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Avatar f tn Hi. I started my period around 3 am this morning. Then around 1 pm it completely stopped. And it still hasn't started again yet. This has never happened to me before. My first two days are always very heavy. Could I be pregnant? My husband and I are trying to get opinions before we jump the gun and go buy a test. Can anyone help?
Avatar n tn After the 3rd week it started again at the normal time like any other month. Why did my period start early then stopped and started again at normal time?
Avatar f tn Ugh. Very heavy for weeks then slows, then returns to heavy again. Been getting light headed and feeling pretty weak on and off and really feeling exhausted. A friend of mine said similar happened to her and her sister. Hot flashes were not too bad and didnt last very long at all. I think I made have had about a dozen or so hot flashes in a months time, Then that was it for the hot flashes. But now its been 7 weeks with this and Im getting so frustrated.
Avatar n tn I recently had a chemical pregnancy and I had the same thing happen to me as you. I stopped bleeding then it started again after 24 hours. It was like one last flow then it was done.
Avatar f tn June 10th August 9th September 7th October 10th Then I did not get a period in November. I went to my OB/GYN and she gave me a blood test for prolactin and TSH. The test was normal. She also prescribed me Provera to induce a period. I took the Provera from November 26th for 10 days. I got my "period" on December 10th-16th. I did not get my period at all in January (it is now 1/27). I went to a new OB/GYN on 1/14 as I was not happy with my old doctor.
Avatar n tn Now, I am VERY weary of taking this pill again, because of what it did before, and if i take it again, for a longer period, will it get worse? This break-out has been going on for about 2-3 months now, and it just appears that it's getting worse. I'm wondering if anyone broke out with tiny pustules (rash-like with white heads, like tiny chicken pocks) all over in different places and spread, as soon as they stopped taking Doryx? If so, How did you get rid of the pustules?
642172 tn?1223658411 I stop taking it then i had a wonderful baby gurl, then i start to take it again after her. then i stop again and ive been spotting for a month 1/2 now. also when i go to the bathroom and after wiping I realized there is blood on the toilet paper. Its a light red and its not a lot, but it is there. Is this because I stopped taking depo again.I am worried, and i told my husband and we're not sure. can u please help me please?
Avatar f tn Well, you can't have a period while pregnant, if you started your period, it's unlikely you're pregnant, if it's not normal length/flow for you, you can take a test, as it might be pregnancy related bleeding, but most of the symptoms you've said are symptoms of a period, and I'm pregnant and don't have an itchy belly or a sore navel, so I'm not sure about those! Good luck!
Avatar n tn I just got it again on the 18th, and it was done on sat pretty much, sunday I had absolutely nothing.... then yesterday I started spotting brown and light pink ..and still am, especially everytime i got to the bathroom and wipe. What is going on? Has this happend to anyone else? I usually will end a period and it turns lighter n lighter til it stops but it completely white undies from sunday were spotless and now all of a sudden spotting since yesterday.
Avatar f tn i havent had a period since the birth of my baby so i have no idea where i am in my cycle or if it has started again after breastfeeding. could i be pregnant again? if so when should i do test?
Avatar f tn Tonight would be the 8th, it stopped this morning then my boyfriend and I had intercourse. I instantly started bleeding again. A lot. Then a huge blood clot came out. Through out my whole period I had terrible stomach cramps. I am 21, I have no idea what could be the issue. I've never had problems like this. If anyone knows what the problem could be it would be great to have some help. I'm kind of freaking out.
Avatar n tn I stopped spotting and have been getting my period like clockwork 2 days after taking Provera for the 10 day course ever since then until this month. This month I started spotting on the very first day I took the Provera. I spotted for 2 days, then it stopped. I kept taking the Provera for the 10 days. It is now 7 days since I stopped the Provera and period. I have never spotted in the 9 months I have been on the Provera till now.
Avatar f tn I need some advice. I had a normal period on February 10. Then my next period was not until march 18. It started late that evening and was very light. No bleeding that night. Then the next day I had light spotting nothing again at night. The next morning had heavy watery bleeding for a few hours. Then by that night it just all stopped. I am married and have sex regularly using a condom. I did take a hpt that was negative the same day the short period came.
Avatar f tn my bf and i are trying for baby and we thought we got it this try so i got off my BC. i had my period towards the end of january, and yes i stopped my BC with 6 pills in, but i have my period again. its not spotting or light, its dark red and will not stop. i have every symptom of being pregnant but i cant figure out if i am or not because of my period. im a bit worried and no one seems to know. and the thing is i cant get in to see my doctor for a week or so. can anyone help me?
Avatar m tn She was nauseous in the mourning then again in the afternoon then at night. She is now getting headaches and still cramping off and on which is really odd for her to have cramping without being atleast two days into her monthly. After all of this IVF I think I know alittle to much about her cycles! We have our Beta on Thursday, two days from now. This time last time she had a full bleed and all was lost. Really hoping for a better result :0 Thank you all again for your thoughts!
Avatar n tn I had this problem in my early 20's, then again at about 27, 28, then again at 32, and now this time. Previous to my current episode I went to the doctor, and they gave me some medication to force a period or what i always called "jump start" my period. the first time it worked well, started me up again, and i was fine for about 5 years. The second time worked- but not as well, iwould still have times when i would go 3-4 months with no cycle.
4268628 tn?1375044776 I stopped bleeding for a couole days then out of no where bright red blood. Startwd light then got heavy. Stopped 2 days later then a week after no blood bam! Its back. Confusing times!
Avatar n tn I had a dark test one day and the next day an even darker obe then the next day it started lightening up.. There are also several things tou can do to help get regulated and help conceive.
Avatar f tn I started having pain in my ankle at the end of July last year just as husband was getting better from his Lyme. Then the next ankle, then my wrists then my legs stabbing bone pain in shins. then the elbows and shoulders and back and hips.. every few days a new pain... i was bed/ house bound with pain and fatigue. Daily attacks in Oct, Nov Dec Jan.. i get a seizure like pain attack. it starts and my whole body is in pain ,, it eases up a little and then starts again. waves... ID Dr.
99457 tn?1321882277 That's the same reason I stopped bfing so I could get a period to ttc again.
Avatar f tn When do you get a period again after birth my son is going on 2 months
Avatar n tn Your pill if taken regularly usually regulates your cycles but since you missed pills and then just stopped taking them it could be your period , just your body not knowing what to do since the pill had been stopped and break through bleeding happening