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187666 tn?1331176945 I guess what bothered me was the way it was posted with big letters and exclamation point. Then tell folks don't post here if you have cysts, go to the gynecology forum. Just seemed a bit harsh to me. I've never posted a question there but it kind of hurt my feelings :-( I know, I'm just a bit emotionally goofy right now.
220090 tn?1379170787 I think that often it is more a question of formulating oneself. One can give exactly the same answers in different ways and I don't see anything wrong in answers to questions according to one's own experiences, stressing that it is one's own experience and that people should check up with their doctors. I agree that any advise should not be given lightly, as one could be playing with someones life. I think this is a good thread you started.
1281668 tn?1271379782 BTW....I was trying to copy and paste some of the terms to google them in your note, but the entire note would highlight and an exclamation point and "report" would appear! I certainly hope I did not report you..that was not my intention! Just thought I'd let you know!