Period symptoms after ivf

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Avatar f tn You were most likely given progesterone and estrogen during the IVF cycle which can mimic pregnancy symptoms. When your beta hcg came back negative your clinic most likely advised you to discontinue the meds. It can take up to 2 weeks to get a period. If its been longer then 2 weeks make sure to notify your clinic. The fertility meds can mess up your cycles. If you feel strongly the lab test was inaccurate you could ask to have another one done or do a hpt.
Avatar n tn I had IVF in June. They did a pregnacy test 11 days after tranferring 3 embryos. The test was negative (hcg <1.00). They had me stop all meds, and my period did come within 1 week (very different from any other). A week after the test, I began to have so many pregnacy symptoms. I have 4 children so I am very aware of the changes my body goes through during pregnacy. All of these things were happening to me.
Avatar n tn The cramping is slightly different from my usual cramping in that it seems 4 days after transfer it has started and is always there. My period cramping with come and go. Am i just imagine this? Has anyone experienced this?
Avatar f tn This is my second time going through ivf, after several failed iui's. I test this upcoming Friday and like you, I am afraid of what I think the outcome will be. Let's try to stay positive, however, and hope for the best. I am sure that you will get good news so don't give up hope.
1027863 tn?1273186731 hi,i had cramp like pains from day of transfer till 3 days ago thought i was gonna get my period at any time this is my 2nd ivf 1st tme didnt succeed this time has been better last time i had my period 5 days after transfer so hopefully this time i wouldnt worry bout ur boobs they prob hurt soon lol at least ur pregnant thats great good luck to u :-)
Avatar f tn Even though they put the embryo' s in your uterus it still can change direction and go toward the fallopian tubes. This is the period where it had not implanted itself yet. I would say the first 72 hours after transfer. The percentage of that happening is about 3% for IVF. When I had an ectopic pregnany I did have the same symptoms as a regular pregnancy except I kept on getting a sharp pain on my side.
Avatar n tn waiting for some pregnancy signs to appear but they don't...but i had slight period like cramps jst 2-3 days after transfer..and I'm so sacred that my period would start..this is my 2nd ivf. the 1st one failed..i really really want this to work out...please someone give me hope..oh I hate this wait..and more than that i am so afraid of taking the test..
Avatar n tn I had my ivf and waiting for blood test on 13th May, I've been having period-like discomforts since 3 days after IVF. I'm hoping it's a positive sign.
Avatar n tn Hi there. I had bleeding for one week after embryo transfer and my hcg levels were still increasing...which means a positive pregnancy. Some women have implanation bleeding which is common. Some have light brownish spotting and others could have bleeding simular to that of a regular period. Unless she is passing clots and has severe cramping I would stay calm and just follow up with her hcg levels to ensure they are rising normally. Good luck!!
Avatar f tn For me I felt after 8 weeks n it was my first pregnancy. With second pregnancy I felt after my missed period.
Avatar n tn Before I began IVF I spoke with a family friend who conceived twins after IVF. I believe that she concieved in her late 30's. She had 4 IVF cycles until she finally conceived. She did tell me that she ended up doing acupuncture for her last one. She also told me that many fertility clinics require it as part of their protocol...although mine didn't. So, I do think that acupuncture may be an important part of your protocol.
Avatar f tn nature of your periods when you are not doing IVF has nothing to do with the schedule to expect a period if you are finishing the hormones given during IVF. The period you would get after stopping all hormones (if you were on them) especially progesterone, would be expected to arrive 7 to 10 days after stopping the shots, whether or not you had been pregnant in the meantime.
Avatar f tn I did not have these symptoms at 7 dpt but I did have lots of bleeding in my first trimester. I am almost 29 weeks. I was told after my transfer that bleeding after ivf was not uncommon and if that happened to continue with progesterone. I am so sorry about the bleeding. I know how stressful it is. I hope your beta comes back positive.
Avatar f tn I have a very long history of fertility problems (unexplained) I have had 8 miscarriages in a 8 yr period. And after receiving 9 frozen embryos as a gift from an annonumous donor couple in 2004, we coceived and gave birth to one little baby boy Feb 2005...the best thing that has ever happened to us :) Nooooo....we couldn't stop there...haha We decided to do it all over again..This time we chose a 29 yr old egg donor with my husbands sperm (he is 44) recently.
Avatar f tn Hey i am currently in the 2ww period after my transfer on thurs, i also had some cramping! I'm hoping this is the one for me! Good luck to us!!!
Avatar n tn I went through 5 cycles of AI and alsways got similar pains, and shortly after got my period. I was wondering if these are normal feelings after IVF. Any answers would be great. I have my first blood test on 5/3 and the second one 5/5.
Avatar n tn I have just had my 5th IVF attempt (unfortunately I had a miscarriage a few days ago). The bleeding you experienced a few days after transfer may be from the egg collection procedure(this happened to me once). I think it is quite common and nothing to be worried about. As for the cramping. If you are on progesterone (crinone pessaries or pregnyl injections) that can cause cramping so I wouldn't be too concerned. It is a really stressful two week wait for the results.
Avatar f tn I just had my first ivf\icsi transfer on may 10th. The only symptoms I have had is cramping on and off, almost like af is about to arrive. Two days ago I started feeling heaviness in my abdomen and will get random hot flashes. Today I felt a little nauseous and it came and went. Anyone else gone through this and had a positive test?
Avatar f tn Hi im new in this post,i do first ivf treatment,after transfer my emriyo 14 days,my test is tommarow but i strat havey bleeding light red colour i rang in clinc and doctor said do pragnancy test tomarow and tell us know and she said this is not good sine,im really depress and upest i cant stop my tears,plz tell me this normal or not x