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2006844 tn?1327784614 My husband and I are OK with the idea of another baby since all of our kids are potty trained now. I haven't had a period since the end of Sept. begging of October. I had a normal cycle... Then its January 28th and still no sign of my period... I'm not bloating don't feel anything except cramping. Sometimes i wake up because the cramping is so severe. I haven't gained any weight. As a matter of fact i actually lost weight.
Avatar f tn Why don't you ask your doctor instead of people online. Some will tell you it worked great for them, and others will tell you all it made them do was have diarrhea. Talk to your doctor.
Avatar n tn I have noticed, particularly with my youngest two (boys-ages 5 and 3) that their dinner preferences change, in that for a period-they may like primarily meat and veggies, or veggies and rice/potatoes. I don't stress over this much, as they will eat a portion of the least favorite. As well, I know they eat well all other times. That said, I do not deny them goodies (and even they are not empty calories) on occasion but not until I am satisfied that they have eaten well.
Avatar f tn I have read that alot of woman ovulate right after there periods even though the docs say it's usually two weeks after you stop your period. I believe I ovulated this month the day after my period stopped. I was a lil crampy and ached on my right lower side.
Avatar f tn I am 21 years old. I haven't had my period yet. My 28th day is in 2 days and I don't know what's wrong. I had unprotected sex but he pulled out and I took 2 pregnancy test and they both came out negative. The week I usually start we had a few drinks at my house and I got a little drunk, and we had unprotected sex, but he pulled out and i saw him . I just got my first job.
Avatar f tn please I need your candid response, I menstruated on 10/2/15 n my period is regular it's a normal 28days n I only meet with my husband on 14th, 16th n 18th n 20th n my ovulation is coming on 24th but now am having certain symptoms I had when I firstly became pregnant before i miscarried n am confused right now because I didn't know if am pregnant not to be excited yet. could there be a possibility of it. no test yet to avoid heartbreak.
Avatar n tn im trying to ask would that drug after not taking it for 120 days, would it lets say tell my brain my back hurts so i would seek the drug out, make me trick myself, and make me depressed?
6387282 tn?1381289822 Day 5-10 is LONG and tiresome, with emotional swings that rival my wife (maybe x-wife???) on her period. Day 10 -30 is hold on to your panties for the ups and downs and shakes and doubts and sadness and happiness and confusion and thoughts of when the F will this stop and an incredible amount of horninesss (my wife picked a bad time to bail cauz I would have been balling her ALL the time, her loss is my hands gain I guess). I will say that every day after 10 got noticeably better.
Avatar f tn A few times I'd see a shadow disperse. I have convensed myself it was a trick of the eye - I questioned my roommates til I was blue in the face and I seemed crazy. Nothing too bizarre has happened. The unexplained touch, rub, movement, shadows all terrifying but simple, spread-out creepy yet they seemed loving and fond in nature UNTIL last night. I felt the familiar needing. I thought it was my cats again - it had been so long but it wasn't my cats they were sound asleep in my living room.
Avatar f tn Taking the asprin and folic acid was going to do the trick,and a baby concieved on holiday had to work this time surley! No such luck. Sounds really dramatic but will I ever hold another baby in my arms. I have a little girl who is seven,but having suffered mental illness when she was small,I have always felt cheated out of early mother hood.
Avatar f tn Is that possible or can the pill just be affecting my hormones and making my body think im pregnant. Im suppose to start my period on the 9th of feb that is in 3 days. could i be pregnant?
Avatar n tn i have the 28 day cycle and couting from my AF my period is due the 25th of Sept, but counting from my withdrawal bleeding its due the 7th of oct, am not sure if i should count the withdrawal bleeding as my period, or expect my period on the 25th counting from my last AF IN August.
1759122 tn?1390193482 so i dont keep track of my cycle because it was never an issue or something to worry about. my period is either at the end of the month or the begining or the following month, and neither have occured. i took a pergancy test and it came o0ut negative. i dont want to trick myself into thinking im pregnant if im not, but im REALLY late and no cramps nothing. what is the next step from here?
Avatar f tn When I change my pad or tampon every hour the smell like a dead period will get really bad. The smell will stink up the bathroom. I don't have intercoarse when I'm on my period. What should I do?
436469 tn?1248977445 Thank you for your note. The doctor has put me on provera to spur the period. If it doesn't come, then we will look for scar tissue. Hopefully this will do the trick!
Avatar f tn Hey peeps can anyone here tell me, the answer to my dilema. I have had no period for 3 weeks now. I have done 4 tests all negative. But still nothing. Has this happened to anyone else ? But it ended up they were pregnat ! Please help im pooing my pants !
Avatar n tn I missed my period for 3 months, and then i finally got it, it lasted 14 days and was extra heavy. And then 11 days later i got it again and i've been on it for over a month. I'm not on any kind of birth control and i've never been. I've never been pregnant. I've always had heavy periods. i dont have any kind of pain of any kind. I don't get cramps. I've asked my family if any conditions run in my family, endometrosis, fibroids, polycyctic ovary disease, none of them do.
Avatar n tn Even a drop in pre-ejaculate fluid will do the trick. If her period starts, then most likely she's not pregnant, although some women get their periods even for a few months pregnant. Once a woman is preg., there is no "washing out". I wouldn't worry too much if she really does think she will get it this week, but there is emergency contraceptive availible if you need it. Tell her to call her doctor. This is different from an abortion because the med.
Avatar f tn I have thought about, but never personally taken my pills through to avoid a period but I do have girlfriends who have- i would consider that your period, and not be freaked out if it doesn't fully trick your mother natures monthly gift to not show up a little with spotting or something since you haven't been taking them for a few cycles yet. Best of luck though and I hope you have a wonderful vacation!!!!!!
Avatar f tn I bled a lot after my surgery, I bled a whole month, but I wouldn't call that my period. At one point, I had a small hemorrhoid and my vulva was extremely swollen. I bought some special vaginal wash and it did the trick. That problem eventually went away. My mother wanted to take me to the gynecologist, but I live in France and the French live for their vacations. Needless to say, my gynecologist was on holiday and only coming in for emergencies.
Avatar n tn Okay, so I get the absolute worst cramps EVER on my period. It is honestly the worst pain I have ever experienced. I've tried using a heating pad, doing a light workout like a walk, eating super low sodium, eating dark chocolate for the magnesium, getting omega 3's in my diet, and eating pineapple because it is anti inflammatory. Sometimes I take Advil medicine, but it never does anything to the cramps. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!!!
Avatar f tn Sometimes you can trick your mind and your period goes out of whack. Just wait a week or so and test. If it says your not you might just be stressing out and its causing your period to be off, but if you hoping for a positive. Good luck(: P.S thats how me and my bf did it. It took like 6 months but shes almost here now and i couldnt be happier!
Avatar f tn My period is usually full of clots and really heavy and I never have breast tenderness but since Jan.
Avatar m tn Just got my 8 week test back and it was negative, the following is the story of my window period and what I went through. Hopefully it will put many of your fears to rest. The incident: A series of stupid drunk decisions. I took home a woman a bit older than I, half way through the condom broke. I thought "well, I'm already screwed if she has something" I finished. The second time that night was start to finish with no condom.
Avatar n tn My last period was Oct 25/26 and I'm usually 28 days til the next go around (about Nov 24/25th). What I can gather from the calculators I found online my most fertile time was between Nov 7th to the 11th. In any case, life being as it is I had unprotected sex on the 8th. Our method of birth control was pulling out (we were improvising), but I'm willing to bet that failed since he ended with "God, I hope you don't get pregnant.
1371539 tn?1281271741 Hello, I'm 29.... I haven't had a period in 1 year (this mth) I have symptoms of PCOS such as overweight, facial hair, missed periods. When I had a period it was about 2 times a year, about every 6 mths. should i be worried??? I don't have health insurance right now do to the economy. My husband and I would like to start a family soon! My obgyn said in NOV that if i wasn't preggers in 6 mths of trying to come back and he would give me clomid.
2114766 tn?1334500349 He never even comes close. I had ovulation bleeding about two weeks before my period was due, I've had this before so I didn't think anything of it. Then 3 days later, I suddenly came on my period and I had to run to the bathroom, I thought my period had started early. So I carried on as normal, then the next day it had gone, there was nothing.
Avatar n tn I started my period last week. It went on for the normal 5 days,stopped for a day . Now it's back again I have had it for almost 3 weeks now. I am very tired . Has it got something to do with the blood loss.
Avatar n tn i am 4 days late on my period. last period was 12/14/2010. last had sex on 1/3/2011. my boobs r sore,ovula way darker than usual,im extremly tired nd i have been peeing more than usual.Could i be pregnant?