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Avatar f tn Its a stand alone picture with 26 lines pointing out a specific area with a triangle and exclamation mark in it. Does this mean something was found? Though i see a thick layer of white on the one side of the spine, the other side shows like cracks and two indents into the bone. What could this mean? Thanks everyone.
Avatar f tn If it shows, the list's header is a little exclamation point in a red triangle and "Report" after it in blue letters. If you click on report (or just roll onto it), down will flash the list of reasons, and you can click on "Duplicate.
1397074 tn?1280438312 narla, Don't feel stupid! It appears (according to my daily email) that this post originally was in MedHelp Social Community. Posts that are miscategorized are moved into the appropriate forum (and all responses go with them, so the entire thread remains together); it seems that this is what happened with this post.
Avatar f tn A triangle with an red exclamation point should show up with the report. Hit that and a drop down box will show up and you can hit Miscategorized for the moderators to place the post in the proper forum where the poster will get support. I'm not sure if you can do that with the app. though.
Avatar m tn I guess I did not wait for the exact 4 calendar month mark mark....I feel I tested a week too soon.. Exposure was on Apr 23rd and tested on Aug 16th...So, a week less if you consider calendar months...but completed 16 weeks and 2 days at the time of testing. Would that make any difference? I have always been confused about the mark. Is it 4 calendar months OR 16 weeks or 120 days? Many Thanks for answering.
Avatar n tn Same here...I didn't realize it until after I posted the first one that this was three yrs ago...n actually laughed at the fact I even commented on it. Probably should have put an lol behind the exclamation mark so it wouldn't be taken as attitude though like it was taken.
Avatar f tn I'm pretty anxious and stressed about Hiv at this point. In July I was diagnosed with 2 stds, and I had began to have sex with a new guy about 3 weeks prior knowing I had these stds, we always used condoms, that didn't fail. Since I did get an HIV test in the window period and it was negative, at this point I wanna be sure of my status and thinking if I should get a RNA PCR test or buy an Oraquick test.
187666 tn?1331173345 I meant to use a question mark to ask for prayers, not an exclamation point. Obviously I was feeling wound up and upset when I typed that. Second - encouraging news. Here's what Jill wrote to me: I saw Deborah this morning and she is doing better than last night. Power of prayer. It is a miracle combined with the fact that she is a fighter. Today it looks like she'll be on the winning end. She will be in ICU for several days and then hospital for I'm not sure how long.
Avatar m tn I have a question.. Has there been cases that u might have heard of where someone tested +ve.. after testimg -ve after 10.5 weeks post single exposure?
Avatar n tn To answer your question, about 1/2 of folks will test + on the igg blood tests by the 6 week mark. waiting to test at the 3 month mark catches about 80% or so of folks which is why we recommend waiting that long to test for routine screening for herpes. symptoms typically occur within 2-20 days after being infected with herpes but it can take several weeks/months until seroconversion occurs to be picked up on on the blood tests we have.
Avatar m tn Even without protecctive gloves, there is never any risk of HIV from mutual masturbation. With gloves (latex or otherwise) for sure no risk at all. You've had several questions about obviously zero risk situations. If you don't have unprotected sex (penis inside another person's vagina or rectum, without a condom), you will never catch HIV. That's all you need to know. There is no point about asking more questions about any other kind of exposure.
Avatar f tn Once again, I'm 14 and I had my period on march 27 and ended April 2. I just started bleeding again today (April 6) but it's not heavy and it's not light. It's in between. I told my mom and she said she sometimes has irregular periods so I should mark it on a calendar so we can keep an eye on it. My question is, should I be worried at all?
Avatar n tn I understand that the window period is 6 months, in rare cases. How accurate are unigold rapid test, though? Would the results change is I took a standard blood test where they send the blood to a lab? I'm very scared that the result will change at a later time. Also, why is it that they draw more blood for the tests they send out, but soo little for the rapid test, which is just a few drops of blood. please respond.
Avatar m tn Anyway around the 7 week mark I came down with a sore throat which cleared up after a week. I also developed a follicular type rash on my upper arms around the 2nd week mark which has remained there now at 12 weeks. My Dr is sure I've always had it and made it worse because i'm constantly examining myself for signs and symptoms. It's essentially a patch of skin coloured bumps on both upper arms.
Avatar n tn One followup question. Does anyone know the statistical odds of the prostitute testing positive for HIV or STD's? She is a 19 year old girl from Minnesota. She seemed very clean. She was hired by a friend who was throwing the party in response to her Craig's List ad. I'm just trying to figure the odds in waiting for her test results. Thanks.
Avatar f tn s genitals will resemble an upside-down exclamation point (the vaginal slit below is the anus). On a male kitten the organ will look more like a colon. The penis is below the anus and separated by a space to accomodate his testicles. You may even be able to see very small lumps in that space thatwill grow into the testicles as the kitten matures.
Avatar f tn You are okay. Most doctors won't see you until around the 12 week mark anyway. I am 18 weeks and going to my second app tomorrow. My first was at 13 weeks. As long as you're taking your prenatals you're fine. That's pretty much all a doc will advise at this point besides an ultrasound.
1225178 tn?1318980604 No way Kathy. That's an exclamation of excitement. I forgot the exclamation point which would have made it clearer.
801413 tn?1333539276 Yeah!! We are 18 weeks on Wednesday, but for twins, 36 is full term so we are technically half way! I get to see them on an ultrasound tomorrow -- can't wait!!!
Avatar f tn The six month tested thing is outdated and inaccurate go after 6 weeks and 3 months is just the exclamation point but a 6 week test is damn near conclusive.. Also the media and cdc evokes fear because they want to stop new infections etc.. So they sensationalize alot of HIV related things.. Now im not saying it doesn't exist but im also saying is relax.. Im African American and I live in Washington dc which is red zone to speak when it comes HIV its In the top 5 cities with high rates...
Avatar m tn t let mr see her, therefore I don't have all the details. My question is this all started exactly 4weeks to the date of her return from out of town, if she had sec with somebody out of town and didn't tell me was the window period for acute HIV sysmptoms over when she started to have symptoms exactly 4weeks. I have no symptoms and we both were tested about two months ago nev results.
Avatar n tn just to analyze it. I then wash the cup out with just water...but after doing this for an extended period of time...the rim of the cup gets a white stain or mark on it. Could this be due to left over residue from my urine...or something I should worry about?
Avatar f tn guidelines that the tests we use are accurate 12 weeks or more from the last possible exposure, even though I know the docs here on MedHelp believe they detect the vast majority of infections well before the 12-week mark. This brings me to my question...are any of you aware of recent research into the HIV window period, specifically research addressing the approximate percentage of new infections that will be detected after the passage of certain amounts of time (e.g.
Avatar n tn m being followed or watched constantly, I get nervous all the time, I am scared everyday all day for no apparent reason, Almost every night I have dreams that i literally wake up crying and screaming from, I have suicidal thoughts very often, I have fantasies about extremely crazy things I want to do do people. I just need help. I am spiraling out of control.