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Avatar f tn I felt some odd sensations I can only describe as pulling in my lower abdomen. Lower back pain. But...those are also sometimes symptoms of your period coming on. Anyway...I know that wait until you can test is sheer torture - everyone here has been through it. Just try to keep yourself busy for the next few days!
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 21 and trying for a baby, I been experiencen tender boobs,reallly tired,some light cramping,hear burn and weeing a lot more than usuall my period isn't due for another 5 days but I'm unsure u could get the symptoms so early and woundering if I could be pregnant?
7764088 tn?1423168555 t test till two weeks after my period was missed. With this one I was craving weird foods I tested the day after my period was due.
1181036 tn?1367368640 I thought it was a little early too, but in my last pregnancy I started noticing symptoms around 7 or 8 dpo. Well today is CD 26 and my cervix is high and soft again and I had ewcm...which is really weird because I already had high soft cervix and ewcm around Christmas time. No idea what is going on with my body because I don't usually get anything but thick sticky cm before my period (sorry tmi). Also, I still have the leg/joint pain and heartburn.
Avatar f tn Just the smell of certain things would make me gag or even vomit.I thought it was signs of my period bc this would happen sometimes before my period so I tried not to pay it attention.Then I thought it was a virus bc it started happening too often so o went to the ER where I found put I was pregnant.
Avatar f tn So I am 21 I am Not sure if I am pregnant but I'm having a lot of pregnancy like symptoms. I'm about 4 weeks. I have heartburn ever day for a week. My breast are sore and I'm experiencing cramping. I've been pregnant before and miscarried but didn't find out until I was 7 weeks but I do remember the heartburn.. any ideas ?
Avatar f tn Has anyone experienced heartburn during their 2ww...Its not really that bad but of course I am noticing even the slightest changes within my body....Also, I don't have cramps, but I feel a slight discomfort in my lower bell at times....HELP!!
Avatar f tn One cause of heartburn is celiac disease. This and lethargy were the ONLY symptoms my coworker was having. She's about 50 I guess. Her doctor checked her labs and she was positive for celiac disease. She had low levels of vitamin D and some other vitamins and minerals. No heartburn medicines were helping. Upper and lower endoscopy were done, and upper endoscopy showed the damage from the celiac disease. She went gluten-free.
Avatar f tn What are the symptoms most of you mommies get at 21weeks?
Avatar f tn Prilosec and Nexium is for heartburn. Prilosec is taken over a 14 day period and can only be taken every 4 months. Not sure about dosing for Nexium but Prilosec is often prescribed because it is over the counter.
Avatar m tn The symptoms you are feeling are symptoms of preganancy but can also be symptoms of other things as well so you dont want to soley rely on them. If you are due for your period and have not recieved it I would take a HPT using first morning urine to make sure.
Avatar f tn I didnt have symptoms till about 3rd tri and that was like back pain, swelling, and heartburn. Dont stress too much on symptoms not everyone gets them.
Avatar f tn Hi all, Where do I begin, I started my last period on the 28/29th of June and it stopped on the 3rd of July.I had unprotected sex a few days after and again on the 13th. So six days later I had a tiny bit of brownish spotting on my underwear and nothing since.
9163191 tn?1405181980 My mums got my heartburn and leg cramps.
Avatar f tn i didn't have any symptoms . i didn't even belive i was pregnant because i had none lol your lucky ! because every once in a while i get morning sickness and its horrible !
Avatar f tn period finished two days ago and was on nexeum for week havent had heartburn since last monday and no constipation in two weeks just feeling nausea and swelled
1159055 tn?1262584798 My cycles have been pretty normal my whole life. In October my period came on the 1st. It was normal. In November, my period didn't come until the 15th, last only about 3 days and was pretty light. In December, my period didn't come until the 22nd and lasted only about 6 hours and was basically just spotting. For January's period, it was very light on the 9th, lasted for 36 hours.
Avatar f tn My nipples were sore, and still are, but the real symptoms started when I was 6 weeks. Morning sickness, daily headaches, occasional heartburn and frequent urination. I had a lot of cramps off and on but was told it was normal. The bad part about pregnancy symptoms is that they are so similar to pms. My sore nipples was a common pms symptom, but heartburn wasn't.
Avatar m tn Ok so hubby and i are TTC. I triggered Wednesday of last week. I will be 7 days past trigger today. I'm having serious heart burn. I've never had heartburn before. The past 2 days I've had off and on lower ab pain like something sharps going thru my ovaries or something..... Is it too early for these symptoms???
Avatar f tn All there with you. It panicked me aswell. It's a good thing not bad. I'm still getting heartburn and other symptoms.
Avatar f tn My nipples became very sore on the March 20th I also had a pain in the lower left side of my stomach. After that I also began having other symptoms like bloating, my boobs began peeling, & were very tender. I cramped, & was nauseous for the next week. Then my period was four days late. I cramped & then it finally came on the 30th of this month. Today I woke up with back pain, heartburn, sore nipples, & light cramping & bleeding heavily.
Avatar n tn I started feeling symptoms 2 weeks before my period... I had been trying to get pregnant for 3 years with my husband and couldn't.
Avatar f tn cramps, heartburn, diareah (sp?). but its been acting this way for a week... but no blood yet. idk what cpould be wrong. my mom and sis both say they cramped like this when they were pregnant but idk. could i be? last intercourse was over 3 weeks ago. i took a test wensday and it was negitive but idk what else it can be.
Avatar f tn lol it's still VERY early for you!!! maybe you're having symptoms super early, but that's REALLY early for heartburn & stuff.. unless you're eating something to cause it. a lot of women don't get symptoms until 6 weeks or further along.. I'm up once again, 4:30 a.m. with heartburn, insomnia, ugh.. I still feel blessed though!!!
Avatar f tn Well, yes, it's possible that you saw evap lines. The thing is, constipation, more frequent urination, heartburn, severe cramping, and extra discharge aren't symptoms of a healthy early pregnancy. Constipation, frequent urination and heartburn are symptoms of late pregnancy, caused by the size of the baby pressing on your organs. Severe cramping indicates you may have a period on the way that is a little late, and heavy.
Avatar f tn I could be wrong but it seems like you could be over thinking your symptoms or even stressing yourself out which made your period a couple days late I would wait a couple more days to take a test if still negative I would ask for a doctors opinion
Avatar f tn I didn't have any symptoms until the heartburn started at 35 weeks.
Avatar n tn t have any symptoms at all. It was amazing all through the pregnancy besides some heartburn here and there. You may be one of the lucky ones that don't get sick and feel great(: congratulations on your pregnancy!