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Avatar m tn If anyone here would take time to set this lady on YouTube straight, i'd appreciate it. They are really scaring me man, ultra conservative at every turn testing at six months for a conclusive result for one...i posted a response stating what we state here, that it's been 3 months for a while now. The response-the cdc says 6 months is golden...
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Avatar f tn Look up how pregnancy happens on YouTube or something it will help you understand the process from period to fertalized egg.
Avatar f tn I am battling with my period,its like it just ran away or something... Can it just disappear? Like for 2months or longer? I've had a normal cycle all my life but since these kidneys started giving in,my period also did... Is this bad? What's happening?
Avatar f tn At 35wks its still a little early so maybe baby is just letting you know what to expect but just monitor it. Loads of YouTube videos on breathing techniques to help you breath through the pain in labour so they may also help with these practice ones. Maybe worth a look at. Just put in "breathing techniques during labour" and they should pop up for you.
1616953 tn?1443839111 She told me she still had her period (And offered to prove it) I declined. Beth said she knows that her saying this triggers me and said I know I said that when I wanted to avoid sex with you. I admitted that bothered me but tonight it wasn't what popped into my head. I told her it was her obvious sign of fertility and what that might have resulted in.
Avatar n tn Usually it is about a week or few days before my period. I'm about to have my period 7 days ago but it is late. I'm not pregnant and feel really bloated. I had my night sweat last night and all the chills that I used to feel just before I get my period. Not sure if I blame it on recent traveling and my cold mediation during my vacation 2 weeks ago that could have delayed my period. Or I could be starting perimenopause. Anyone experienced the same when they were starting perimenopause.
Avatar n tn I have looked at other websites that tell me that period like cramps are an early sign of pregnancy and i am quite worried as i have never experienced period like cramps without a period before. I doubt my period will come (if it does) untill i am due next week because my periods are always regular. I do not have anyother symptoms.
Avatar n tn I have the same brown spotting - but it's BEFORE I get my period for several days. Has anyone ever had it BEFORE their period???
1434731 tn?1382725984 Gyno appt today went well. Got clomid 100mg this time Provera to get period Back on metformin but starting at 250 and hope to not get headaches He also gave me a script for progesterone cream to use if I get my hpt or use right after I ok now for sure that I ovulated. This should help keep the pregnancy. ( gonna do some research) This may be our last shot at this.
Avatar f tn 10 days since I hit 125.0 and I'm still there today. Period or not this is irritating. I have had no ice cream, candy, cake, cookies, white flour, nothing I shouldn't. I know I'm at goal but I'm trying to get a little lower so when I do eat something I shouldn't or get my period I still fit in my clothes like I like to. I don't like to feel bloated or chunky in my jeans. I'm going to be having birthday parties all weekend and an evening out too. I'm never this busy on the weekend.
Avatar m tn We don't comment on YouTube videos, or info from other sites. You can find ANY info on the internet. 12 weeks is conclusive, period.
Avatar f tn There are over-the-counter PMS medications as well as some you can get from your doctor. If you're lucky, some forms of birth control might help. Or you could just go to YouTube and watch Dolly Parton's "PMS Blues" to feel better about yourself. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I lost 30 lbs in about as many days towards the end of last year... after stabilization period, I really went nuts trying to test the "harder to rebound" claims - surprisingly it seems to have merit. Was 252 to 222 - actually lost a few lbs after the 1st round and weight static +/- 2 lbs for 7 months. On day 20 of 2nd round on hCG - and down a total of 54 lbs.
1693461 tn?1374515429 From what I can remember of it I was 3 cm dialated when my DH asked me how the contractions are going. I told him they feel like mild period cramps. Then it fast forward to me delivering the baby. It happened so fast that my DH had to literally catch the baby. It was so odd. Then I woke up. I'm sure its the first of many.
Avatar f tn I'm waiting for my current period to try my cup. There's a lot of info on YouTube by ladies that actually use them. I've made the conversion to cloth pads too. There is a lot of stuff out there that don't have commercials.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend's condom broke and my period starts on saturday.. What are the chances of pregnancy?
Avatar f tn My hips hurt and I'm pretty sure baby is pushing himself down, i can feel his head really low. I sort of feel like when I was in my period. Do you think that is some sort of signal that labor is going to start soon?
Avatar f tn There are several rhythm/dance workouts on youtube. the ones i've tried are called bodyjam. Which there are a few different ones, about 20 minutes each. there's also Core Rhythms, which is your Zumba type dance. And they have the FULL workout (38 minutes) right on youtube....For free! I have a laptop so i can put it on a shelf on my entertainment center in the living room and Poof! Instant private aerobic dance class. Plus you don't have to buy tons of dvds.
Avatar f tn my last period was june 23rd. My fertile days were from July 3rd-8th. I had sex July 3rd. Is it possible that I could be pregnant??? How long does sperm live inside a woman body??? My next period should be this sunday July 21st. I took a home pregnancy test today and it was negative. Could it be too early/false negative??? Technically I would only be 3 weeks and few days pregnant if I am. I been having white discharge and tingling sensation on my nipples. Are these pregnancy symptoms???
Avatar n tn from 2 1/2 months no period and after that had sex now its3month 10 days am i pregnant... i want to do a abortion please help me......
Avatar f tn Try acupressure girl. Google & YouTube have alot of info and step by steps.
Avatar f tn I have had an irregular period since I was 18.. Don't know why though, but I have a period every 3months.. What do I have to do to regulate my periods again? Eating health (that I've read online) doesn't regulate my period due to me already eating healthy. Does birth control regulate periods? If not what does?
Avatar f tn There are medical issues to consider for each of us. The idea of tapering is to drop small amounts over a specific period of time. You need to be very regimented and stick to your schedule or it won't work. Your doctor can help you with a taper schedule if you can visit with him or her.
1737119 tn?1310628858 21 2011 and i have white stuff comming out of my private part and it __ smells__ and i talked to a doctor and she said only people have that from ether really close to getting there periods like me or people that already have there period and its going to go away it just takes some time and it said the samething on youtube from another doctor so i quess ima get my period but they said 6 to 8 months and its been 6 months so i quess 2 more month
6757576 tn?1384484062 Started period last night. So 11-13. Last month it started on the 16th so that's...exactly 28 days. They are almost always right on schedule. I had some pretty severe symptoms this month and so went looking on youtube for help. Saw a video of a girl who described what I feel and she had filled out a mood tracker chart. I am willing to try this out so I can see it myself.
Avatar f tn I am moat deffently not under weight and I don't over exersise do I don't know why my period is 3 weeks late. I have had it befor this was just after having my period for a year were It was 2 months late I'm gonna say I think I'm a medium sized bone structer. I just hate my stumic and want a flat stumic if you were to go and read my journal on here you will better understand why I want to lose weight.
Avatar m tn Basically what I'm asking can Acute HIV symptoms appear after the 2 to 4 week period? Sex n feb symptoms in may basically.