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Avatar n tn I took it because my husband and i had unprotected sex and i alway like to know ASAP and cant wait. but it came back negative. I also took it because i had no symptoms of my period coming like i usually do. other than sore breasts. a week and a half before that i was getting headaches and light headedness. My period came a day later but not as a period but dark brown spotting only when i wiped. Its 3 days past and the spotting has somewhat ended and there is still no sign of my period.
Avatar f tn I got sick the week my period was due(but i think my dates werwe off so i think it was really just a day or two before). i was dizzy, had headache and nausea. But you are still quite far from you period so not likley to be preg symptoms.
Avatar f tn I was TTC so I tested before missed period & before any symptoms, lol sometimes I wish I had a more interesting story to tell lol..
Avatar f tn Im trying with my boyfriend. My period is due in 3 days and i have been experiencing fatigue and bloating my breast even feel heavy. I noticed ive been eating alot to. Could i be pregnant or is it just period symptoms?
Avatar f tn I hope so too!!! In the past, I've had the same symptoms, and I've been pregnant, and I also have not been pregnant. My body is so strange. I think I just need to wait this one out.
Avatar f tn I've wanted a baby for a while now, and I think I may be pregnant!! :) if I'm right I'm only 2 weeks in (super early) I can't test just yet, but I have some symptoms that are leading me to believe I am pregnant. I've looked online for symptoms and I match up pretty well, but I want to know what other people are experiencing, not what Google says lol. So my question is, what did some of you experience in the beginning?
Avatar n tn Though in general, symptoms are completely unreliable in trying to figure out if you are pregnant or not. These symptoms may also be from stress, illness, a hormonal change, or something else. Take the home pregnancy test and then go from there. Good luck.
Avatar f tn what was your very first symptom that made you think you were pregnant? other than the missed period of course.... for some its sore breasts, for some its nausea... what was yours?
Avatar f tn Symptoms don't usually start that early. Wait until you've missed your period and then test. I know it seems like an eternity, but it should only be a couple weeks away.
Avatar f tn Those can also be signs your about to hey your period. If your period is late or close to being late take a test. No one here can tell you if your pregnant.
Avatar f tn Ok well I've just had a weird period (read my post pregnant or weird period) an I've been getting cramps and peeing heaps lol but i haven't been tired.. I've been wide awake instead.. Normally I get a good nights sleep but lately I haven't been able to get to sleep til around 5am and then I sleep all day..
Avatar f tn if you had a normal period then likely hood is your not pregnant,your period may have been late due to late ovulation.just because you had unprotected sex it dont mean your pregnant,there is 25 - 30% chance each month of a women becoming pregnant.but if your having symptoms then take a test.
Avatar f tn Can the symptoms of pregnancy be similar to the ones before or during your period?
Avatar f tn When I went to my DR.. and said I was having cramping like I was on my period.. She said that it's implantation.. So it's normal when ones pregnant.. So you're probably pregnant.. But have you been getting negative Tests? It still may be too early.. Every test I took at home (3) were all positive and 1 was neg. at the DR's and then a VERY light positive the 2nd time at the DR.. I knew I was pregnant 'cause my body was totally different and I just knew..
Avatar f tn I had sore boobs and morning sickness at 7 weeks.
Avatar n tn i want not 2 become pregnant . but my period is not came at today(20). and my breast having swelling with that day and now getting pain only one part of breast. i have also pain in below side of stomach like a period days but period is not came . so please suggest me what i do.
6763424 tn?1426255108 What are sum symptoms of being pregnant? My period is suppose to come on tomorrow but I feel really weird!
Avatar f tn You cannot be pregnant and still have periods. Most likely it's something else that's causing your periods to come later these past 2 months. Of course, there is nothing to stop you taking a pregnancy test to see what it says, but like I said - it's very unlikely you're pregnant since you're still getting your period. Symptoms don't determine a pregnancy. They can be symptoms of so many other things as well. How late was your cycle?
Avatar f tn I didnt really have symptoms at all just cramping but they said it normal, that my body was getting ready for a baby!