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Avatar n tn Im 30 years old and been taking oxycodone 30mg since sept 07 after a motorcycle accsident and am trying to stop taking them I take between 18 and 24 a day and have nodesire to take these any more have buprenorphine 8 mg that i got from a friend and just looking for the best way 2 take them with being the least uncomfortable. i tried today by not taking any when i got up but by 12:30 I had no choice.
3997020 tn?1349019331 Your cycle has been irregular for that long and normalized for 3 months, i wouldn't necessarily assume that its going to stay regular...21 days is really short anyway. The problem w pregnancy symptoms is that they are also pms symptoms, and its easy to attribute them to a possible pregnancy. I always say the same thing to people when they post questions like're either pregnant or not, and if you have had two negatives and your period is just late by 5 days...
1311475 tn?1274198780 Hi and welcome to the Pain Management Forum, Everyone on here are patients or ex-patients. Most are CP (Chronic Pain) patients and we try to help each other out with whatever type of expertise and knowledge that we possess from our unfortunate experience with our pain. We tell about our different experiences that we have had with different meds and different Dr's.
Avatar f tn I have been late with my period twice now last month i just spotted but the month before that i had not gotten my period and now this month no period. I have been very emotional to things that i should not get emotional to. I have also been feeling twitching in my lower part of the stomach. I just need some help.
Avatar m tn I am asking for personal knowledge. I know I am negative at this point but it doesn't hurt to share knowledge on this site as that is what it is all about right? The more people know about this issue the better we are. I appreciate what you do with this site but also find it interesting how quickly and rudely you can dismiss a persons questions with short replies and tell them to "move on".
Avatar f tn I have a quick questions i had unprotected sex on the 17th and the 24th of this month. I have this really weird feeling that im pregnant. I always get my period sometime in the beginning of each month but they are always irregular. I got my period 1 week before i was actually supposed to have it. (29th, yesterday). I have really weird cramping upper stomach and sometimes lower. Could i still be pregnant?
Avatar m tn so heres the kicker, when i called to register my test i entered my number and then they asked questions about age,race, gender...etc. i did not answer any of those questions and hung up.
Avatar f tn A stress test is to inject a dye substance into your blood stream and the medical equipment monitors the flow of blood blood (perfusion) through the heart tissues during a period of rest and and period of exertion. There will be a doctor on standby monitoring vital signs and other data and will know if and when the test should be discontinued. Also, you are able to stop the test if there is pain or fatigue.
Avatar m tn Dear doctor Edward, I am really sorry for my last question I really felt bad for wasting your valuable time that could be used to serve others, the intention of my question was never written correctly, I have read several internet website and answers, and usually most of the answers were open ended statement like 99.
Avatar f tn Hi there, my husband and I miscarried twice last year also and fell pregnant immediately after the last miscarriage, 2 weeks after my miscarriage I did a test and it was negative, a week later, it was positive and we're now 17w pregnant! We couldn't be happier.
Avatar f tn ve never had this happen to me before and had my last period the last week of August so I should be now done with my period as of this weekend. Still nothing. My husband and I had intercourse the beginning of SSeptember unprotected but what I don't understand is he didn't go inside of me. He pulled out then wiped off and we continued. We aren't ttc but also aren't trying to protect ourselves from having one. We're happy either way. My app.
Avatar n tn Because all the Eye MDs that answer the forum questions have 60+ hr/week full time practices, we cannot answer every follow up questions. Some questions are so flippant that they don't deserve and answer. There are more quetions answered and follow up questions answered on the two eye forums than any other forum on MedHelp.
1035252 tn?1427227833 anyone else who wants to add any question/answer groups to this would be VERY appreciated, I just see a lot of women asking questions and desperately seeking answers and this way maybe they can find an answer faster. AGAIN I am NO EXPERT. <3 to everyone and Super Sticky Baby Dust!!!!
358971 tn?1330888975 If there has to be a connection, then your period will come after you ovulate and not the other way around. You ovulate before you get your period instead of getting your period before ovulating.
Avatar f tn Found out yesterday I'm pregnant and blood levels came back today at 28. I took pregnancy all last week everyone was negative my last period was on March 10th, I stopped my birth control on April 1st, the doctor told me my levels were low but I could be newly pregnant any ideas? Just took the same test I took all last week and it's faint positive.
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm going to chime in there and say that I am now 6 months pregnant and that's exactly what happened to me - but back in June :) I had a normal period in May, a day of spotting in June, and now I'm 6 months along. BUT, if you've had 2 negative tests, you may not be pregnant. Have you been under any stress, added any new meds, changed your diet, went up and down in weight at all? Are you using first morning urine when testing?
Avatar m tn sir/ madam i) i read that terminal cancer can extend hiv window period but other cancers don't extend hiv window period , if so i can we know we have terminal cancer and what is difference between terminal cancer and other cancers? 2) i read from dr.hunter handsfield blog that even overwhelming systemic infections can extend hiv window period , if so how will we know if we have systemic infection?
Dinosaur Dear Mazee2013, Yes we do have experts answering questions here and I'm one of them.  If you have a health question, please feel free to post them here. If you have questions about services or other issues, please  submit your question to our customer service team.  You can do that through this link:
Avatar m tn I will provide brief answers to your continuing questions but, before I do, I must remind you that we limit clients to no more than two threads/questions in any 6 month period in order to assure that we can answer as many questions from as many people as possible. After these questions, please, no further questions until October of 2013. TO DISTINQUISH MY ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS, I WILL TYPE THEM IN CAPITALS, LIKE THIS 1.How does the combo test performs while a person has ARS syndrome.
1067637 tn?1275105157 I had my last period 9-5-09 i had blood drawn 10-5 and found out the next day my hcg level was only 25 , and i was pregnant didnt a true due date besides based on my period.... i went to 3 different doctors and had vus and i concived about 9-27 and found out 10-5 when they drew blood so yes it is possible by blood to find out my due date is june 20th......