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1522487 tn?1291229404 Well Im period came on the 30 of october 2010 and ended the first week of Nov. its Dec 1.2010 and now i dont feel right my stomach is bothering im hungry all the time.And Nausea took a pregnacy test but negative.So Im just coming down with something or i might be pregnat??
Avatar f tn I did take a test and it was neg but it was still pretty early. I think I will take another in a few days. I was supposed to do a test to check my tubes 5 days after my period but can't do it now since no period. I may need to take privets to get it started if not preg thanks for your response!
Avatar n tn So. I'm two weeks late aside from the last 2 months of weird periods. The symptoms of pregnancy have faded since my last posts. I took pregnancy test which were both negative so I accepted that I'm not pregnant. However, now there's a twist to add to things. This last week or so I've had terrible stomaches for a bit everyday and some of the things I eat now make me sick. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn But with no HCG showing up and these symptoms, evidence is pointing in that direction. You never said when you think you might have gotten pregnant. When was your last period? If you would please provide that information that would be helpful.
Avatar n tn very anxious very worried very scared and highly streesed, for the past few weeks im over 14 weeks past exposure and waiting to take test i couldnt get an appointment untill the new year and im scared of the out come, i have came down with a bad case of flu symptoms at the end of october, also had a cold for the past week to 10 days its just nmainly nasal congestion and may be du to the freezing weather we had and snow causing rhinitis.
Avatar m tn What are these symptoms then ?
Avatar f tn 00 or 2:00 Enen if I am sick Please pray for us Love always sickofit(Jim and Steph)
Avatar f tn ( When I start to feel better for a short period of time I get happy and begin to think I might be better, but then I get sick again as if i was never feeling better, I think I am a little bit depressed because I am no longer able to do the things I love. I have only told 3 of my friends. I am really embarrassed when my teammates ask me whats wrong because I don't know how to reply. I think that some of them think I am just trying to skip or they think its all in my head.
Avatar f tn I never usually do, but my period started yesterday evening and last night I started feeling sick to my stomach. Today I felt so sick in the morning so I staying in bed longer and felt better when I got up. But now, this evening, I started feeling kinda sick again.... Just wondering if it could be from my period or if I'm getting a bug. I'm 41 so I've had lots of periods...just not usually sick like this from it. Thanks in advance for any input!
Avatar f tn Hello, Without a complete medical evaluation it may be difficult for me to confirm the exact cause of your symptoms. Missing a period, feeling tired, sore breasts, feeling sick and vomiting are few of the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy. The symptoms experienced by you could possibly be due to pregnancy or premenstrual syndrome. If you feel that you could be pregnant take up pregnancy test. Visit a gynecologist for more queries and assistance. I sincerely hope it helps.
Avatar f tn I've heard that in the body's weakened state (illness), It's easier for implantation to take place. Your symptoms could also be because your sick. I was sick during implantation and the first couple weeks with the pregnancy of my second child. You will only know after taking a test. It sounds to me like you have a good chance.
1277082 tn?1344061420 this is making me so obsessed, I went back through my tracker to last year june/ july and noticed that between my may 19th period and my blood pregnancy test bfp july 15th I had one period and it was brown discharge. was I pregnant in june and not know it. I didnt take a test maybe I thought I wasnt cuz who knows why. maybe the hcg doesnt go to my urine very easiely. I know in june I woke up throwing up one morning and had a fever of 99.
Avatar n tn Every month during my period, I get sick. I get a fever, chills, and hurt all over, and get bloody mucus in my nose. I also get headaches, that feel more like pressure. This has been going on for months, so it isnt a fluke. Like clockwork, it comes with every period. ALthough, unlike clockwork, my period comes when it feels like it. I also have clots, and went 2 1/2 months without a period recently. Of course, as soon as I did get it, I also got sick. I am 25, and a mother of 3.
Avatar f tn hello..... i have been feeling really tired having headaches feeling sick and have lose of apitite for the past few weeks. now my belly isnt aching and having cramps. i have just finish my period but normally i am on for 6 days but it only lasted 3 days. i am also feeling light headed and dizzy most days. any ideas of what is wrong?
1170694 tn?1285101109 HI, I am a sixteen year old girl, who at the moment is imberassed, and have noticed that for the past several months I get sick during or right around my period. I have extremly painfull cramps, thought I don't know if this is realated. Help, of any kind?
Avatar f tn hey guys, quick question. Does anyone notice symptoms worse when you are sick? The stomach flu is in the family and of course i am right smack in the middle of it. I am on the mend and feeling better but it seems some symptoms have intensified. Not sure if progression or simply from being sick. The biggest thing i notice is the muscle fatigue. I was bent over petting my cat and my back felt like i went thru a 3 hour workout. heat ok when my muscles feel like that?
Avatar f tn dont u think he might be sick or starting to get sick or something? Y would u consider being pregnant unless u think u are.. is ur period late or anything?
Avatar f tn Ok thanx I know ur right, I'm waiting to be tested I'm on my window period now. I was just woundering if u usally get consistently sick Is this a sign of hiv, basically. I have very high anxiety about it.
Avatar f tn Ok well I've just had a weird period (read my post pregnant or weird period) an I've been getting cramps and peeing heaps lol but i haven't been tired.. I've been wide awake instead.. Normally I get a good nights sleep but lately I haven't been able to get to sleep til around 5am and then I sleep all day..
4941554 tn?1361753758 i havent had my period since november last? yesterday i noticed i have a brown coloured discharge and last night it was slowly turning into blood. but it isnt very heavy and doesnt even make it to my liner, its just there when i wipe. some one please help me? and before anyone ask yes i have taken a home pregnancy test and it came up negitive.
Avatar f tn My period day came and i tested, it showed up positive within seconds again. The next day i was very sick.. up until week 13-14 i could barely eat or drink anything. that went away and came back at week 16. Now at week 23, i just have heartburn that doesnt allow me to sleep very much. but all in all, pregnancy is a beautiful thing no matter how miserable you feel <3 good luck!!
Avatar f tn I was TTC so I tested before missed period & before any symptoms, lol sometimes I wish I had a more interesting story to tell lol..
Avatar f tn what is one of the first symptoms you ladies experience with the pregnancy?