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Avatar f tn Newborns do not need 4 oz! Their tiny stomach is roughly the size of a large walnut. It can't hold 4 oz in one sitting. Usually the baby will stop when full, and let you know when hungry. If she's sucking her hands and lot, that's a sign she might be getting hungry. Formula babies generally eat everything 3/4 hours, or about 7/8 times in 24 hours. Here's how to estimate by weight what they need.
Avatar f tn I got my period at 6 months when i began to introduce rice cereal. My production stayed where I needed it and didnt need to formula feed. Got pregnant again at 9 months so be careful if youre not wanting another little one any time soon :) Every woman is different. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn I I did not yet give a formula to her.Actually, my last period is last Feb 02 butt until now my period did not came back yet. W what is that mean? I am not fully breastfeedingbut I did not give yet a formula. To my daughter.
Avatar f tn but with my last baby I emptied it daily but thwy took her for a test the day we went home and when thwy brought her back a few hours later they had change her formula so with this one im just going t ok request soy formula since both my other babies was on soy
366779 tn?1291343396 Unfortunately it's impossible to know. You run a higher chance then someone doing 100% nursing, but even that can vary greatly from woman to woman. A better indicator would be if you've seen any signs that your fertility is returning. Temp shifts/increase in cervical mucus, etc. Even with that it's hard to "know" but rather helps you to see the trend towards fertility, usually before it occurs.
Avatar f tn There's some garbage in everything like baby food and mostly everything we eat. Pretty sure that wasn't her question so I guess if people can t answer it they should t respond. She said she isn't going to breastfeed pretty clear there that she won't be going to a.
334776 tn?1249968581 ok girls soooooorry i know it's been awhile! so i've already been back to work and had to quit after 3 weeks...babysitter quit on me, b/c she couldnt do eve's.... we went to florida 4 t'giving to see chris' son and my dad/brother/mammaw, and totalled chris' car in orlando literally 30mins after saying bye to my family(that's the green/blue car in my photos :( ) alex is so totally freakin huge! he's turning into a *Buddha* hehe...
964234 tn?1331949207 Amount and Schedule of Formula Feedings After the first few days, your formula-fed newborn will take from 2 to 3 ounces (60–90 ml) of formula per feeding and will eat every three to four hours on average during her first few weeks. (Breastfed infants usually take smaller, more frequent feedings than formula-fed infants.) During the first month, if your baby sleeps longer than four to five hours and starts missing feedings, wake her up and offer a bottle.
Avatar f tn Make sure you follow instructions on the tin to the t and get the correct formula for age. And of course thoroughly clean and sterilise bottles, boobies keep milk nice and clean, bottles not so much.
Avatar f tn I wouldn't recommend fixing with formula. Just give whatever you can express and than make separate bottle of formula. My mum only managed to breastfeed us until about 2 or 3 months the most. My lo is 11 months and we still breastfeeding.
171867 tn?1271044148 can you mix breastmilk and formula in the same bottle??? I am bf'ing for the next 8 weeks then my ds will be 6 mo and I am not sure how to start weaning at that time?
Avatar f tn Ya I agree I wonder how long I'm going to continue my period cuz I breastfeed nd give formula at night nd I've had my period since the10 th and still haven't stopped so 18 days lol
Avatar f tn has anyone gotten there period while breastfeeding? my baby is 10 weeks old and i breastfeed but i got my period the other day...
Avatar f tn hello, i instoled coper t bfore 2 month but this month my period not coming it is i pregnet or what?
Avatar f tn Oh and if you plan on breastfeeding, all the things for that.
Avatar f tn My baby is a month old and she eats formula the smell of hers is terrible in my opinion and she's a messy one it's always getting In her triple chins and the spit up and it smells so bad!! I wash I scrub under there but it's not going away! Tips on how to make it smell better and how to get it all out?
Avatar n tn My child is now 2 months old. I havent gotten my period yet. She is formula fed how long will this take???
152264 tn?1280354657 Got my "MS-mimic" blood test results back. I'm really wondering if that MS specialist neuro I saw last week cares in the least about getting things right. He seems to have a number of wrong ideas. He thinks that the McDonald criteria REQUIRE MRI lesions for diagnosis, that Lhermitte's is not Lhermitte's if it doesn't shock you down your spine, and now he appears to have gotten the formula wrong for sed rate. My sed rate was 33, which was flagged high.
Avatar f tn So my little Hannah has been getting breast milk, formula, jar food and of course the occasional sneaked table food. She has two full cut teeth and I am slowly weaning her from the breast. Down to feeding on just one breast now. But she doesn;t seem to want to. Do I let her decide or me?
8550901 tn?1400740690 I wouldn't give a 2 month old anything but formula or breast milk. They arent supposed to sleep through the night at 8 weeks old.. some do but they form sleep patterns on their own. You shouldnt give them things to make them sleep. I'd def ask the pediatrician before I listened to anyone else.
Avatar f tn I would only give formula if you do not pump enough. Otherwise if you are away from your baby for an extended period of time then your milk may decrease since breastfeeding turns into an suppy by demand. Most states have laws saying that a working mom is to be given the time needed for pumping throught the work day.
Avatar f tn I'll be breastfeeding, the antibodies and nutrients that your baby gets while breastfeeding can't be repeated in formula, it's so so much better for the baby to breastfeed. It's a GREAT bonding experience, so rewarding and it helps most mommy's lose a ton of weight. I had my son breastfed exclusively for 2 weeks and was below my prepregnancy weight by then, with no change in diet or exercise. It was soo great.
Avatar f tn Blankets for sure and pacifier if your using them. The hospital normally gives you diapers and wipes. Also normally they supply formula if your formula feeding but thats only while you're in there.
Avatar f tn My birth center supplies diapers, wipes, formula if you choose to bottle feed. They provide a generic diaper bag. For moms they give you disposable underwear, big pads(come in handy!) I always pack like I'm taking a mini vaca. And for baby a couple outfits, blanket for going home, socks.
Avatar f tn t been getting none so I have her on gerber the orange formula but last week she started getting bad diarrhe from it so the dr said try soy milk so we switched her to that and today she's been spitting up every time she drinks t so she's back to gerber and sometimes breast milk, can switching so much be a reason?