Period symptoms but no period not pregnant

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Avatar f tn Maybe! It's always a possibility that a medication or something can affect your birth control. If it did affect it, your body might not have absorbed the pill as much as it needs. Therefore, your body could think you stopped taking it sort of thing. I know a lot of people who don't get their period after they stop taking the pills for a month or more. It could be stress. It coud also be (and I hate to say it) menopause. I know my mom is starting it. Sort of. And she is 43 years old.
Avatar f tn Is it possible to be pregnant and not have any symptoms? I tried looking it up, but it seems that women always say that it feels like their period is coming. If this probably isn't pregnancy, could there be something wrong or could it just be really late? Thanks!
Avatar f tn Well, I went to the DR in March, they wanted to put me on BC pills, i said i would try it, but no promises. I got my period normal in March. April held a 3 day late, 2 day long period, but May and now June, nothing! only cramps. . When i went to the DR in March they did a blood test, because i've had an ectopic Pregnancy in 2010, so they wanted to take no chances.
Avatar f tn hi. so my periods are usually irregular. but i haven't had a period this month. i've been having cramps and instead of a period i get white discharge and today i had a little spotting. i had anal sex about 2 months ago and i know that it's not that possible to get pregnant through that but i'm worried. i took a pregnancy test a week ago and it was negative. sometimes i feel sick after i eat and i'm always really tired now. i haven't gained or lost any weight.
Avatar f tn Now here recently I have been very moody, hungry, tired, dizzy on and off, and sometimes nauseaded. I am due to have my period today but no period, no spotting or usual brown discharge I usually get the day before or the day of. Normally I have sore breasts a week to two weeks before I start my period and I haven't had the first sign of that until yesterday. I had taken a pregnancy test (cheapo one) the day before yesterday and it was negative.
Avatar f tn The last period I recevied was on Thanksgiving last year.I know I am not pregnant because i just had my tubes tied and burned in 2006. I am still tired, cramps lower back, and my right breast itching.
Avatar m tn I haven't had a period since before Halloween and I've taken two pregnancy tests two weeks apart from each other and both are negative. I don't feel pregnant at all. I was on birth control since June 2011 and stopped it October of this year. I was told that it would take a little while for my period to come back but the doctor said it shouldn't have taken this long. So, I thought that if I was pregnant I would at least have some symptoms but I don't.