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Avatar f tn Hi everyone, Can someone please tell me where I can find a clinic in Chicago that prescribes phentermine weight loss pills? The only clinic that I know is Dr. Olivera on the north side of the city.
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Avatar n tn never had a problem with it... i love it!! i already lost 4 inches from my waist and 3 from my hips!! good luck to everyone!
Avatar f tn My stepmom visited a Weight Loss Clinic in Beckley, West Virginia and lost a bunch of weight on B12 injections and phentermine pills. She thereafter gained it all back and and is now going through the ordeal all over again. I visited the doctor on Tuesday and was really nervous. I was afraid they were going assume me to be somwhat petty since I wasn't clinically obese. But, they really didn't ask too many questions.
Avatar f tn Today is 2-28-08 I am thinking of starting Medical Weight Loss Center. They give Phentermine and B6/B12 shots. Does any one have info on this.
Avatar n tn Am in California, so legally, there aren't any doctors out here that are near by. Will order from Canada and inject myself. Your journal idea to follow is a great one. Good luck. Sorry I can't help you with this.
Avatar n tn I have taken phentermine for a year and two months on and off. I was 210 when I first started and now I'm 163. I didn't any bad side affects, I'm. Very happy with the out come. I go to the gym 3 to 4 times out of the week to work out, just to stay fit and tone.
490869 tn?1209171157 Okay so it is now April 25 and it has been two days since I recieved my first B12 shot and my Rx for phentermine as well as chromeMate. The past couple of days I have tried to remain active. Today I took a walk my children for 2 miles. My starting weight is 208, let's hope for the best! Tomorrow is Gabe's birthday, he is turning 4. He is becoming such a little man. where does the time go? I feel like he is already going off to college. *sigh* Until next time...
Avatar f tn Please can someone help me find it somewhere where I can purchase it in canada? My doctor says its illegal to sell in canada, which is untrue, as my sister inlaw bought it in Northern BC. Help!
Avatar n tn I ordered the B-12 injections online from I inject 1cc every 2 days. I ordered the HCG but I havent recieved it yet. I will try the .5cc 5x a week as you are doing since I am about the same size as you. I am anxious to get the HCG and start the combo. How has the HCG been working for you?
Avatar n tn Buyer beware off the net unless you can really research. Even then, I had problems. Awhile back, 20/20 did a special on net- pills from China. They 'duplicate exactly' & post as Canada sites'. Problem, They sold to a US wholesaler that knowingly re-sold & many contained lead/nothing rx/some toxins that stay in the tissue permanently that mess w/ the kidneys. The $ was also being routed to the Talaban. They said many mail order reputables were also dooped & didn't know themselves.
Avatar n tn 5 phentermine first day i had a migrane from the shot it went away the next day ,i lost 2 pounds by the third day . I have tried every diet pill there is they all made me fill weak and jittery until i tried these I am so excited i never had so much energy I normally take a daily nap ,I have not napped one day since I been on the pills and shot. I have to make myself eat something because appetite is extremely suppressed. Hope to meet my idea weight goal very soon.
Avatar n tn 2 weeks ago I went to a weightloss clinic for the first time ever and started on Phentermine. It has helped a little so far, I am willing to try anything at this point b/c I am at 250 lbs (height 5'6). So I am very worried about my health. Can you share your daughter's medication so I can ask my doc about it. I have an appt in a couple of weeks. If anyone has lost weight with PCOS - please share your story!
Avatar n tn B12 and b6 or b12 lipo injection what place in ontario canada or canada online can i buy these injections??? What is the dosage of each injection 3 times per weeek???
Avatar n tn I bought the 1CC B-12 shots online from Canada. the clinic I was going to gave the 1CC shots weekly. I am not sure if you can take more than that a week. But, yes I do take them in addition to the HCG and phentermine.
Avatar n tn I do know that the appetite suppressants (phentermine is one) that they offer do work, as I took them after the Fen part of PhenFen went off the market. It does not work as well as the combo. I would like to hear others' comments as well. I worry about the B6 injections as I think this is something that one can take too much of. Let me know how your 1st appointment went and I will do the same. Goodluck!
Avatar n tn , so I'd be paying $310 for my doctor to prescribe Phentermine. I actually bought something from GNC last night to help with the appetite. We'll see if it works. I know my EKG & labs were fine so I'm not worried about that, but like I said, my body doesn't like outside 'stuff'. I'm going to give the GNC product a couple of weeks and see how it works. I'm also looking at the Hoodia. GNC carreis that for $39. Everything I've read about the Hoodia sounds good, i.e. no side-effects.
Avatar n tn stress and got back into bad bad eating habits and put back 40lbs and feel horrible, but can't afford to go back and would love to do this myself..i am in canada..
Avatar n tn I sent them an email yesterday but as yet have received no response. I suppose I should try again. Does anyone know if they ship to Canada?
Avatar n tn The only real thing that I changed when I lost weight was to start getting the shots, taking phentermine, and eating semi-healthy (junk on weekends. I am a teacher so I can only eat what I bring with me to school because lunch is too short) No real exercise. I walked around the lake where I live for about 45 minutes each evening (not super fast or anything) and I lost weight, so the shots must have done something. I went from 176 to 138. Now I hover around 140 - 145.
Avatar f tn In May of 2009, I was concerned about my weight(~200lbs) so the PA I saw prescribed me with Phentermine(15mg) and Metformin(500mg). They made me jittery, so I stopped after one month. I do not take a multivitamin and I do eat healthy. How am I supposed to cut out B6? I have been taking 2000ug B12 for 5weeks. Every doc I talk to says I probably have MS. Should I maybe see a specialist for MS or keep seeing my Neurologist?
Avatar n tn I am also from Canada, I went to Bernstein clinic 6 years ago and lost 30 lbs, but found it really expensive. Where do you get your B12 from? I found an online drugstore but am not sure what dose to buy. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
Avatar n tn I have been using b12/hcg shot once a week. I have loss from 259 to 239 in eight weeks. Tomorrow I start with the phentermine pill. My clinical health provider thinks this will help boost my weight loss. I eat by the hcg diet, drink enough fluids ounces equal to half my current weight (water is best), exercise often by doing two miles of walking on machines (step climbing), and in the pool (jogging) which will keep pressure off of feet and legs.
1222076 tn?1423031349 I totally agree that diet aids don't work very well, and if you do manage to lose weight on them, it's usually gained back as soon as you stop them. Unfortunately, our health system is different from that in Canada and dieticians can be very expensive.
Avatar n tn The HCG mobilizes all of the abnormal fat in your body to your blood and your body gets all of the extra nutrients/calories from that. Not only that but phentermine in itself causes all kinds of funny feelings in the body including jittery feelings, increased heart rate, headaches etc. When you go off of it you get more hungry than if you had just not been on it in the first place.
Avatar n tn I went to a weight loss doctor recently who gave me a vitamin B shots. It's so expensive that I thought I'd find a way that I can do it myself. I did some research and saw some postings on this topic on this website from April and June. Then on that same page under "Ads by Google" I was a website and sells Vitamin injections which is just what I'm looking for.
Avatar n tn You got the shot a couple times for a starter and where able to stop getting the shot switching to just the pill (phentermine). and then from just the pill to nothing? I feel like i need a starter and then I’ll be ok. I just had my 1st baby 2 months ago and am 13 pounds over weight. I'm looking for a little boost in hopes for just a couple treatments and then hold off the weight on my own. COMMENTS PLEASE - - ANYONE?
Avatar n tn here in canada there is a medically supervised weight loss clinic called Dr.Bernstein Medical Weight Loss. I went to this clinic and lost 20lbs as they have RNs that monitor you and you see a Dr.every 4weeks. You are given B12 shots along with following a strict diet where most carbs are eliminated and you have your urine tested for ketones every other day. I do know that you may not find a Dr.
Avatar f tn gives 2cc of B-12 and so I ordered vials of 1000 mcg and 3ml 23G1 syringes from Canada. is mcg just the strength?? (i'm not sure what mcg my dr uses) Is ml the same thing as cc?