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Avatar n tn I had my period Nov 25-30 and now I am having a upset stomach, nauseas, spotting and it has been going on for days. What could this be?
Avatar f tn i was laying down and it hit me. i found out the babys sex yesterday and now im upset. i was hoping for one thing and i dont get that. but then sex the baby is would be pretty exciting. ill tell everyone the babys sex either monday or sunday. i gues im a little diapointed. im going to love this baby either way but you kno its like you have your heart set on one thing and i dont kno. im just really upset.
1705896 tn?1314815439 Does having your period at all contribute to having an upset stomach with diarrhea?
Avatar n tn i just wanted to let all u know im not pregnant nn im very upset.
Avatar n tn Exactly 1 week ago I had an upset stomach and a fever, I took some imodium as I was at work and had to get home. I slept for the rest of the day but still felt dreadful the following day and slept most of that also. I had excessive wind and abdominal and lower back pain, also a sensation that felt like light period pains, but figured this was just due to the upset and went back to work a few days later.
Avatar n tn I have not had any morning sickness, but I have had a lot of diahria and upset stomach - is this normal??
Avatar f tn The nausea and your period could be unrelated, or I know many women who get upset stomach before your period starts. Sounds as though you've been irregular the past few months. Stress and eating habits can change your cycle, or it could have been implantation bleeding and the pregnancy test you had at the doctor's was too early to tell. You may try another one, or you see if your period comes next month at the normal time. Good luck!
Avatar m tn Right after, I took a shower, and I know that wouldn't stop the chances. Well, its July 2nd and this morning I woke up with an upset stomach, I feel as if I have to throw up, but its not coming up. Note: I have been taking diet pills for about a week now, and lost 10lbs, so I thought my stomach pain was just because of that... Well, I ate special K cereal and silk almond milk, thinking it would help, but my stomach still hurts.
242985 tn?1192591669 I am within my window period of HIV, and have been been under the most stress I have ever experienced. One thing that has been following me throughout this period is an upset stomach, and then on and off diarrhea. I am first assuming these to be symptoms of HIV, but is there any chance I could have this due to the stress I am under thinking that I may have HIV? I am getting tested in a week, but I just need piece of mind for the time being.
Avatar m tn I have chronic upset stomach, but for the past few months about every week or so I have to urinate about every 2 hours for a 24-36 hour period. After that I'll have a couple of days of feeling fine, then gas, bloating and very upset stomach for a few days then the frequent urination again. Not sure what to do but it is causing me a great deal of stress not being able to find anyone else with common symptoms.
Avatar n tn He said he do not want to see me, not want to stay with me, he wish I am dead and that he see his dad forever. Few days before his return, his uncle did kick him in his stomach and I did report to police to investisgate that. I was upset and I did call the police since I can not go there it is a two hour drive.
Avatar f tn She got the Dr and my husband and I were told instantly that it's not a good sign and prepare. We really didn't appriciate the way that was approached. Of course we got upset and she said oh that's normal too... well yes obviously. She also said the yolk looked a little larger than normal too. She was already giving options on how to end the pregnancy but we have another appointment on Wednesday to check everything.
1667208 tn?1333111449 I have a daily fever (no infections) and a multitude of other things but I keep staying away from meds, prescription and OTC because of stomach ache... Everything seems to upset my stomach but they tell me it could be a couple of months until I start to improve. Anyone use anything to keep their stomach feeling better?
1551705 tn?1320640614 ( Feeling very upset tonight, Had a great day ( of day 4 of my final week of tapering: Case Notes: I was on Codeine at 30mg/s 14-16 times a day for 7 years. Eventually A Dr stepped in and now for the past 3 weeks I have been Tapering down, First week 12, Second Week 9, Third Week 6, and now 4 days into 3 a day ) The sleep is a big big issue atm and its driving me nuts, How I long to just lay down and sleep :( Yesterday all I could do was weep from the frustration.
200198 tn?1259891197 I am so upest. I still haven't gotten my period and now have started to be sensitive to smells. I was sick to my stomach yesterday most of the day. The HPTs still say Negitive. It's been a week and 3 days since I thought I had what was Implantation spotting. How much longer till I get a positive if I am?
Avatar f tn I'm so upset I'm making myself sick to my stomach. I had my second chemo today and had an allergric reaction to the taxol. They had me finish with just the carbo. The nurse went over some options with me, but is supposed to call me tomorrow when the doctor decides what to do. One option is to try to give it to me again and hospitalize me for 24 hours. See if they can get me to build up a tolerance. Another option is to give me a taxol sister or cousin drug and see if that works.
Avatar n tn I have had an upset stomach that comes and goes for two weeks, Am i pregnant?
Avatar n tn i just had colon surgery for severe and exstensive diverticulitis and they removed the damaged area and the fact is you can have spells of stomach cramps but it is normaly acompanied by other symptoms such as infection ,fever,constant upset stomach ,aching and dull pain in the far right or left lower pelvic area,constanr constipation or loose stool then they have they have cases to where there is no symptoms at all .
1548028 tn?1324616046 Does anyone have periods of stomach upset after eating and periods of not having an appetite? Doesn't seem to matter if it is something small or what food it is. Jordan has done this a few times in the last year and a half. He is reluctant to eat because he knows it will make his stomach sick. It lasts for several days sometimes. Thanks.
Avatar m tn We thought it might be because he was eating kind of cheap food but I upgraded him to good stuff and slowly cycled it in over the period of a week and a half. It's been three weeks and he is still randomly puking up slightly foamy bile. Drools a bit, gags and then throws up. Before and after he seems perfectly fine. Does anyone have any thoughts? I can't affor to get him to a vet immediately and he seems fine but I am worried. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn hi does any have problems with their periods/ such as stomach cramps. or headaches. or just really generally tired.???
Avatar f tn My dogs stomach has swollen and is filled with fluid, i have been to the vets who thought it might be to do with her liver not functioning, but all blood tests have come back normal. The vets havn't a clue what is wrong with my dog, she stopped eating, they have give her medicine to go to the toilet and heart medicine, and also some steroids to stimulate her to eat, she has eaten some chicken today and seems to have perked up a bit, but she is still full of fluid.