Period symptoms or pregnant

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Avatar f tn Yes you are pregnant.... Noone on here can tell you! Take a test.
324269 tn?1229041081 You won't get your period if pregnant, but its common to have some spotting, and people often think its their period. Just test when you are due for your period. If its negative and you don't get your period, or you aren't sure, test again in a week. The breast pain is too nonspecific to mean a thing. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Are these more pregnancy or period symptoms. I have a hard time with the difference of the two because I have never been pregnant before.
1240664 tn?1322943142 8 weeks and 6 days since last period i feel cramping , headache a little nausea without throwing up and heartburn might be a stomache bug idk
229436 tn?1282264271 I have had it before when I was pregnant. Your symptoms are consistent with pregnancy, but I have felt pregnant before and turned out not to be. So go get a test and do it first thing in the morning! (You get the most accurate results in the morning when you use your first morning urine.) Good luck!
Avatar f tn Unfortunately light spotting and cramping are symptoms of both being pregnant and having your period. The only sure way to know is to take a pregnancy test. I took a First Response test 4 days before my period and got a positive result, so you could try that brand. I know there's a lot of questions about which brands are best for early results, but that one worked for me. If you do get a First Response test just make sure it's the one you can get early results with.
Avatar m tn i'm supposed to get my period in two days, but i still need to know if i might be pregnant or just going to start my period.
Avatar n tn We both have researched this tirelessly and both come up with the same thing, that spotting could be sign of coming period or pregnant. We are MAJORILY STRESSING, so any opinion anyone has on likely-hood of pregnancy or period, would be greatly appreciated! And quick responses would also be appreciated haha.
Avatar f tn I have had no spotting either. Could this because I am due for my period or could I be pregnant? Please help!
6005137 tn?1378215288 Now I am 5 days late and having symptoms of pregnancy but I have had 2 negative tests and this morning I started spotting. Im confused if it is just my period coming or could I be pregnant?
Avatar n tn here is the weird thing i always last 5-7 days usually very haeavy this time i was done by the 9 so my period lasted a day and a half and was very light. did i get my period or could i be pregnant? i am new to the whole trying to concieve so i dont know what to look for. i did take a hpt yesterday one of the digital kind it came back not pregnant but when i took the test strip out there was a faint second blue line. very confused.
Avatar f tn sound like u might be pregnant to me because of the systom.
Avatar f tn Also last month my boyfriend n i had sex on all my FERTILE days. Is this my period or am i pregnant? Someone please give me some feedback.
Avatar f tn Cramps, supper light bleeding( burnt red like), nausea, bloating, blue veins popping out of my breasts, tender and bigger breasts,and super hungry all the time(but eating heathy)sometimes i crave paper or dirt. I am not just making this up!!! this is real! Also can you have bleeding during early pregnancy? i want to test... but i do not have the guts to ask my parents to run me to the store and get me a stupid test! Thank you so much for any help at all! XOXOXOXOXO to everyone who helps me!
Avatar f tn Have you done a pregnancy test?