Persistent coughing in kids

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Avatar f tn I've had a cough for going on five months now. It first appeared around the same time I was given an inhaler, as the doctor suspected I had allergic asthma. I have hayfever and am allergic to dust, animals, tree spores etc. When it started it was mainly immediately after I ate but now I get it more frequently and often randomly. It's non productive and I often find myself coughing so hard I taste blood. I often have uncontrollable coughing fits that leave me gasping for breath.
Avatar n tn Have you had her heart checked by the vet... coughing is a symptom of heart disease ... but would be rare in a puppy ...but something to check anyway just in case...
Avatar f tn If you are allergic to a particular thing, this can cause coughing , for example house dust in your lungs, sometimes perfume can cause coughing. I have asthma. Before I was diagnosed with asthma, I had what I can only refer to as horrible bouts of coughing. It would start with a sort of choking feeling in my throat and then I would start coughing and coughing for minutes at a time. I'm a retired educator and I was listening to a speaker in an auditorium.
Avatar m tn I had a bad cold and it triggered astmah. I am coughing but now I am having pains by my right lungs when coughing. I am on antibiotics. Why pain there? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Respiratory-Disorders/Persistent-cough-and-right-lung-pain/show/283878">Persistent cough and right lung pain</a>.
Avatar f tn I have chronic momentary light flash in peripheral vision a few times a day which seems to be linked to eye or head movement. Also coughing or sneezing seems to bring it on. I have been dilated several times by my cataract surgeon and by retinal specialist who cant find anyt ihing wrong except to say that maybe the pvd is incomplete. any ideas?
Avatar n tn My twins still get sick alot. For a persistent cough, I put a vaporizor in their room. I add 1/4 tsp. salt in the water and add Vick's vapor. It helps coat the thoat and they stop coughing. Some people put vicks on the kids feet to stop coughing. All I can tell you to do is give them Motrin every 4 to 6 hours to help the child feel better. It at least helps them not to be so grumpy. The night time cold meds are good to help them sleep.
Avatar n tn ve been to the ENT and Thoracic clinics at my local hospital in London five time over the past year but my persistent coughing continues. The specialist's I have seen there appear now to have exhausted their repertoire as I am now been asked to try some of the prescriptions again!
Avatar n tn Has suffered from a dry hacking cough for 2 years. Persistent and seems to have got worse in the cold weather. normal inoculations but not kennel cough. coughs several times and then seems to have to dig into his throat for a final clearing cough although nothing is produced. Has no heart problems. is running around on his walks like a 2 year old. Does not cough as much when out walking.
Avatar n tn We moved from there and now in our new place the same mold is popping up in little spots. We live in a decently rainy area so this isn't uncommon but I was wondering if that might be contributing at all to her condition.
Avatar n tn ve just been told by my ENT doc that I have an elongated uvula that could be causing my persistent coughing. He suggested that that he'll correct it w/ a minor office procedure- I've never heard of this, can you talk about it ?
Avatar n tn Back in Jan, I had a bad cold,fever, headache, congestion and ended up with a horrible cough, went to my doctor. She didn't prescribe anything. She said it should resolve itself. Less than 4 weeks later I fell sick again. Again with the cough. Last month, I got sick again, headed for the doctor, and again wasn't prescribed anything, since I didn't have significant evidence of an infection in my ears or throat.
Avatar m tn You can in this country go to the many free clinics and also the ER if a child needs assistance and in fact yourself, go to the search engine and put in Free Clinic and your area .For a dry cough there are childs meds in the stores , they have banned some ,they do a chart online here is the link of safe meds This year and last year children have been 20% sicker than a few years ago, many virus recurring.
Avatar f tn Very possibly, especially if her coughing began shortly after placing these items in her room. The mattresses they are making today are "loaded" with chemicals and unless furniture is made of solid wood and safe glues the same thing occurs. I have severe MCS Geniva so daily living can be very difficult. We have air cleaners in our home plus I use zeolite throughout the house to help rid the toxins from the air. It's not perfect but it does help.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend has been having constant health issues for approximately 6 or 7 months now, he has been constantly fatigued, nauseous, irritable, he has headaches all the time, he has sinus problems, a sore throat, and he is always coughing up phlegm. He has been to many doctors and done countless tests, all of them saying nothing is wrong with him. We finally decided to explore the possibility it might be a food allergy, and tried eliminating milk products from our diet.
Avatar f tn My husband has been coughing for at least three-four months and its getting worst everyday. He went to a doctor a month into the coughing and was "diagnosed" with broncitus. Two months later he's still coughing even more. He does cough up phelm, but its no blood in it (yet)! He's never smoked, never drank, 46 years old, he works "graveyard shift" at a place producing product labels. What could it be?
Avatar m tn Am 26 years old and have a persistent coughing for the last three months. My ESR last month was 82 mm/hr and have occassional fever too ( arround 101-102 ' C) which has now been persistent for couple of days. I am feeling extreme weakness and have undergone weight loss of around 3 -5 Kgs. I am unable to understand as to what all test I should undergo and its suggestive of anything serious.
Avatar m tn If your mucus is discoloured like dark yellow to dark green and you get it by coughing then you have a bad infection in your chest. The pain is probably due to the coughing and the irritation of the infection and inflammation. If the mucus feels like its coming from the base of your chest then it suggests that the infection is quiet low down your respiratory tract.
Avatar n tn I'm 18 years old, don't smoke nor live around smokers, and have no blood history of pulmonary ailments like asthma, etc. Still, I was diagnosed with tuberculosis last December 2006 and took prescribed medication until June 2007. I thought I was problem-free from then on, but recently (around March 20, 2008), I've had trouble with excessive coughing and extremely adhesive yellowish-green phlegm for almost 2 weeks. Then for the next seven days, I took an antibiotic and Endorsteine(?
Avatar f tn The first Fundoplication was in 2007, and came apart from persistent and forceful coughing. I had a re-do in 2008. It did not stop or diminish the coughing. Now I am vomiting from the coughing. Does this mean the Fundoplication is no longer intact? Nothing has stopped the coughing, even the medication given to chemotherapy patients.
2009773 tn?1327947846 I am 41 and i have just quit smoking , i have a persistent cough, had it about a year normally have a coughing fit in the mornings, feels like i have to clear my throat, feels like i have something at the back, my breathing and swallowing feels restricted and sometimes makes me sick, the past 3 months i am coughing alot more and my gland in neck just one side has come up about the size of ten pence, it is painless and has been there for 3months, can anyone help what the diagnosis might be, thank
Avatar f tn At the beginning of the month I got the upper respiratory virus that was going around so did the kids. all three of the kids stopped the coughing withing a week (so did the co-workers) I have asthma but I cannot get rid of the productive cough.
Avatar m tn I've been having shooting pains in my back my abdomen my arms this happens everytime I sneeze or cough what is it?