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229436 tn?1282260671 I have had it before when I was pregnant. Your symptoms are consistent with pregnancy, but I have felt pregnant before and turned out not to be. So go get a test and do it first thing in the morning! (You get the most accurate results in the morning when you use your first morning urine.) Good luck!
Avatar f tn Yes you are pregnant.... Noone on here can tell you! Take a test.
Avatar f tn sound like u might be pregnant to me because of the systom.
324269 tn?1229037481 t get your period if pregnant, but its common to have some spotting, and people often think its their period. Just test when you are due for your period. If its negative and you don't get your period, or you aren't sure, test again in a week. The breast pain is too nonspecific to mean a thing. Good luck!
6005137 tn?1378211688 Now I am 5 days late and having symptoms of pregnancy but I have had 2 negative tests and this morning I started spotting. Im confused if it is just my period coming or could I be pregnant?
Avatar n tn no period for 2 months, pregnancy symptoms lower back hurting get tired fast sore breast very nauseous all the time thighs are sore get headaches sometimes but I woke up this morning bleeding but im still feeling symptoms idk whats going on help ???
Avatar f tn I Hve not had any other symptoms no tender breast or anything. Could I be pregnant ?..I Hve been suffering from some gastrointestinal problems and I'm hope I'm not confusing it with any pregnancy related symptoms.
Avatar f tn It is important to know though that knowing the symptoms do not determine if you are pregnant. If you believe you are take a test or visit the doctor.
5592581 tn?1370521405 Your probably psyching urself up and causing symptoms. I think the earliest test u can take is 5 or 6 days before last period. Im on my 4th and the tests never came negative and symptoms usually start when ur period is missed possibly a few days before you will start feeling fatigued.
Avatar m tn Those symptoms are typical symptoms of a period. The only way you could be pregnant is if you had unprotected sex during your period (some women ovulate n their period). If you did, it is really too soon to be feeling those symptoms.
Avatar f tn If I were to have a period it would be coming on Monday. I have no symptoms of a period at all. I usually show symptoms of a period a week ahead but none so far. Any advice besides going to the doc, that you can give me?
433182 tn?1205166176 I feel like im about to get my period but its way to early for it to start. Should i test or wait to see if my period comes?
Avatar n tn I was on BC for 2 1/2 months until I stopped taking them in May. I got my first period at the end of June, and now I am 4-5 days late. My symptoms are: -slight cramping (lower than normal menstral cramps) -nausea -food cravings/stronger sense of smell -somewhat constipated -headaches/dizzyness -exhaustion/insomnia -missed period -breasts may feel a little heavier (I am a natural 38DD, so they always feel heavy..
Avatar f tn You're being paranoid. 2 weeks you're not considered pregnant pregnant And I don't think you would feel symptoms around 2 weeks. Idk if that even made sense. And you took the pill. On time so you should be good.
Avatar n tn I have had my period and am still on the pill. I have gained like 2 lbs and have some symptoms like fatigue, bloating, but no morning sickness or anything. I may just be worrying myself but I am too scared to go get a pregnancy test and everytime I look in the mirror I just convince myself that I am pregnant. What are the chances that I actually am and do you think I am??
1900506 tn?1323022273 Since you're bleeding that just sounds like the start of your period. The symptoms you describe don't necessarily mean they're because you're pregnant, you could just have a virus or PMS was causing you to feel like that. Keep and an eye on the bleeding and see what it does over the next few days - if you continue to bleed med/heavy like a normal period is for you then it's just your period.
Avatar f tn Hi! So I've been having a load of pregnancy symptoms ranging from nausea to constipation to headaches to my boobs changing in weight and tenderness to cramping and spotting and constant fatigue, etc. The ONLY symptom I don't have yet is a missed period. I've taken 4 early tests and they've all been negative. I talked to my boyfriend before the tests about the possibility ofmy being pregnant but that I wasn't 100% yet and he told his family.
Avatar f tn StacyMarie6211 well erm I've been pregnant 4times now erm when wad your last period hun and ring then up and tell them to book an earlier appointment get a clear blue digital if you haven't had a period for 3 months then your 3 months pregnant or less and how often do you start is it every 28days or it could be that problem you have ovarian cysts I don't know weather that can mess around with your periods and reg or ireg?
Avatar n tn From what I gather do you mean that you took the test on Monday, 2 days before your period was due? Or was the Monday 5 days after it was due? If it was the first, then you could have just tested too early. Did you use first morning urine? Could just be that you are having pms or even coming down with something. And there are many other reasons as to why your period could be late...stress, changes in weight/diet, hormonal imbalance etc.
Avatar f tn ll know for sure is if you miss your period or test around when your period is due. Unfortunately you cant tell based on symptoms alone since there have been women who have had every symptom in the book and not been pregnant.
1785438 tn?1314987935 Could I actually be pregnant but just having false negatives? Or did I have a miscarriage? And where is my period? I'm so confused!!