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Avatar n tn Hi I was just wondering if you got pregnant on birth control, would you still get a period(withdrawal bleeding)? I know anything is possible but for the most part...also, when would you test positive? Also, if anyone has gotten pregnant on birth control...what was your experience with it? thanks!
Avatar f tn I don't trust birth control I was on it for 5 months and didn't miss once and I got pregnant I'm now 21 weeks good luck
Avatar f tn Women's cycles can vary, even on birth control. Stress can cause a missed period like this as well. If you believe you may be pregnant, take a test weekly. I'd also recommend stopping by to see your doctor once again; I'm sure you'll get better answers there. If you're afraid to continue your birth control in fear of causing harm on a possible pregnancy, then I'd say discontinue and practice other methods of safe sex until you can get a definite answer from a doctor (since I'm not a doctor).
Avatar n tn yes you can still get pregnant. being on birth control with bring on your period and regulate it. good for you two deciding on you using birth control AND condoms. as it is possible to get pregnant on just the pill and by just using condoms but by using both....
Avatar n tn Is it possible to get pregnant and still have a period after conception? And if I started taking birth control after I got pregnant, but I didnt know i was pregnant, will that affect my baby?
Avatar n tn I have never had such a light, short period before. Any ideas on what could be going on? I have gained 10lbs. Maybe that is it? Could I be pregnant? Was this just how my period was this month? Any insight would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn I've been taking birth control for the past two years almost and I've never had a problem with my period on the pill. I've taken it religiously, since I started. But I'm on the 5th day of my placebo pills and I haven't gotten my period only two small brownish blood clots and mild cramps. I am not sure what to do should I wait until 5 days before my next period and then take a pregnancy exam? I have no idea as to what to do first. Is this normal? Should I make an appt. asap to see my doctor?
Avatar f tn I am on my second month of birth control now. My period during the first month came before I got to the sugar pills and lasted about 8 days, which is longer than normal. Tomorrow is the start of the sugar pills and my period still hasn't came, I have been having sex on a regular basis, should I be worried I am pregnant or am I just over thinking this. Is it normal for my period to come at different times when starting birth control?
Avatar f tn Hello I’ve been on birth control for about 6years now. I first got on it for my periods. I’ve never missed one since being on them. This period for this month came late which was on Monday started with brown discharge and today it came with red blood only the period is light. And now when I wipe nothing is there. I’ve been working out and changed my food and eating habits. Also I would forget to take my pill and forgot maybe twice and took two a day till I caught up.
Avatar f tn Why are you going on birth control? It is not healthy be on birth control for long periods of time, so if you don't need it(are not sexually active and don't have problems with menstruation) then I would recommend holding off on getting the pill. Right now, you are 14 and your periods need some time to regulate themselves as your body gets used to all the hormone fluctuations. Try keeping track of your periods on a calendar to see when you begin and finish your period.
Avatar n tn It removed, a week after removal I started on bcp(ortho-tricyclen lo) I got a period of 3 days at the end of the package/cycle I did not continue to the bcp for a few weeks, based on my last mentrual cycle being 01/17/13 my calculations were to have my next period on 2/13/13 however on 02/09/13 I had sex w/spouse and no obvious use of contraception was used as he did finish inside, that same day I started a new package of bcp(ortho-tricyclen lo), I have not yet rcvd a period.
Avatar n tn Ive been on birth control for exactly 3 months now. Its not the very strong kind, it was suposed to be just for helping with my acne. But about 4 days before i was suposed to start i had sex. We used a condom but we had a little accident. My periods have been normal since i started taking the pills but now (im suposed to be on my period) i just had a little bit of spotting for 2 days & thats it. Is the birth control causing it or could i be pregnant?
1032767 tn?1257305602 Am I supposed to expect my period around the old normal time or look for it at the beginning of the month now. I know you are supposed to put it in the Sunday after your period begins. I've used Nuvaring ever since it was introduced and never had a problem but like I said my periods have always been regular. Just want to know when to expect it. My boyfriend and I were TTC and I don't want to start BC without knowing I didn't miss a period. Please Help!!
Avatar n tn I was wondering if I should take a pregnancy test as well just to make sure because I have heard many stories about girls getting pregnant while on birth control. If you could please write me back I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
Avatar n tn It is very normal for women on the depo shot to not have a period while on this form of birth control. I was on it for 3 years and never got pregnant or had a period.
Avatar m tn i am on birth control and have been for several months. the first few months, bleeding was normal at mentruation, though each time slightly lighter. this month, at the time of my period being due now, it has only been spotting. i haven't had sex since last month during my period, so is this spotting pregnancy or has the period flow really slowed down that much it's blocked up?
Avatar n tn birth controls NEVER 100% and theres always a chance and always a handful of women that have gotten pregnant on birth control. i dont think you will get pregnant but you never know.