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Avatar f tn Agree with the other post sounds like ur period was just 2 days late but after ur period u can try again. Just don't stress too much over it cause that can mess with ur cycle.
Avatar f tn I'm 13, and I get nauseated very easily. I've thrown up about twice, in my shorts time or having a period. I'm not sexual active, but I do come around to a now and then moment of my self time. (masturbation..?) I don't know what exactly makes me feel so ill, but I do know that it's normal to have cramps an all, but I'm not positive on vomiting.. I'm just trying to inform you that your not the only one.
Avatar n tn ve read from other forums people having the same symptoms. It only seems like to me, that these symptoms arise when I should be experiencing a period. I figure it will go away in a week like my cycle does.
Avatar f tn It might take a while for your period to sort itself out. Your symptoms sound like normal pms symptoms as well. I didn't get my period back til I was 4 months postpartum. It was 40 days til my nexylt cycle then it was 38 after give it time!
Avatar f tn How long after you stopped bleeding before these symptoms started? Most likely it is your period. What probably happened was that you just bled for so long with the miscarriage that it wasn't that long of a time between miscarriage (beginning) and period than you thought it was. Remember, once you miscarry, your cycles are essentially "restarted" and everything will probably happen in a different time frame than before, just like after a full-term pregnancy.
Avatar m tn Could be pregnancy. Could be implantation bleeding. I'm thinking highly that she could be prego because I'd the period is late and only 1-2 days...then it may not just be a period or a short one due to pregnancy. Its way to early to test and I know it ***** to wait for an answer. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn On 4/15/16 I had an emergency csection and got eclampsia after I delivered. I had the full 6 weeks of postpartum bleeding but got my period 1 day after it stopped. I'm pretty sure it was my period due to the symptoms and flow. It lasted about a week and now, a week later, it's starting again. I am breastfeeding and supplementing with formula so I figured it would return fairly fast but not this soon or frequent. Has anybody else experienced this?
Avatar f tn But I shouldn't be pregnant right I've taking pregnancy test n there negative I'm just stressing because I'm use to having a period like 1 month after birth with my other kids
Avatar n tn i got my last period on 18th october and i was supposed to get my period on November 14th or 15th.Then i got period symptoms but i didnt get period.i took home pregnancy test on 24th and it was negative and also i got my period that day itself. 25th was my second day n there was no bleeding all(normally2nd of my periods it bleeds )why is this change so ???what should i do ???
Avatar f tn The other symptoms and signs suggestive of pregnancy are sore breasts, increased urine frequency, nausea; fatigue etc.This test can be taken up 2-3 days after a missed period. This is merely an advice and not a substitute for clinical examination. Consult a doctor for more queries and assistance. Best luck and take care!
Avatar f tn why after my period i have like black period very smelly ? Just for 4 days like that but vry darker i dont know why. Is it normal? My period takes like 1 week till it ends.
Avatar f tn Is it possible that i couldve gone pregnant 3days after my period? Then concieve 1wk after?
Avatar m tn Okay so I'm having clots after my period and I just need a straight answer of whether or not this normal and if you think it's an emergency situation that I need help with right away.
1819982 tn?1346806998 My 2nd was natural, I was not far along at all and my numbers (hcg) had never gotten very high. After I bled from the m/c it was about 3 weeks or maybe 4 when I got my period and it was a normal period. I just had a m/c last week, so we'll see with this one. It was natural, so I'm expecting to get a period in about 3 weeks (hopefully). If you m/c on Oct 4th, maybe the spotting last week was your period. Maybe your body trying to get back to normal, but just not quite there yet.
Avatar f tn i believe i am on my period currently (since 13th of october), but symptoms are very different this month. first of all, my periods are usually moderate in terms of flow, but this time it seems to be very very light. my period blood only shows up when i wipe, and little blood is on the actual pad. in addition, my period seems to be late by 10 days, which isn't normal for me because i usually have regular periods (28-31 days) but this one seems like it started after 40 days.
Avatar m tn I have a 4 month baby boy and for the past 2 months i have gotten my period. Prior month period lasted about 2 weeks light spotting the whole time. I usually get them two weeks before the end of the month but november's period went to the beggining of december. So till this day i haven't gotten my period. I've been having period like symptoms (tired,very cranky,blotting, back pain etc..) Took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. Can anyone give me advice.