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Avatar n tn Maybe you have a proplased bladder (fallen bladder). They need to do a urine flow test that entails x-rays while you are standing up and actually urinating. That is how mine was diagnosed. I was exactly like you. It did not matter how little I drank, I was only comfortable when my bladder was LITERALLY EMPTY. I was also diagnosed with IC at the same time. Although I do not have any pain, just had the CONSTANT URINATION, seriously I would go about 40 times in a 24hr period.
Avatar m tn block to see if you are a candidate for the RFA (at least they do for the Facet Arthritis). Then if that works for a certain period of time they will proceed with the RFA. I wish you the very best and hope that you will keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. My thoughts and Prayers are with you.........
Avatar n tn Regarding palpitations, I have about 6,000 a day now. Last December my holter showed three in a 24 hour period. When I had another holter in March, it was something like 677 skipped beats in 24 hours. Another holter in July showed 1,127 in a 24 hour period. My last one last month only had 877, a mild day. They've progressed terribly, no reason why. I will tell all you fellow suffers out there, do NOT be afraid of verapamil or tenormin.
Avatar n tn i have both pacs and pvcs and mine tend to come and go in cycles every few weeks, some weeks ill have maybe 10 a day, and then ill have a period of a couple days or week or two where i have them constantly throughout the day and have up to 5-10 a minute during the night or when im laying down and my HR is slow. my bp is around 110/60.
Avatar n tn Acute onset urinary frequency by RHR, 2 minutes ago I am a 50 yr. old post-menopausal (5+ yrs.) woman having feelings of pressure on my bladder and the need to urinate which never goes away and becomes more acute after urinating. There is no pain or itching. This began suddenly about 10 days ago after week at beach. I was in water, sitting in wet bathing suit and in heat. Have had urinalysis, urine culture, pelvic ultrasound of ovaries and bladder - all normal.
Avatar n tn I have looked at other websites that tell me that period like cramps are an early sign of pregnancy and i am quite worried as i have never experienced period like cramps without a period before. I doubt my period will come (if it does) untill i am due next week because my periods are always regular. I do not have anyother symptoms.
Avatar n tn Hello, My last period was on November. I never miss a period. I feel different, so I think that I am pregnant. I have been with nausea, back pain and a lot of things. I got two blood test negative. Now, my doctor prescribed me the medroxyprogest 10mg. If I take the pills, it will risk my pregnancy.
Avatar f tn At this time I was put on 3 different heavy antibiotics for a total of 5 weeks( told I had a bad respiratory infection) , sent for bloodwork and a heart eeg, sent for allergy testing and sent for a chest and sinus X-rays and given an inhaler to help with the wheezing( I cannot recall which kind it was). The chest X-ray came back clear but the sinus X-rays were "atrocious " which led to a referral for a ct scan.
Avatar n tn I managed to arrange the surgery for the week after a marathon, but given the size of the cyst, he didn't want to wait until after the triathlon for the surgery. How long should I expect the recovery period to be before I can resume my training? My Dr. just said it would take longer than usual to get back to that level of performance. One thing I read said avoid "strenous exercise" for 2 weeks. No one seems to define that term.
Avatar n tn Sorry if this grosses some people out. You period should resume as normal 28 days from you last period if you have been tracking them. I it does not resume, then I would call the DR and take a HPT. I got pregnant immediately. I lost it from an EP but that is another matter. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn ) show me to be in excellent health [note that my resting heart rate was about 50-55bpm at this time]. Frequency of AF events increased through early 2008 but in June, frequency increased alarmingly and no longer needed exercise to trigger it. At this stage I noted a lot of events were soley atrial ectopics rather than what I call 'full AF'. It subsequently emerged that I had contracted Lyme Disease from a tick bite on 18th June.
Avatar f tn Last month 22nd(march) was last day of my period. On the 23rd I started experiencing frequent urges to urinate. Doctor prescribed sulpha without ordering the culture. After 2 days on sulpha with bad reaction from it my medication was changed to cipro and dr. ordered urine culture. The urinalysis came back normal except for high sqaumous cell count). The culture was also negative with very few bacteria.
Avatar f tn Seems to me that's how general doctors react to pregnancy questions cos they don't know any different. It depends on the intensity and frequency of the pain. With ligament pain its for a few seconds that takes your breath away and usually when you have just moved quickly. Its gone then until you move too quickly again. If its frequent regardless of moving and there is any blood then its time to talk to the doctor. Good luck and try to relax.
Avatar f tn I am taking Cabgolin 0.5 mg from last 19th Nov'16. I had my last period on 20th Oct'16. Today is 9th Dec'16. Now I have missed my period which was scheduled on 20th Nov'16. I have done a home pregnancy test on 7th Dec'16 with first morning pee, but result comes negative. Though I have the following symptoms: i) I had observed brownish discharges like embryo implantation bleeding on 10th Nov'16 with mild craming in lower abdomen. It lasted for 2 days.
Avatar m tn However, it is not normal to get x-rays to look for constipation. Usually you should just go off of frequency of bowel movements, consistency of bowel movements, and whether or not she is having pain, difficulty having bowel movements, bloating, etc. Was she having any problems before she got the flu? I think she is not getting the proper care and needs to be seen by a gastroenterologist.
Avatar n tn 1. X-rays were taken (I am told these should be in the weaker spectrum of x-rays in order to minimise negative side effects). It was found that I have degeneration of the cushioning between two of my lower vertebrae, and the chiropractor said that this may result in pinching of nerves. He recommended regular visits to him for realignment of my spine. He also suggested that I do special exercises for the lower back on a regular basis. 2.
Avatar f tn Major mood swings, change in appetite, spotting, change in bathroom frequency, cramping w/o a period, feeling uneasy and extremely fatigued. This was not a planned pregnancy, yet I cant shake the feeling that I am. Is it possible that the urine test was wrong, what if the blood test is negative too? Should I continue to wait before getting the xray?
1684282 tn?1505701570 This method is economically affordable for the two month protection period. The other method of Naltrexone treatment is the injectable route which protects only for one month at an expensive price of $1200.00. At MDS Rapid Drug Detox center we provide such services for those patients who proceed to detox on their own without undergoing the rapid detox method. The patient has to be challenged with an opiate blocker to determine eligibility for the procedure.
1832630 tn?1318060376 * Left ovary - two small anechoic cystic/follicles of 7 x 5mm and 8 x 5mm * Possible hydrosalpinx - blocked and fluid filled fallopian tube/s. * Nabothian cysts - mucus filled cysts on the surface of the cervix. * Multiple uterine fibroids. One submucosal fibroid measuring over 1cm (13mm x 9mm x 7mm). Submucosal fibroids are the least common of uterine fibroids. Submucosal fibroids grow beneath the uterine cavity lining. Symptoms depend on the location of the fibroid and its size.
Avatar n tn Hi I am 37 YO, occasional smoker (up to two cigarettes per week), and have no known causes of respiratory disorders. About a year ago, I experienced a period of about 2 months of general chest pains and breathing difficulties, manifested by an occasional urge to take a deep breath every once in a while, which not always could be satisfied. In addition, I had a sort of localized pain behind the sternum (feeling like bone pain) that was sensed mainly upon certain movements.
Avatar n tn I called my Urologist's office today, the nurse said the doctor was off today and there isn't anything she can do until Monday except for getting a lab order put in for a urine culture, that I did have done. The only symptoms I had when I called her were frequency, bad smelling and cloudy urine, and vaginal pain when I urinate. Now it's those symptoms plus blood coming out when I urinate, I'm not on my period. Is it ok to let this be until Monday or should I go to a walk in clinic tomorrow?
Avatar m tn no drugs are helpful, only cortisone shots are effective for a short period of relief. one week or less. any help would be appreciated. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1198298'>anesthesia dolorosa</a>.
Avatar f tn So I can get period as usuall rite? If x take d antibiotic wat ill hpn? Nw I dont f any bleeding or frequency urination...
Avatar n tn and since my early twenties around the time of my menstrual period i would get a certain kind of arrhythmia that feels like a pvc jumpstarts a string of pvcs in a row and it would last about a minute..never over two minutes...i would get shortness of breath and i would stop what i was doing to wait until it has passed. I can still feel my heartbeat but a little faster....i read that VT...if it was VT, and it lasted longer than 30 seconds to get emergency fast...
Avatar f tn Hi Iam 28 years old female doctor working in primary health center in iraq،recently they discovered that there is leakage of x-ray beam from x-ray unit that is adjucent to my room(approximatly 3-5m between my room and x-ray unit) I calculated the period of exposure to be about 5-6 months in average of 10 times/month of exposure، I noted the walls of x-ray unit are covered with lead bars that not reach ceiling، also I would like to mention the x-ray machine used was portable type،please help me
Avatar n tn By itself, urinary frequency is not a symptom of herpes or any other STD but sometimes frequency occurs in combination with discharge or painful urination. Also, frequency only counts as a sign of infection when it is urgent urination with small volumes. Just peeing a lot, with substantial amounts of urine, isn't a symptom of any infection.
Avatar f tn I am a 28 yo female. Palpable 7 x 7 x 6 mass to left ovary. CA-125 495, all other labs weren't discussed with me as this is recent. I did an Ultrasound and doctor wanted to do a hysterectomy as my tubes are tied and my cycles were so debilitating. After CA-125 results came back I am being referred to a GYN-ONC. I do have palpable groin and cervical lymph nodes that were persistent for 2 months that I have noticed.
454186 tn?1388978568 zak acupuncture Results: After a period of treatment, the patient's symptoms disappeared Zak acupuncture for spondylolisthesis case by Zak on Sat Mar 15, 2008 12:46 pm X, female, 49 years old, leg pain and low back pain for more than a year, began feeling right hip lancinating pain, but there left hip lancinating pain, not to stand straight, the last a bilateral hip pain along, posterior thigh, ectocnemial, intermittent twitch, every half an hour, the pain is just unbearable, patients can
Avatar f tn on sunday (sorry for tmi) i went the toilet 3 times b4 11 in the morning yday i only had one bowl movement which wasnt to bad but i started getting pressure and dull ache on the bottom of my back then i started feeling period type pains to so i went the docs he sed it may be a bug so gave me dioralyte i havent took them yet as ive not hada bowl movement, but the pressure pain in my bottom constantly but the period type pains come and go once ive had paracetomal im just woundering if anyone can