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Avatar f tn I'll be breastfeeding, the antibodies and nutrients that your baby gets while breastfeeding can't be repeated in formula, it's so so much better for the baby to breastfeed. It's a GREAT bonding experience, so rewarding and it helps most mommy's lose a ton of weight. I had my son breastfed exclusively for 2 weeks and was below my prepregnancy weight by then, with no change in diet or exercise. It was soo great.
Avatar n tn Last month, af showed up, which I was surprised about but learned it happens to lots of breastfeeding mothers. The problem is, my period was due three days ago, but I only had about a day of spotting.
Avatar n tn althought i have now been on this period for like a week and its gottet to the point where it doesn't even look like a period anymore. i am just bleeding and bleeding and it won''t stop. the blood is bright red. and on saturday mornig i passed a huge clot about the size of a softball, and i've been passing clots the size of a tennis ball and some the size of a golfball for two days now. it it so heavy i am wearing super extra tampons and a pad.
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Avatar f tn Try changing to a different nipple of the bottle and / or change formula. When you give her the bottle, hold her like you are breast feeding her. See if that gets her to drink more. In the meantime, give her more food at each meal.
Avatar f tn We have detected he gets a lot of air when he drinks so he has been taking 5 mgs of lozec mups (omeprazonl) per day. I am very concerned because I don´t want this 6 month period so important for growth to pass by with under eating. Thankyou.
366779 tn?1291346996 but rather helps you to see the trend towards fertility, usually before it occurs. If you haven''t gotten a period yet I would venture to say that odds are in your favor you did not conceive however its sill a possibility. Good luck!
Avatar m tn It has Testosterone boosting elements which boost the T level naturally. It has orchid boron which stimulates the circulation of blood, nettle extract which reinforces libido and T level, the orchid substance which reduces stress, saw palmetto extract extract which boosts stamina and even more natural substance which will work for overall state of health. Each one of these components are high quality and clinically tested and approved. It is made in U.S.
1825274 tn?1317545319 aspx Figure your heart rate by this formula The Karvonen Formula is a mathematical formula that helps you determine your target heart rate zone. The formula involves using your maximum heart rate (MHR) minus your age to come up with a target heart rate range (which is a percentage of your MHR). Staying within this range will help you work most effectively during your cardio workouts.
1222635 tn?1366399886 Babies who are 6 months should be eating 6-8oz at a time and 6-9 feedings in a 24 hour period. The 12 hours is ok for her but she willhave to eat more formula in the day. Cereal has added iron and to much can make you get sick easier, veggies are more important then cereal too. SHe should be comsuming 25-32oz a day so she is way behind on nutrition. If the cereal is casuing her to not eat formula then she will need to come off it.
551604 tn?1333986735 so please make sure its her formula before switching her to soy formula. i don;t think parents should give soy formula unless its the only option..
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Avatar f tn Oh and if you plan on breastfeeding, all the things for that.
Avatar f tn Blankets for sure and pacifier if your using them. The hospital normally gives you diapers and wipes. Also normally they supply formula if your formula feeding but thats only while you're in there.
Avatar n tn I have now moved to the similac alimentum which is made for colic... while drinking this formula she seems to act like its hurting her and she won;t take it smoothly at all... I know it smells really bad could it be she doesn't like the taste? Or maybe it;s just her gettig use to the switch? she never acted this way when i switched her to other formulas. She is really fussy at the bottle now and crying in the middle of eating after every few gulps...
Avatar n tn He is a month old and had to transition to formula which now has cause so many problems like gas, reflux, and throwing up all the time. After dealing with that my grandmother just passed and no I've taken that hard. After getting no sleep, practically only 3 hours a night, I feel horrible every day. I think I've been getting depressed from everything building on top of me. Has anyone experienced this before? How do you get better?
172826 tn?1423426556 laptop,camera, toys, clothes etc etc...WHY????even formula... says she has too much...her daughter is 6 months old.. i have yet to ask why she is selling this.. her bf is driving around an escalade... so what sell everything you have.. thats just disgusts me.. they dont have a makes me soo angry...and she is dressed in top of the line fashion.. i would never pay 100 for a pair of jeans.. i used to but now.. 20$ good enough and a shirt no more than 20.. 100$ shirt..
Avatar f tn He told me that he was going to the store tomorrow and buying formula to put a stop to it. We just talked earlier and he told me that he would never tell me how to be a mother to our baby. We further discussed the benefits of breastfeeding. It really hurt my feelings that he too is doubting my ability to feed my baby. She's been really gassy tonight. I felt defeated and gave in. I made a bottle of formula and gave it to her. I feel so guilty.
Avatar m tn The thymus gland seeds the bone marrow with immature T cells which multiply and mature. It is these seed T cells that are destroyed by the HIV virus and their destruction brings on AIDS. Animal studies have been done in Texas in which HIV virus has been cured with thymus. It stands to reason that an HIV patient taking thymus should never convert to AIDS because thymus produces T cells which should prevent the conversion.
Avatar n tn I read in the book that Hcg should be mixed daily, but this company mixes the hcg for the entire six weeks, which the book says is ineffective. Has anyone else been using premixed hcg with success for a prolonged period of time?
Avatar f tn I didn't breastfeed with my oldest son but I'm trying to with this baby .
1486435 tn?1316474499 30 am 2 ounce fomula (ready to use) This goes on all day at about 3-4 hours apart (i alternate between breast milk/formula and ready to use formula) the doctor said I HAD to mix powered formula with my breast milk. Also I Dont make much of the thick milk (the cream as I call it.
Avatar n tn We all have things that are as you say a hot button issue I just wanted you to know that i was very sorry. thanks. but i do have questions that i need answered. I haven;t been on birth control since my son was born wel actually i got a depo shot when i gave birth well the day after.but my periods have been irregular I had one last month on the 5th but this month i haven't had one. should it have came by now or ami just being crazy?
Avatar f tn This will probably go away in a matter of days or weeks. I know that lightheadedness and dizziness are frustrating and make it VERY difficult to concentrate and go about your daily activities. But most people recover fairly quickly, if in fact it was an inner ear virus (vestibular neuritis). Usually, though, that starts with 2-3 days of intense dizziness, which doesn't sound like what happened to you.
Avatar n tn If that doesn't work, find one who will set you up on a taper. I was taking about the same dose you are and I came off C/T. It was not fun, for sure, but the advantage of a C/T is it's over way faster. I'm nont trying to talk you aout of tapering, just giving you my personal experience. Take care and keep posting.
9442948 tn?1406820051 I found that having my small bag with the long t shirt and baby's first clothes ready to get to hospital if I start labour, made me stress less.
159354 tn?1286371288 I've been back at work since Jan 7th and my son is now getting about 1 bottle of formula a day. So the formula started about 2 weeks ago.... I have extreme guilt about this and I know a lot of you will say don't worry but I am and can't help it. The pump just doesn't provide enough milk to supply the day care with while he is away from me. It did the first two weeks but now..
Avatar n tn Day 16 of complete c/t. (BUT, cut way back and started w/d 3 days really day 19) WHEN WILL I GET SOME SLEEP AT NIGHT?????
Avatar m tn list=PL9FxWnfq1Oyo9pHHUPHeQne4iqoZ4zTN_ Figure your heart rate by this formula  The Karvonen Formula is a mathematical formula that helps you determine your target heart rate zone. The formula involves using your maximum heart rate (MHR) minus your age to come up with a target heart rate range (which is a percentage of your MHR). Staying within this range will help you work most effectively during your cardio workouts.
Avatar n tn I am making a kind of research and I`m also personally wondering what are the main issues of giving up breastfeeding? Why mothers usually stop nursing? Or maybe you could direct me to some forums that would answer my questions. I can`t find one myself. Thanks for any help!