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Avatar f tn On 4/22/08, I received a letter from Cobra, saying, that since I had qualified for Medicare in July,07, that they were dis-qualifying my Cobra benefits, efective July 1,2007 to April 26,2008, making me liable for all bills, which had been pd., during that period. All of the treatments and Doctor appointments that I had during that period, were pre-approved by my Cobra insurance, and they had cashed all of my premium payments. This is going to be a battle, but I am ready to fight!
Avatar f tn this month my period took more days to stop's 14th day,i mean 14days after starting period but i still see it's bleeding.but the pressure is usual...i don't know when it will be stoped.will i die from bleeding?!!!:((oh,i don't hope so:(((...i was really surprised because i seldom see a very little blood,8 days after every period:((...just PLEASE help! does it mean an especial illness?!!!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn The only problem with any of these is that they also have dependency risk, so if you are going to get them, get a small quantity - just enough to get you through the detox period. The Klonopin did help me quite a bit during that first week. Another HUGE help to many in early w/d is exercise. If you get get outside in fresh air and walk (or on a treadmill inside) even for a little bit each day, I think you will feel the difference.
Avatar f tn my period is pretty normal im usually on for 6days but this time on the 6th day it was light but then i put a tampon in and it felt weird so i took it out and now its my 7th day and im bleeding out clots again is that normal? Is there any medical info on it?
Avatar m tn 1) I top the guy about 20 minutes and I ejaculated inside him inside the condoms. Without removing out the condom,I continue top him for another 5 minutes to make him cum as well. Should I need to withdraw my penis just after I cum? Did the ejaculated semen weaken the condoms for my subsequent topping and was I safe from HIV infection? 2) I stop the anal topping session without ejaculation and withdraw my penis from his anus. Condoms was taken out by him and he masturbated me then.
Avatar f tn However she warned me that continuous use of oral contraceptives without break is not at all safe and she advised me to stop them immediately. She also advised me to go for loop insertion and asked me to visit her again when the period comes. I stopped using Mala-D from the same day. During the intervening period from 1st July '09 to 1st August '09 I did not get periods but observed scanty bleeding at very frequent intervals which stopped within half or 1 day. Finally, since two days i.
Avatar m tn Beside the tipically red ones,on my back and shoulders i also have some smaller white pustules.I went to the dermatologist,and she prescribed me Sincoren for the red acnes,and usage of a soap (Reloxyl) containing Benzoyl Peroxide.and she told me that i should use that for o long period of time 1-2years. I didnt use Sincoren for the red acnes,i just use the soap.Now after a year os regulary usage,i dont have any improvement... Im not worried about the red ones,because they come and go...
Avatar n tn I was taking birth control very irregularly, but no sex. However, one night I had a VERY brief and VERY drunk encounter and I'm pretty sure he was too drunk and it lasted a few seconds, don't remember if he came honestly. Anyhow I took about three pills the next day, finished the pack normally and then stopped entirely. I got my period for a couple days and that was mid April... I haven't had my period since, so 4 months.
Avatar m tn ve known several women who have gotten pregnant with condom usage, birth control usage, and diaphragm usage. Have her make an appt with her doctor to verify the pregnancy.
Avatar n tn So when I take 2 pills 3 times a day, thats only 3 hours of relief in a 16 hr period because I have been on these meds for years and I have a high tolerence so they dont last too long. So 13 hours im in pain and not able to accomplish any of my daily tasks or do any activities because im laying down to rest my back. I was wondering if its bad for me to take 1 pill at a time like ever other hour that way I am not layin around suffering all day and my paid will be more controlled most the day.
Avatar f tn With proper condom usage the failure rate is something like 4% - the box you got should have that on it somewhere.
Avatar f tn i woke up with discharge i though it was my period so i went to the restroom and it was a white creamy discharge with odd smell, i get my period in 5 days is it normal?
Avatar f tn Hello, A detailed history, clinical examination and work up is necessary for accurate diagnosis and management of your condition. The duration of usage of any drug depends on the indication and cause. Any medicine may be safely used in pregnancy or breastfeeding providing the benefits to the mother outweigh the risks to the unborn baby. Clexane is not recommended for use in pregnancy unless considered essential by your doctor. Seek medical advice from your doctor about its usage or stoppage.
Avatar m tn I have used tampons ever since I started my period and I never had a problem. I was 11 when I first got my period as well. I believe she will be fine just keep monitoring her use for good hygiene.
Avatar f tn i wasnt sure if my period was off because of my usage and moving in with a bunch of girls