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285149 tn?1217046467 hey girls thanx for the comments they're very helpful see i dont know if im prego or not im about 2 days late on my period my boobs are hurting alot more than usual and i've been going to the bathroom alot more to but maybe ima get my period .. hopefully this is the month where i end up pregnant .. i just dont know how to track ovulation i used those ovulation pee sticks they dont work at least not for me ...
Avatar f tn I'm 39 weeks and I'm schedule to get induced on sunday and I'm having a lot of period pain and a lot of pressure that means that my baby is coming before sunday?
514428 tn?1287598456 ive never gone into labour on my own..also considering i only have 1 child but who knows you might be in prelabour or in actual labour...depends on everyone and the pregnancy...thank god you see the dr in the am...if you are worried or just for peace of mind go get checked...who knows..might do you some good..
Avatar n tn I was due on today, but period hasn't shown. I've had cramping, all the signs of period. Sensitive nipples, headaches, nausea etc but had cramping today, can I still have cramps and get a positive pregnancy test? Haven't tested yet as I wanted to see if I came on.
Avatar n tn I have constipation for 2 days now, and I just noticed some spotting in my underwear this morning, so I put on a liner, when I wiped my self nothing was there, and I looked a little later and just a few tiny spots of brownish color, I don't have cramps which is odd BC I normally do, and I usually get my period the 27th of every month and did not get it, can anyone help me are these symptoms of being pregnant?
Avatar f tn I was expecting my next period April 29, today is May 4 and i still have no cramping or any other signs of it coming on. I have no other signs or symptoms of me being pregnant but, could i be?
Avatar f tn Girls can u help I think I may be pregnant but it's early to do a test what signs and symptoms did u have b4 u found out
Avatar n tn Pregnant for my 2nd baby. I am hoping for a baby girl. What is the most common signs that u are having a baby girl?
Avatar f tn no i never noticed anything different when i stopped the pills it just took forever for my period to come. but when some girls quit their birth control they can get pregnant right away.
1881346 tn?1341924768 Nope no signs. But what I can tell you is once you get farther along like 7 or 8 months if you haven't figured out the sex of your baby doctors can give you a strong guess going off the heart beat.
Avatar f tn hey, was wondering if anyone could tell me what signs to look out for when i start to ovulate?
Avatar f tn I know this seems unrelated but do yall believe in signs? I know for some this may sound dumb.I had this girl name picked out then my bf brothers gf decided she was going to name their lil girl the name (I talked them out of it) then my bfs xwife named hers and my bfs sons new puppy the name (which I got over the fact of her sharing the name with the puppy) but then the puppy died. Now I feel like its a bad omen to name my daughter the name ive always loved...
Avatar m tn I'm asking this for a friend. She's 15, and is having problems with her period. 2 years ago she met a guy and they started having sex almost weekly for 1-2 years, not using any kind of birth control, and not pulling out during ejaculation. She hasn't had any signs of pregnancy since that point. Since January of last month, her periods have stopped, until today. She is going to the hospital for blood tests soon, but, they don't even know that she's had sex like that before.
Avatar f tn Already took blood test which was negative although I have researched that there are 2 different types of blood test and last HPT had a faded second line. Mind you I have 2 girls now so yes I am aware of signs yet I know each pregnancy is different. I'm honestly scared b/c its never happened, the missed period unless I was pregnant. Last pregnancy also did not show up easily. Noticed until I was 3 months along also from trusting a HPT that was negative yet still have a period????
Avatar f tn Im 14 weeks and wont know what i having for a while.
Avatar f tn I know when my period is coming and these ain't period symptoms but hey u might be right
Avatar f tn ok girls so as u no me and my partner have been trying for our 2nd baby for bout 4mnths now and im actually due on today (23rd dec). But stil no signs of AF! im so hoping i get a BFP. although iv had no pregnancy symptons either so any advice on that?? i think i will try testing in bout 3 days time if no AF.
Avatar f tn Just to put ur mind at ease, u should take a test. If it's negative, then ur good. If it's negative and u still don't have ur period, then I'd make an appt for a beta blood test. If that comes back negative as well then u know ur not pregnant. U should talk to ur doctor about birth control pills. Birth control pills can help regulate ur periods and along with condoms can prevent u from being pregnant.
Avatar n tn So, when I got to be 16 she put me on birth control and first I had to take a 10-day pill forcing me to have a period then I could start the birth control once I got my period. So, I had my period regularly for about a year and a half and then I stopped taking it because I didnt want to have my period for my junior prom and I never took the pill again. At 20 I had a period on my own out of nowhere.
Avatar m tn I did have her cured the 1st time by sending her to Costa Rica to see a doctor there for only $1000 $550 for the ticket and $450 for the dr and meds. Foolishly I didnt go too for myself because I thought I was just the transmitter and I was fine. 6 years later no hookers since she still has this junk I have a nasty prostate infection we cannot even have intercourse because of the way this affects me and my performance. Btw she never has discharge itching or vag yeast.
Avatar f tn I read that girls who start puberty this young are said to have what is called precocious puberty. I would talk to your doctor about it and have him evaluate her to see if it is precocious puberty. They may want to do something to delay puberty.