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2218998 tn?1350954441 Im 18 years old with a beautiful home with my boyfriend, we been trying to get pregnant for almost 6 months now i been to a doctors but they said wait a little longer then come back, well i have really irregular periods they are all over the place they last for 5 to 6 days and 3 to 4 days and sometimes they are a full regular period that lasts up to 7 days and the time apart are like 22 days 24 days and 27 days to 33 days i have no idea when im suppose to ovulate please help.. thank you.
3997020 tn?1349022931 I always say the same thing to people when they post questions like're either pregnant or not, and if you have had two negatives and your period is just late by 5're probably not but it could still be too early and you have to wait it out. Take your vitamins. I personally would not pay for a blood test at the doctor...but that's up to you...i dont know what kind of insurance you have. I would give it another week...then take a test...
Avatar f tn Hi there, my husband and I miscarried twice last year also and fell pregnant immediately after the last miscarriage, 2 weeks after my miscarriage I did a test and it was negative, a week later, it was positive and we're now 17w pregnant! We couldn't be happier.
Avatar f tn I have really wacky cycle lengths, anywhere from 21-28 days. I had sex on day six after the first day of my LMP, and got pregnant. My period was only 3-4 days. It is possible that the sperm lived for a day or two, but I am now 6 months along!
510679 tn?1265671867 Well needless to say, I have had my tubes tied since April 2000 and have been tested for pregnancy and blood work to make sure I am not having a tubal, all negative. I have been having alot of spotting on and off thru Dec and then on Jan 10. I experienced severe gushing of blood then it stopped after like 1 hr then spotted some the rest of the day. Then the next morning..same thing but this time bleeding didnt seem to quit and having some low back pain and lower abdominal pain on right side.
Avatar f tn We had sex Wednesday night and the next day I bled a bit and was sore. I noticed I had discharge and slight burning like my yeast infection was back. I also was very dry. By Friday I noticed I had a cut on the side of my clitoris. It looked like someone took their nail and cut into me. It was painless and over the weekend closed up without scabbing. I've been using monistat again. Is this herpes related or yeast related??
Avatar n tn 1 and 3) HIV is not causing your symptoms. When a person suspects his or her own symptoms are due to emotion (e.g., 'paranoia'), s/he is almost always right. 2) HIV does not cause palpitations and has no effect on blood pressure. You don't say whether you have been HIV tested. If not, I cannot imagine why. Knowing you have a negative test result is the best way to relieve your anxieties. Do it today if not yet done.
Avatar f tn intercourse really hurts too. i am sorry for posting so many questions, but i need help. any answers and opinions will help me at this time. thank you. my biopsy appointment is in four hours . i will be checking for some answers every like two minutes until then. thank you guys soooo much.
Avatar f tn And i agree, i see the same questions on here. And i wanna tell them to scroll down a couple questions and im sure they will find the same one.. i know being a ftm is scary, but i see the same questions, allll the time. Thank you for this list! And everyone commenting other common questions.
Avatar f tn It happens sometimes your post gets pushed down by all the other questions on here. I find it helps to bump your question back up to the top.
Avatar f tn But I I know periods often start off irregular and then will begin there systematic schedule with time. And do not google answers to your questions, I would just wait for answers from a proffesional, it will only increase your worry.
Avatar f tn You have confused me. you have gone from period not coming 3rd negative tests to blightened ovum,you got your answers to questions as you posted about late period.that was questions i was replying to,but just noticed the question was posted early august.and diagnose in sept with im sorry this has happen,good luck for next time.
Avatar f tn All my responses are viewable. When I review a discussion and feel I need add nothing else I put a "-" there. Its like a period and when I reivew unaswered questions it lets me know I have read everything up to there.
543435 tn?1282246279 When do you go for the consult and MRI? I think you need to do both and see what they say so you can have some further answers. Is the pain really bad? If so, ask for some prescription pain medicine. I wouldn't take the IBS diagnosis at all. For some reason, that is a very common thing the doctors say that women have (not to say that they don't have it). I was told that too and ended up with a foot of my intestine taken out. Good luck and let us know how you do!
Avatar n tn With my daughter i just pumped and gave her the milk right then and there. I never produced enough to have any extra the most I made was maybe 3 in a half oz... I had to pump into a bottle and give it to her because she wouldn't latch to me. I'm 37W and I plan on breastfeeding with this one and I even plan on getting a tea called mothers milk tea that is suppose to help you produce more. My questions are..... How often do I pump? How long can breast milk be left out after pumping ?
159354 tn?1286371288 all these are just us humans, trying to find answers, explanations and logic to everything. Its NOT that I have gotten over my recent m/c last week (still feel kinda sad - want to cry at times - esp when I am alone and driving to & back from work); its just that after researching so much, I find that anything can happen - just do your part to ttc & the rest we just have to leave it to nature, to GOD.
148691 tn?1260198503 I went for a 16 week checkup today and I had a lot of stupid questions and my doc. sat there so patiently and explained and answered everything to a "T"! I think doctors who are insensitive are in it for the wrong reasons! Good luck and sorry the doc. is making you feel that way!
7702223 tn?1394322654 I'm a FTM and I feel bad when I have a question similar to one someone already posted but I can't find that post to read the answers. Lol this is great all the questions and answers together! Love it!
Avatar f tn A stress test is to inject a dye substance into your blood stream and the medical equipment monitors the flow of blood blood (perfusion) through the heart tissues during a period of rest and and period of exertion. There will be a doctor on standby monitoring vital signs and other data and will know if and when the test should be discontinued. Also, you are able to stop the test if there is pain or fatigue.
Avatar n tn Especially for woman during their premenstrual period. DON'T participate in any physical activity that puts you in jeopardy of falling and or creating trauma of any kind. DON’T try to keep commitments when you’re feeling badly. Listen to your body. AVOID sleeping in a head down position. Avoid cervical traction. Avoid lumbar punctures, spinal taps or epidurals, unless it is a well informed chiari dr....if a LP is drawn too quick it can cause the tonsils to herniate even further.
Avatar f tn I have been late with my period twice now last month i just spotted but the month before that i had not gotten my period and now this month no period. I have been very emotional to things that i should not get emotional to. I have also been feeling twitching in my lower part of the stomach. I just need some help.
1008870 tn?1250625630 With my first daughter, I took a test before I went to a bachelorette party because I was feeling funny and was scheduled to get my period the next day. I waited the 3 minutes and it said negative. I dashed out of the door and had a VERY good time. The next day I looked in the trash and had two lines. I felt so bad but there was nothing I could do. The hang over made me suffer for my actions. She is now a very healthy and smart 5 year old. Good luck to you.
Avatar f tn according to both of my ulstrasoundsmy first and second(done at different places) are both july 12th my last period ended about july 2nd i believe but i do not know the beginning date it was about a month long. i had sex with someone at the beggining of my bleeding but took birth control pills and was still bleeding for a while after that all happened im just really freaked out and want to know the chances of it not being my current boyfriends. any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I forgot to mention that I had a couple days of spotting this month and was supposed to get my period a little over a week ago. My birth control pills list spotting as a side effect, but this is my fourth month on the same pill and it hasn't been a problem until this month. My doctor didn't think anything of it...