my breast and saw that the milk had just pooled around my nipple (in the breast shield area). I don't know if it's because my nipples are "weird" of if I'm just not doing it right but it was disappointing because I wanted DH to be able to bottle feed Gabe while I slept.
1115543 tn?1376384238 Due to my pelvis Ivenot been walking much outside and also dont wanna go into labour up a hill, but I have been doing the stairs as much as possible. 10 times up and down, (up then down being one time). Drinking Raspberry Leaf tea 3 times a week, bathing in Clary Sage Oil for at least 15mins and taking 500mg of Evening Primrose. Guess what, done all of these today and not even a BH when doing any of them. Im not gonna give up though.
280369 tn?1316705641 Definitely try the Fenugreek, it made my sweat and breast milk smell kind of like celery...but it's the first thing you can try. You can also try talking to your doctor about getting Reglan (sp?) it's a prescription that helps produce breast milk. OH! By the way my lactation consultant said to take three of the Fenugreek capsules three times a day. Good luck, and try to BF more than pumping, and like Joy said, massage them.
Avatar f tn If your baby is truly vomiting after feeding...he needs to see the doctor right away. The same for diarrhea. If the baby really has diarrhea, he needs to be seen. If he is having typical loose, seedy breastmilk stools (several a day can be normal), nothing needs to be done.
159354 tn?1286371288 i also got one from the hospital in the kit that came with the pump i used while there. it's the manual pump that looks like a bicycle pump. i didn't even know what it was for the longest time. the suction on that is very different. it's not comfortable for pumping often and for long, but because you can do long hard pulls with it, it has always loosened my clogs within minutes. it's worked 5 times for me, and ever since i discovered this trick i haven't had mastitis.