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Avatar f tn Had anyone had any signs/symptoms of early pregnancy before they missed their period? I've been having some things that coulda an pregnancy or it could mean something else. I have about a week before I can take a test and I'm just wondering if its possible. Thanks!!
Avatar f tn Right before going to the doctor, I had my last period, which ended a day before my doctor visit. Currently, my period has lasted longer a little over a week (8 days) and is brown in color (sometimes red) and light in flow. I am 17 and have had my period since I was 14. It has been a little irregular in the occurring field and is sometimes a little late. I am also very skinny but healthy. My sex life is little to none (2) with the last occurrence nearly a month ago.
Avatar n tn The only reason I ask is because I had felt unwell the week before my period, and my partner's mother asked him if I could be pregnant. All sense seems to point to no, but I would like to be doubly sure.
Avatar f tn I had unprotected sex a few days before my period was supposed to come and it was a week late. Although if it doesn't come I would take a test.
Avatar n tn last march 14-16, i had an unusual period that it lasts for three days, this is my first time ever. apparently, i had unprotected sex days before and during my period. My bleeding stopped then i had a week spotting (brown-pinkinsh-brown) then i had unprotected sex on march 23. Then the night of march 27, i had a red light spotting (bright pink-brown) that lasted march 30. All these cramps was associated with a light cramps and episode of frequent urinating, lightheaded, dizzy, nausea.
Avatar f tn 5 days ago me and my boyfriend had protected sex using a condom and he didn't even finish but now a week before my period i am having brown discharge, no a lot tho. Also i have been stressed this week but im not spotting. i am very concerned. Can someone please help!
Avatar f tn Instead, I have had extremely light spotting since the 7th - literally a spot a day. Breasts and lower back have been sore since a week before my period was due. Does this spotting count as a period? 4 negative preg tests. No stress.
Avatar n tn i think im in the irregluar zone because my periods dont always land on the same times as the last months and it seems to go on forever, i have tried the pill but i got ill on it so i need to get a pill that is good for me by my doctor, i will retest in a week still no period today still waiting not sure how long its been now i am not stressing as you said :) hopefully it comes soon only 3 more days in the month left, what would u think it is if it hasnt come by the end of next week?
Avatar f tn Before I got on Depo. I would have the same problem. My period would usually come in the next couple of days. But it would not be a bad idea to have a pregnancy test done.
Avatar m tn I start getting symptoms a day or two before my period starts. I have been on the same birth control for two and a half years, also. So my body is well adjusted to my usual cycle. However, my last period came four days early. Is there something specific I should be looking for symptoms wise that may tell me what is wrong? I'm already very seriously thinking about changing birth control methods, too. I'd rather not be on the pill. What are other good options for me to consider? Thanks!
12182312 tn?1427687556 These can start anywhere from a week to 10 days before my period. Headaches Dizzy Abnormal heartbeat Muscle aches Very tired-just wanna sleep Moody Feel like flu. Also, My cramps , which I used to have badly, went away after my son was born 10 years ago.
Avatar f tn Can your cycle create indegestion later too? I've started experiancing that, but it happens the week before and the week after my period as well.
Avatar m tn some women are lucky and neve get it and just go through stuff the week of the period. some always have the symptoms before the period. and some women have periods that change over time and will stop having PMS or start getting it. It looks like you are just now getting it. It's no fun but it's nothing to worry about.
Avatar n tn just a quick question, can any of you relate. Every month 1 week before my period is due, my privite area becomes very sore, red, and itchy. Its very painful. Then once i get my period i am fine for a few weeks, then it repeats. There is no odor and little discharge. Nothing new has happened to me. I had a baby 4 mo ago but that was via csection ( nothing happened down there lol)just wondering if anyone has had this or if this is normal thanks......................
Avatar n tn I spotted for one week before my period. Now that the actual week came for my period i still have not got my normal period. I took a pregnancy test 3 times but it come out negative is this normal?
Avatar f tn I knew about a week before my missed period. I felt the same way at the beginning of this pregnancy as I did with my last pregnancy.
Avatar f tn You generally wouldn't get any pregnancy symptoms a whole week before your period as it would be too early for pregnancy symptoms. It could just be you're getting sick. It can be normal for some women to get certain symtpoms before their period. If you are concerned for pregnancy, and your period is late next week then take a pregnancy test.
Avatar m tn With that said, I'm doubting you got pregnant one day before you expected your period. Perhaps though, it was a longer cycle and you did ovulate late. ??? time will tell. I'd continue to wait for your period and if it doesn't show in a week or so, take a test. Our periods though can be late for lots of reasons. And symptoms of pregnancy this early would not really happen.
1445594 tn?1287149663 It's is 7 days before my period and usual cramping starts only about 2 days before. My husband and I are trying for a baby, however in march this year I lost the last baby due to MC at 6weeks. I have had a cold this week could I have pulled a muscle coughing or sneezing? Or are these early pregnancy symptoms? Nipples are a little sensitive but nothing unusual! Any advice?
Avatar n tn It is common for me to spot a couple of days before my period but this is a week before I was due. If I wear a tampon there will be some brown/old looking blood on it but if I don't wear anything I would never know I was doing it. This is all abnormal for me, is it generally abnormal? Can this mean that I am having a fertility problem? (I don't have any pregnancy symptoms so I really don't think it's that.
774530 tn?1235521993 ok so ive been on birth control[orthotricyclen lo] going on 3 years now, and just in december i started spotting exactly a week before my period would start. i thought i was preg, and thought it was implantation bleeding[because it was exactly like what i read about it] and when i took a test it came back negative. the doc told me it could do with the meds i was taking. when i did get my period it was really clotty, and heavy[which normally its barely clotty and pretty much light].
329086 tn?1205699821 Although this month something weird happend. I spotted 2 weeks before i was suppose to start my period, and then when i was suppose to have my period i spotted for 2 days with light brownish reddish color. I had cramps during the weeks, very tired, moody, and feel i have gained a few lbs. Any advice? Could I be pregnant?