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272759 tn?1270489194 -) I can't wait to find out our babies gender, we already have a girls name picked out (we've had the name for years) but never came up with any boy names. Anyone else thinking about baby names yet?
Avatar f tn yes, i did have unprotectead sex with my husband and we are TTC for 2 buddle of joy. I was just wondering because with my first I did not have spotting so will see. thank u for answering my post !!!
Avatar f tn 5 days now and my questions is why am I bleeding know can you still have a period while your pregnant or am I having an miscarriage?
Avatar f tn well u had answered all my questions but my sister when she turned 16 she got her period stabiled.. and basically normal.. but how come i don't? if i wasnt a vigin would it affect my period or anything?.. (just a thought) Thx Guys..
3239726 tn?1346700729 A friend of mine was one of three girls in a 6-child family. They had a wonderful pediatrician. He started each one of them on tampons when their periods arrived, giving them a friendly talk and answering any questions about the period. They never had any trauma or embarrasment or even many cramps. If a pediatrician says it is all right, it should be all right! :) If you do start, begin with the smallest size, since they are easier to insert, and get the kind with an applicator.
Avatar n tn Hi girls Looking for some wonderful always Here are my questions... 1. . When should little girls give up playing with Barbie's? 2. For those who have dd and have their "CYCLE" (good Lord) when did it start??? 3. When did you all have the birds and the bee's talk..I mean real talk like how sex works Some how I just cant seem to tell them how the "penis and vagina" thing goes...ahhhhh i JUST SAID IT!!! My girls are 8 and 10...going on 30...
Avatar f tn Its common for babies to measure up to 2+ or 2- weeks in utero.
Avatar f tn I have a question for moms with girls. I had my daughter 5 days ago and i know its normal for them to get a little period because of the hormones weve passed to ghem but how long is it supose to last? No matter how normal it is its so concerning to open her diaper and see blood :( how long does this last?
Avatar f tn Being ready for sex is more then your body is ready, it is knowing the facts, and if these girls are asking if they can get pregnant on period or if a guy pulls out, they shouldn't be doing that anyways. I am not trying to be mean to them, I am trying to make them feel that they are better and diserve better. If that is mean or rude, then something is wrong with this world. If they decide to have sex, yeah then thats their choice.
272759 tn?1270489194 Hi girls, I did an hpt this morning and BFN> no sign of AF though. This is very frustrating! I havent really had any preggo syptoms since mondayish. I am so confused. i did fall asleep on the couch last night at 9pm....and I do still have the little bumps on my nipples...I guess i have some hope but its slowly diminishing.
439903 tn?1380141482 Should just smoke myself next time! Nighty night girls!!! Extra prayers tonight for my home girl AGP'ers!!! xoxo...
324911 tn?1276284982 ) So please start posting on this thread :)
Avatar f tn They now see what it's like to have a baby around the house. A few times the girls offered to take Noah for the night back when he was feeding every two hours & boy did they get the shock of their lives! The next day they looked like death and asked me how I did it. After reading your posts, I feel as a mother of a 22 & 19 year old dd's, I should offer my knowledge but it would even be better if it came from my daughters.
177663 tn?1213570387 Okay listen i dont mean to sound rude or anything but whats with all these women saying they have had friends that have had normal periods during thier pregnancy? Do you have any idea what a period is? its the shedding of the inner wall of your uterus. if u were pregnant than the baby would not be able to survive this.
Avatar n tn Hi Thanks everyone for their advice- I got my period exactly one week late- better late than never! I'm so relieved and realised I was being quite stupid- and didnt really have anything to worry about. However, it's hard not to worry a lot in that position and having you guys here to answer my questions and reassure me helped so much. Thank you so much everyone.
553034 tn?1215186526 I am 16 and i have my period for about 6 years now. I have a few questions. I hope all of them can be answered and thanks in advance. 1. Why is water especially good to drink during your period? -does it make it lighter? 2. Can you swim with a pad? Why or why not? - if you can what tpye of pad? 3. So such of long time of having my period theres still some irregular periods in between, is that because of stress or anything, or weight? Thanks. Please answer.
800427 tn?1324949319 does anyone know anything about any girls ovualting super close to their periods....and for like a poll do you all get more CM before starting AF or right before you get a BFP?...p.s. joy...and now its not clear anymore..just that one time when i wiped and i didnt stretch it..
7420616 tn?1401162404 For all you girls or ladies asking if you could be pregnant...we are not doctors and CANNOT tell if you are or are Not. The best you can do if you are concerned is go buy dollar store pregnancy tests and or go to your doctor for a blood test. If you are not using protection it is always a possibility. But we dont know how your specific body works and cant give you specific answers. Sorry for being blunt, trying to be honest!
348660 tn?1230405773 okay girls!! I know I am commenting all the time but I am just REALLY scared. I have had 2 previous miscarriages & just found out I was pregnant again. Monday my HCG was 125 & prg was 35.8?? Something like that...I went again today to make sure they double, etc. I have a little boy already but I can't remember anything about that pregnancy. Have any of you experienced lower pack aches...not constant but occassional. I am paranoid that I am goign to miscarry again!
362408 tn?1236444681 lmp- last menstraul period. aka: first day of your last period. :). Im 12 dpo girls! I too had a bit of pink creamy discharge..this may be it for us!
332156 tn?1266846739 I got pregnant on the pill. I missed quite a few. Like a week or two at a time.
Avatar f tn I see a lot of unanswered questions for people that aren't on here as much. Others post something about lunch or something silly and get all the hits smh.
7801868 tn?1395889318 My due date is april 29th and im a ftm. He told me that because i have to go out of town may 6th for a court date that im required to be at (and by out of town i mean almost 3 hours away) he said he would induce me may 3rd if i didnt have my little girl by then. Im scared the inductions gunna take too long, and be extremely painful. I dont wanna be in the hospital may 6th because of the court date, its 10 am that day!!
Avatar f tn Can you look also for my chart and tell me what you think. Sorry for many questions but i wish somebody can answer all my questions. Thank you so much in advance. http://www.fertilityfriend.
Avatar f tn This is rather infrequent, but sometimes it is pretty sharp, and only lasts for a few seconds. Occasionally mid-cycle or just post-menstrual, it sort of [at risk of sounding a bit crazy] feels like after I eat, it hurts/cramps around that area for a few minutes as if it is having trouble digesting. I occasionally, but not always, get a few really bad periods, sometimes where the cramping is so bad I just want to lay in bed all day, and not move.
290018 tn?1240369468 How many day ahead of time? Also for those of you who use OPK's what time do you do yours (I know FMU is not good) also how long do you wait after you pee and drink. I hate that!
516780 tn?1296520175 I feel like I have a corset starting just under my breasts down to about an inch or two below my belly button...but it's way WAY too tight! Does anyone have a remedy for the MS hug other than medication? I don't have any other than tylenol which I have stopped using because of my liver issues. This is seriously starting to drive me crazy. Also, has anyone had a problem with only half of their foot going numb? My heel and calf have gone numb...pins and needles numb!!!
189192 tn?1261345228 Be prepared for a long message! I have two little girls with two diff. stories! My first daughter I went to the hospital with false labor and was sent home (that was DEVASTATING!). The reason I went was because I had painless contractions close together for an hour. The thing is, they did not intensify and eventually went away. When I went into real labor, it was WAY WAY WAY different from anything I'd ever felt. My pregnancy had been perfect: no pain.