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Avatar f tn My hands are shaky, I have lightheaded moments and my body feels kinda shaky as in I feel like a wobbly old lady sometimes, a little off balance. (Well, I'm off balance in other ways but I mean physically.) Going down stairs is a bit of a challenge and I take them carefully. My hgb was 10.0 last week despite 4 weeks of procrit by then and I have my monthly at the moment. Does "blood" loss contribute at all to a decrease in hgb? I see the doc tomorrow so I'll mention it ..
Avatar f tn In order to be approved, each project must include a statement of purpose, a description of those conducting the project, a description of the methods used to carry out the project, the estimated cost of the project, and evidence that the government where the program takes place supports the project. The Secretary would be given 180 days to approve or disapprove of a proposal. The Secretary is required to give priority consideration to projects that receive matching funds.
413852 tn?1317312312 So much for me saying the testing is all a load of ****!!! I'm like a frigging pendulum, one minute I believe my doctors that I really don't need to test for anything and the next i want to go out and do every test known to man. K... well, I'd best go get my day started as my friendly, neighbourhood, no-English, IV-weilding man will be showing up soon!
4939681 tn?1361302899 I had a period with insanely stiff neck for about a month and dozens of doctor's appts, since I was last here. My lymph nodes are still painfully enlarging and my, now PCP, at Hopkins consulted with the head of ID at Hopkins where they ran a ton of cultures and antibody titer tests. I had a high titer for histoplasmosis, which after my own research explains my "odd" chest pain and calcifying lymph nodes.
Avatar f tn Babies, that's another story. They're just boot camp for the hard work of a lifetime of childrearing. They can be life's joy and worst pain at the same time. Rant over. Do not add cereal or anything else to a 9 week old baby's diet. It is too early. There are no studies to show that it helps in any way, and in fact can be a detriment. The same is true with formula; it won't make the baby sleep longer.
163305 tn?1333672171 The mom was disappointed in Obama's performance, saddled as she was with two adult children who had moved back in with her due to the stalled economy. The ad was the centerpiece of a $25 million campaign -- one of the biggest ad buys so far in the 2012 election cycle. Despite the fact that the ad's central message was the failure of the president, it wasn't considered a campaign ad under election laws.
543518 tn?1245325627 I have been out of work for a while now because of the hep c and tx, so I have spent quite a bit of time watching the progress of the elections in the USA. It was so heartwarming to see the positive reactions to the elections from so many parts of the world. However, I do know our media can be biased, and I'm sure there were some very negative responses in the world, but I found it a moving event.
Avatar m tn I lie on my bed (sideways) with my head extending in the direction of the floor. From this position I raise two 12 lb. weights in a pendulum type motion from near floor level over my upper body and down toward my stomach, 40 times over a 2-3 minute period. On all of these exercise routines, my heart rate is in the 80-85 range and my blood pressure stays in a normal range, usually around 135/80.
Avatar n tn She gave me another blood test before I was given meds for hyperthyroid. The blood test came back with a TSH level of 4.8 and T4free of 1.0. She said NOT to take any meds now and to come back in July for another blood test. When I asked how this could happen she felt it was caused by stress. Is this what you would say was the reason for the change in levels in a short period. Is it normal for this to happen? I also asked about the nodules which are solid and if I should have a FNB.
82861 tn?1333457511 The thought of an Obama administration with a fillibuster-proof senate majority scares the liver out of me. Bring back gridlock! I prefer to see nothing done than the socialist change in store for the USA should this calamity come to pass. This nation was made great because the individual had the right to pursue his dreams and succeed. The right to pursue - not the guarantee of success. Our capitalistic economy is the bedrock of securing that success.
Avatar n tn do this three times a day. 2. Cane Stretch. ( you can use a broom for this ) Place the palm of your left hand at the end of the broom stick , with the right hand palm down grab the end of the broom or mid way . push the broom stick up to your left side as far as you can comfortably stand it, hold that position for 60 seconds then relax. repeat three times . do this three times a day. Now I am only instructed to go half way up on this exercise I would advise to do the same .
Avatar n tn It makes him very uncomfortable to the point he loses focus at work because of the feeling inside of his stomache. He describes his stomache movement like a pendulum. Could this be part of the vomitting he is experiencing and should he be on some type of steriod to reduce the inflammatory response from the food allergies? It just appears that he is allergic to many foods because this happens even when drinking water.
2126606 tn?1346348724 If you're prescribed a hydrocodone drug for minor pain, or your friends or family members are taking pain medication, ask your doctor for a different prescription and remind your loved ones of the risks of taking these drugs. Please share any solutions in the comments that you've found effective in preventing your friends, family members, or even yourself from being prescribed hydrocodone so we can do the same.
Avatar n tn Hello dear, Rehabilitation Program In Acute Phase of Supraspinatus tendonitis Physical Therapy The goals of the acute phase are to relieve pain and inflammation, prevent muscle atrophy without exacerbating the pain, reestablish nonpainful range of motion, and normalize the arthrokinematics of the shoulder complex. This includes a period of active rest, eliminating any activity that may cause an increase in symptoms.
Avatar f tn I think there is a lot of pressure on docs not to do vbacs. A lot of docs are scared of liability issues. And I think a lot of ob's like the convenience of sections. They schedule it and don't get called in during the night. I also think a lot of women are opting for sections. I am in a high risk clinic. At this point in time it is there intention for me to deliver vaginally, however, due to complications with my last two deliveries a section is a possibility.
649848 tn?1534637300 I take blood pressure med that has a diuetic in it and I drink lots of water. I think a lot of times when the scale says I've gained, it's not really fat I gained but fluid - at least that's what I hope is happening, because the pendulum can swing pretty drastically in a very short time so I don't see how it can really be fat. No - I'm not trying to rationalize things - I'm still over weight - no matter what!! Everyone have a good day.
1275696 tn?1349704721 and separately, you always hear that bipolar is like a pendulum. Sometimes I picture myself as a pendulum on a rollercoaster, and suddenly it makes sense why I have such a hard time holding everything together!
20822233 tn?1524242748 If there is any way that you could find some work part time, and make some cash so that you can bring someone out on a date and pay for it yourself, would also be a good way of impressing a girl and getting a girlfriend. All this worked when i was young and in high school anyway. I dated the Captain of the Hockey Team and the guy that had the motorcycle and a part time job in school. They both had self confidence from the work they put into themselves. I wish you every success.
Avatar f tn Oral steroids are sometimes necessary, and one accepts the risks with the benefits. In the past they were over-prescribed and over-used, but when the lungs become really "twitchy", a short period of use may be the only way to calm things down. The pendulum swings, and from being over-prescribed in years past some physicians won't prescribe them at all.
Avatar f tn But I don't know about cross contams with animals - especially of dog type. My suggestion is to go get a Hepatitis Panel for everyone in the family --- just because EVERYONE should get one every 2 years... Then keep testing every 2 years - just to keep your family safe... Not from the dog, mind you... However, but because I believe EVERYONE should get a panel done --- and everyone should get innoculated for HEP B. You didn't say if your Mother In Law had HEPC.
544292 tn?1268886268 Hello Tramadol Warriors! Welcome to Part 61! Please make yourself comfortable. It's a bumpy ride. But I promise you have come to the right place if you want to get off Tramadol. Forever. This is a place to find support and give support from those who really know what it is like. Understanding is essential! You can do this. And yes. Eventually you will heal!
Avatar f tn Your best bet is to wean slowly over a period of months. Benzos can help, and you want to control symptoms with things like Imodium and Pepto Bismal. You'll need an antihistamine for a few days, and sometimes a small dose of clonidine for a few weeks can also help. There are locations for so-called medically supervised detox. New Vision is one such company that offers this service. Incidentally, you're killing your liver with all that acetaminophen.
Avatar n tn Razzing of tongue and likes to touch tongue with finger or play with teeth/saliva Spinning of trucks/cart wheels while up side down- Fascination with all kinds of movement- ceiling fans, sprinklers, lights turning on and off, clocks with pendulum, the meter box dial on the side of our house, etc. Lack of pragmatic speech - does not ask for "ma ma" but rather pulls at my leg Does not request milk, juice, water, snack, etc.
627818 tn?1271780626 I was also sent immediately to a fantastic hand and arm PT rehab center. But with all of that, I still got a frozen right shoulder, over a period of months. Talk about excruciating pain! I would scream from turning over in my sleep. After 6 months I had a 3rd surgery, mainly to remove some of the hardware from my arm, but also to do a 360 on my shoulder to release it. Yow. I could not possibly have stood the pain had I been conscious. I was in PT for another 6 months after that.
Avatar m tn remar, Thanks for your reply. I am going to discuss this with my doctor. I am finally keeping a pain journal. The current med I am on (I was advised not to tell people which ones I take) is short acting and causes that bad interdose wearing off problem, and causes headaches when it wears off (Has anyone had this with a particular med?). Sometimes I feel as he just doesn' t listen. Part of it is likely my fault in failing to clearly and effectively communicate.