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Avatar n tn Cherry - How is the phentermine working with the Zoloft? I am on Zoloft too and looking to start phentermine. I have been on ohentermine in the past and it worked great but was not on any anti-depressants at the time. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I also had the same problem with my pills. This is my second week on Phentermine. 2 wks ago I lost 6.5 pounds with the Rx pills that I got at a Food Town pharmacy. Then last week I got them at double the price at CVS. I didn't read the numbers on the second set of pills but the first ones were a number and a symbol of some kind and were WHITE W/BLUE DOTS. The ones from CVS that I took this past week were BLUE W/DK BLUE SPOTS but didn't read the number and didn't loose any weight.
1090984 tn?1463773450 It may take you a few months before you can fairly assess the effectiveness of the Effexor. Effexor can be more activating, which may help with the weight issues and motivation down the line. EVERYONE is different, what may be a miracle for you may do nothing for me. Try to go into it with an open mind, allow yourself to have your own experience. As for the weight gain, I know it's discouraging and frustrating, but don't get too hung up on it right now.
Avatar n tn Okay on Saturday 01/12/2008 I got my first B12 Injection, my daily Phentermine pills 37.5 along with a daily multi-vitamin. I weighed in with clothes on at 182.6lbs. I have a goal weight of 135lbs. I am going to use this forum as my crutch to help me through. I will be posting here weekly if anybody would like to become success partners at this I am game. I would love to loose my 47.5lbs by May 20th, 2008 which is my 28th birthday. I am very confident about being able to achieve this goal.
Avatar n tn I stopped the phentermine but continued with the effexor. In the last year or so I have gone from a size 8 back up to a size 12/14!!! (Mostly in my stomach, rear and upper thighs.) What is the most effective way to come off of the Effexor? I have also recently been diagnosed as being anemic. I have very low iron. I am supposed to be taking iron suppliments, but can't stand taking them.
151951 tn?1267991945 I have been on Effexor for about 2 months now. I am 16 years old. I have had great success with Effexor! When I was diagnosed with depression, I was using food as comfort. I was 131 pounds and very self conscious about my body. When I went on Effexor, I started to noticed right away that I was beginning to loose weight. After about 1 week, I have already lost 4 pounds. At the end of the month, I lost a total of 10 pounds. My eating habits were slitely affected.
Avatar n tn I am pretty good at holding in these violent feelings physically but release them verbaly. My main question is just how effective can effexor be to someone with my symptoms? Anyone know?
Avatar n tn the weight gain with effexor and then even more so with lexapro. I was on effexor for approx a year+, then on lexapro for only 3months...I started to gain weight and it's taken me 7 months after not taking any of the meds to lose 7 pounds. I've always been obsessive with excercise and dieting, yet none of this has helped....soooo frustrating. I just got back on prozac and the weight is starting to drop...
Avatar n tn My best friend's sister is on the phentermine, B12 shot, and a restricted diet and lost 40 pounds in under 2 months. So, I decided to do some research and came across many forums. This one in particular seems really informative. I found a place in Greensboro, NC called The Bariatric Clinic. They charge $120 to start the plan, then it is $60 a month thereafter. They give you a shot your first visit then you have to pick up the perscription a couple days later.
Avatar n tn But I have gained weight due to spending a whole two years on Lexapro...2007-2009. I am miserable when overweight. So, I remembered that during my time with Effexor XR, I did not gain. However, I still have the appetite of a horse on it, I am menopausal, and it is harder, even with calorie counting and exercise to take off the last 15 lbs. So, I asked my doc to put me back on wellbutrin. She said just switch.Well, that was an utter nightmare. Day 7 I went back to the effexor.
Avatar n tn Well now.......I've been Effexor XR for 7 months for social anxiety and depression. I started with the 37.5 for the first week and it was not too bad... then the 75 mg now for 7 months... Some of the side effects I had you take it with I eat more of my home made Granola... I took it eariler...dry mouth and in the begining my symptoms seem to get more intense but in time I didn't feel too bad except for the previous.
74984 tn?1210389784 they said it could cause seizures with the phentermine (sp?) and B12 shots he gives. Whatever. At least I'll be happy ....and fat this summer. I'm debating so many other choices now. Alli, NutriSystem, getting my jaw wired shut....okay, not really that last one but I need to do something. I'm just so tired on the Cymbalta to just get up and go sometimes. Hopefully I can find a nice balance between all my issues... and soon before the summer heat begins. Trying to lose 30lbs here people.
Avatar n tn my doctor put me on prozac for depression and another doctor put me on phentermine for weight loss. i was wondering if mixing the 2 drugs was o.k. to do or is this dangerous. what are the side effects if any to the drugs? should i be concerned and stop taking the drugs or proceed as usual. when my doctor put me on prozac i didn't tell them i was on phentermine because i don't want to stop taking it. so i haven't taken the prozac yet.
Avatar n tn I'd discuss the side effects of the anti-depressant medications with your physicians as well as the weight gain. I treat a lot of patients with bipolar disorder -- and weight gain is a huge issue with 1 particular medication, Zyprexa. There are a lot of medications that treat depression that have a favorable weight profile. Lexapro seems to have very little weight gain, in my practice. Have you tried any of the SSRI class? Additionally, are you able to sleep properly on the EffexorXR?
Avatar n tn I have battled with some weight issues since their were born along with alot of other issues----by doctor has put me on Effexor,Cymbalta and Phentermine for everyday dosage-----but instead of losing weight I have gained more-----AAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHH!!!!!!! I am getting really frustrated and down at myself........does any one have any ideas????????? I am ready for anything!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn My friend also took Lexapro a few years back and she too gained a bunch of weight from it. I recommend Zoloft or Welbutrin along with Phentermine 37.5. The pounds will fall off. Good luck!
Avatar m tn Phentermine would DEFINITELY help with her hunger. I was a complusive overeater and have no problem sticking to a 5-600 calorie a day diet now on Phentermine. It is absolutely amazing. Went to Wendys with a coworker yesterday and he had a Double with cheese (what I would normally have) and a large fry. I happily ate my side salad and diet pepsi. All I could think about looking at it was how greasy it was and it kinda made me sick to my stomach.
Avatar n tn phentermine). This includes prescription and over-the-counter medications and herbal products. Have had prior allergic reactions to Reductil (Meridia) or sibutramine. Have a diagnosis of coronary artery disease and/or who have angina pectoris (heart-related chest pain). Have arrhythmias (irregular heart beats). Have had a prior heart attack. Have a diagnosis of congestive heart failure. Have severe liver or kidney disease.
202436 tn?1326477933 after gaining weight on depo provera, elavil and/or zoloft my doc prescribed lexapro (an antidepressent supposed to not cause weight gain) with phentermine (diet pills) which i found out could not be combined (something about the diet pills intensifying the effects of the SSRI) so weve switched now to cymbalta for anxiety/depression with phamacist stating that it was one of the only drugs used to treat depression that does not have any weight side effects. We'll see!
Avatar n tn I was wondering where the best place for me would be to find a complete list of medicines I should stay away from with Long QT syndrome. I have a list but it is over 5 years old, and I am in need of a new one! Thank You!
Avatar n tn I took Phentermine and B-12 injections with my doctor. I would go once every three weeks. The week I got the injection I would lose more weight (about 4 pounds) and 1 pound the other two weeks. Keeping consistent with my diet and exercise. So while I did not experience extra energy as I believe a lot of folks are looking for with the B-12 shots, it did increase my metabolism and increased my weight loss. So while the experts feel you should only take for deficiencies, I've seen results.
Avatar n tn I have been on some antidepressant/SSRI or another relatively solidly for the past six years. I have been on Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa and am currently on Effexor/Lithium w/Trazadone for sleep. ALL of these drugs made me gain SIGNIFICANT amounts of weight. Prozac and Serzone were weight neutral, but lost effectiveness or didn't work at all. I started antidepressants, at 27, 5'7" and 125 lbs. I am now 33 and weigh 178.
401095 tn?1351395370 even thos she is my friend she is not honest with me about her drug use..nor is she with her dtr we were at a loss to say what she took..and she has been dwelling on suicide as of late......they think it was an SSRI overdose as she had zoloft...but there were still some left..she is a nurse and often ssris will not kill u only make u a vegetable..ans since they do not make u high i just dont see her taking a whole bunch/ of those/plus if suicide was the point..
Avatar n tn I see you are also on the Effexor XR along with Topomax - what side effects did the doctor say you would experience on coming off of the medication - to become pregnant and what are the chances of birth defects, if any?
Avatar n tn im a fit 29 year old woman and i have no health problems other then i have a problem with constant yawning and its driving me nuts!
Avatar n tn I Would tell you though that even durring the bad times with topomax it is better than with out.I can only tell you from my experience that my reason for the med was for headaches but has helped ultimately with my temper....,weight and other things.I do have side effects.but heck to me they arnt worse then head aches.hope i helped a little ..
Avatar n tn So far I've lost 30 pounds. I started taking phentermine 37.5 with it about 3 months ago. The Welbutrin did pretty good with controlling my hunger but the phentermine really helped me loose the weight. I have to force myself to eat. It caused me to be pretty jittery at first but after a couple of weeks it improved.
Avatar n tn I initially picked the Oxy, and my doc wrote a note for 10mg per day of the Oxy combined with 150mg of Effexor RX (which is supposed to have some pain reducing qualities, I am told) Your suggestions would greatly be appreciated before I go down a path that is difficult to change.
Avatar n tn I am also AMAZED that a DOCTOR would actually say that this isn't dangerous, or that it isn't the PAXIL!?!? Are you kidding? How much were you paid to say that? Paxil DID help with my panic attacks. Did not cure or stop them, but helped. Then getting off of it, or trying to was ABSOLUTE HELL! I can't walk because I'm so dizzy I can't keep my balance. My head feels foggy and cloudy. My head also hurts and it feels like someone keeps hammering a nail into my eyes.