Period symptoms but no period not pregnant

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Avatar f tn She will also randomly talk about my future kids and how she's going to spoil them. The pattern is there (no period but symptoms and thinking you're with child, though it's possible you could be if you've been having unprotected sex). Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn I went to a doctor last week and she prescribed me Duphaston 10mg. I took it 3 times for 5 days, but I've still not got my period. I have no signs of irritation or any sort of health problem otherwise (no cramping, no spotting). Have a white discharge occasionally. Please tell me what is the reason I've not yet gotten my period.
Avatar f tn Is it possible to be pregnant and not have any symptoms? I tried looking it up, but it seems that women always say that it feels like their period is coming. If this probably isn't pregnancy, could there be something wrong or could it just be really late? Thanks!
2103434 tn?1333675633 Suddenly I began to get cramping and yesterday it was strong enough for some midal....but still no period?? I has some cm off and on but not A TON, plus my breast tenderness is on the sides on my breast and under them( sore to the touch) and they are most sore before bed and early in the morning. I took 2 pregnancy test from the dollar store 2 days ago that where both negative.
Avatar f tn You can have some vaginal bleeding when pregnant but NOT a period. A period is the shedding of the uterine lining and unfertilised egg each month if pregancy has not occurred - hence why you cannot have a period when pregnant.
Avatar n tn I too was taking Clomid 50mg for 3 months - got my period the first 2 but the third month I ovulated but still no period. Took HPTs but they all came back negative. I am now in day 40 of my cycle. My breasts are extremely tender... and I had very light bleeding a few days before my period was due (implantation bleeding?). My question is - have any of you experienced "pregnancy" symptoms while not getting your period on Clomid? I am also peeing a lot.
Avatar n tn You have your period You ve done pregnancy tests Your using protection which I may add GOOD for you!! ALot of people out there dont and then end up saying "HMM you think I could be pregnant! DUH!" I would say no! To put an end to your worries a blood test is accurate but From what you are saying Id say no..
Avatar n tn i got my last period on 18th october and i was supposed to get my period on November 14th or 15th.Then i got period symptoms but i didnt get period.i took home pregnancy test on 24th and it was negative and also i got my period that day itself. 25th was my second day n there was no bleeding all(normally2nd of my periods it bleeds )why is this change so ???what should i do ???
Avatar f tn hi im 18 and im ususally a heavy bleeder on my period,but this time i had sex on the first day of my period and it was heavy and then the next day was heavy then the last three days were light but heavy enough for me to need a ive been feeling ill: nausea and this normal???
Avatar n tn Was 6 days late and when my period finally started on Nov 21st it was thin bright red blood. No cramping, no PMS symptoms at all. It lasted 2 full days and I spotted on the 3rd. The 4th day today, I did another pregnancy test just out of curiosity, negative result. Now, my question is....will the bleeding for a short time throw my ovulation earlier than it would normally be or is it still possible that I'm pregnant?
Avatar f tn Hey ladys, I have been ttc for a while now but I seem to have hit a snag. My last period was in November and towards the end of december I really felt pregnant, I had alot of symptoms and was really excited. So I took pregnancy test after pregnancy test and every time still negative. My last test I took was last week and it also said negative. So now it's almost febuary and still no sign of AF or a baby :(.
Avatar f tn When should i have my period I had a baby 3 months ago last time I had sex was maybe a couple weeks ago he didn't ejaculate in me after that I took 2 pregnancy test came out negative but I'm stressing because I'm not nursing and wondering when my cycle would start.
Avatar f tn from november, it stopped coming and all the way till today, i still havent had my period.. im not pregnant, cos my tummy aint getting bigger or anything and im not having symptoms of pregnancy. can you please tell me what it is please??
Avatar m tn I haven't had my period in over five months but this month when I thought I was going to get it I only had some brownish black discharge. I haven't had sex in over a year so im not pregnant and im still getting cramps only more painful than the ones I have when I have my period. I cant go see a doctor I have no medical insurance.