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285149 tn?1217050067 hey girls thanx for the comments they're very helpful see i dont know if im prego or not im about 2 days late on my period my boobs are hurting alot more than usual and i've been going to the bathroom alot more to but maybe ima get my period .. hopefully this is the month where i end up pregnant .. i just dont know how to track ovulation i used those ovulation pee sticks they dont work at least not for me ...
272759 tn?1270489194 -) I can't wait to find out our babies gender, we already have a girls name picked out (we've had the name for years) but never came up with any boy names. Anyone else thinking about baby names yet?
Avatar m tn How early do girls show signs of pregnancy? No less than 2 and a half or 3 weeks ago my girlfriend had her period. After 4 days weve had sex a few times. She is taking a pregnancy test today but says she has been feeling nautious, more tired than usual and she thinks she has gained 10 lbs. Im not expert but i cant find anything online if her claims are valid or not. The internet keeps telling me everyone is different and is giving me no real answer.
514428 tn?1287602056 ive never gone into labour on my own..also considering i only have 1 child but who knows you might be in prelabour or in actual labour...depends on everyone and the pregnancy...thank god you see the dr in the am...if you are worried or just for peace of mind go get checked...who knows..might do you some good..
Avatar n tn after implantation you will start to produce hormones that are detectable on a hpt for pregnancy. but it may not show until you are late for your period. there are a few that get positives before, but waiting till you are late is the best. good luck and hopefully i havent made your head spin, and if i said something crazy forgive me im tired!! lol. get a book, or google the heck out of this stuff. you will find everything you need to know.
Avatar n tn or in the shower, or in the basement playing. As for the pregnant girls...two years ago we had an eighth grade boy with three girls pregnant at the same time...the girl on my team that was pregnant wasn't the first who thought that she might be...we also found a note with questions going back and forth between two girls...she said that if she miscarried she was going to try again, and her friend told her that if she had sex while pregnant she could have twins...
272759 tn?1270489194 Hi girls, I did an hpt this morning and BFN> no sign of AF though. This is very frustrating! I havent really had any preggo syptoms since mondayish. I am so confused. i did fall asleep on the couch last night at 9pm....and I do still have the little bumps on my nipples...I guess i have some hope but its slowly diminishing.
Avatar n tn Do I have the signs of getting my first period or not? These are my signs : *pubic hair and armpit hair *Breast development for 2 years *White discharge for almost 3 months *my mom had hr first period at age 12 and I am turning that age On march *Back aches and sometimes lower abdomen pain Am I close or not to my first period?
324911 tn?1276284982 ) So please start posting on this thread :)
443968 tn?1288616289 ) Good luck on tues eternidad . I go for my first u/s nov 13, i'm excited an nervous at the same time. I did a gender predictor thing the other day, just for fun, anyway it said i was having a girl. When i went for my acupuncture today, my dr told me i was having a girl. I just thought that was a funny coincidence, guess i will see if it's true early July:) Good luck ladies!
Avatar f tn hey, was wondering if anyone could tell me what signs to look out for when i start to ovulate?
Avatar n tn I have constipation for 2 days now, and I just noticed some spotting in my underwear this morning, so I put on a liner, when I wiped my self nothing was there, and I looked a little later and just a few tiny spots of brownish color, I don't have cramps which is odd BC I normally do, and I usually get my period the 27th of every month and did not get it, can anyone help me are these symptoms of being pregnant?
Avatar m tn How early do girls show signs of pregnancy? No less than 2 and a half or 3 weeks ago my girlfriend had her period. After 4 days weve had sex a few times. She is taking a pregnancy test today but says she has been feeling nautious, more tired than usual and she thinks she has gained 10 lbs and is using the restroom more frequently.
Avatar n tn Okay today is March 6th and my last period started January 31st (about 34 days ago). I'll admit moving , getting a new place (with my man!) and a new physical job has been a bit stressful during February, but not too stressful for me personally- just different, trying to get used to, kind of stressful... I guess. I don't use any kind of birth control(s) and the last time I can recall on of those "Oh.. oh o-OH GOD!
Avatar n tn Hi Thanks everyone for their advice- I got my period exactly one week late- better late than never! I'm so relieved and realised I was being quite stupid- and didnt really have anything to worry about. However, it's hard not to worry a lot in that position and having you guys here to answer my questions and reassure me helped so much. Thank you so much everyone.
Avatar f tn The reason your friend said 2 weeks after your period is because in a 28-day-cycle (average for most women) 2 weeks after your period and 14 days before your period are the same day :) But if you have a longer cycle, like 30-31 days, you will be ovulating more like 2weeks and 3 or 4 days after your period starts, which is still 14 days before your period is expected to start again.
Avatar f tn no i never noticed anything different when i stopped the pills it just took forever for my period to come. but when some girls quit their birth control they can get pregnant right away.
Avatar f tn to be honest i dont think this guy is ever gonna change. once a weirdo always a weirdo. hes obviously been interested in younger girls for awhile now soo i cant imagine him changing. its really disgusting that he would be looking at a 5 year old anyways. i could understand maybe him loooking at an 18 year old girl who is grown up and an adult and mature. this guy is interested in younger girls well hes gonna be in alot of trouble if he ever decides to abuse a kid.
1178440 tn?1296099798 If she was pregnant she would have missed her period entirely and for much longer and there would have been other signs. If her period is late again it is also probably just from stress. Please do, however, use a condom when you do have vaginal sex and she can definitely ask her doctor about birth control (it also helps with cramps, if she has bad ones). Just keep your semen (including pre-ejaculate) away from her vagina and you should be fine.
Avatar f tn Already took blood test which was negative although I have researched that there are 2 different types of blood test and last HPT had a faded second line. Mind you I have 2 girls now so yes I am aware of signs yet I know each pregnancy is different. I'm honestly scared b/c its never happened, the missed period unless I was pregnant. Last pregnancy also did not show up easily. Noticed until I was 3 months along also from trusting a HPT that was negative yet still have a period????
Avatar n tn So, when I got to be 16 she put me on birth control and first I had to take a 10-day pill forcing me to have a period then I could start the birth control once I got my period. So, I had my period regularly for about a year and a half and then I stopped taking it because I didnt want to have my period for my junior prom and I never took the pill again. At 20 I had a period on my own out of nowhere.
338830 tn?1230003078 I just don't like not knowing what to expect. And that book is for the birds. LOL. I just wish there was for sure signs that we could see that tell us before hand that labor is going to be arriving in the next 24-48 hours. Kind of like a Ovulation Test Kit. LOL.
486578 tn?1232913850 I had spotted for about 2 days and that had NEVER happened to me in my life before like that, it was soo light that it actually only happened when i was wiping after i urinated mostly, and it was so lite (flow wise) that IT WASNT heavy enough to use a tampon or wear a pad, n didnt even happen ever time i wiped, so im guessing it was spotting, cause like I said that had never happened to me before.
Avatar f tn I know I was ovulating this week, and I have sex every other day, what are possible signs. I'm scared, I know all of us women when we get pregnant again we're parnoid for the next 9 months. Baby Dust!!!!!
294817 tn?1263840438 I got my first positive pregnancy test 11 dpo. I used the ones from the dollar store. They were cheap and accurate, and of course I didn't believe the first one so I took four more!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn On Saturday 22nd ( 2 weeks exactually from day of sex) I was getting ready to go out for a girls night.....I felt like I had some dishcharge....when I went to use the restroom....I noticed light pink on my panties, small amout..not enuff for a pad or anything. I waited around for a while...but nothing more. Monday the 24th I started to have sum cramps, lower abdominal....this was up until today the 26th....but now I feel bloated and my tummy just hurts. I feel really tired.
Avatar f tn I'm 14 y/o and I haven't started my period yet. I've had all of the signs since early 5th grade and I am now in 8th grade. All of my friends have started and I feel really left out.. In my health class my teacher told us that if we start seeing signs, that means we could start in a couple months, but it's been a couple years.. I'm kind of worried and confused. All of my friends tell me that I'll start soon, but it still hasn't happened yet. Help?
Avatar f tn I was expecting my next period April 29, today is May 4 and i still have no cramping or any other signs of it coming on. I have no other signs or symptoms of me being pregnant but, could i be?
Avatar m tn I had no symptoms except REALLY REALLY sore nipples and recurrent thrush.