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Avatar f tn Hi Teak, thanks! There's new question from what I saw in Chinese forum. One person said that he was injected by needle(he was not sure if there's blooding in the needles) when he was taking bus, and he found that there's bleeding in his leg! Is there any possible to transmit HIV? Thanks thanks thanks again!
Avatar n tn Did the obgyn do a urine pregnancy test at their place?? I went 45 days with no period back between september/october and was testing negative. Turns out i ovulated late and everything was fine. Good luck and i hope you get some answers.
Avatar m tn Hello I just wanted to inform all the people on this forum about the new guidelines for the hiv window period which have been changed by the world health organization which state an hiv test is conclusive at 6 weeks. http://www.who.
Avatar f tn Or does her pep medication move my window period out as well (because I know it moves the window period for people on the medication). Also I have not been able to take an RNA test because I believe to be dealing with HIV 2 and nobody will approve that test so I just keep testing for antibodies. I know these maybe outlandish questions but I have not found much help through this difficult period and am now on my 7th day of fever, headache, swollen lymph nodes and joint pain in fingers and feet.
Avatar f tn 1;1000 risk of hiv with known hiv positive its risk is low but risk is risk and testing window period is 12 weeks.
Avatar f tn Everyone will call him different names period you can't help that. No matter what name you decide, family especially will always give kids nicknames. I wanted Violet so bad and nobody wanted to call her that because we are Hispanic so everyone wanted a Hispanic name I gave in and named her Andrea Violet. Everyone teased they'd call her Juanita (her dad is Juan) or panchita etc different names I would get soooo mad. Anyway guess what...nobody every calls her Andrea. -_- nobody.
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6403891 tn?1381183555 I asked twice, but seems like he don't want to discuss details. I can't find information on EIA tests, their window period and generation. I will describe all my story and why I'm doubt about results in another thread. Here I would like to ask only about window period of ELISA tests of the "last" generation.
Avatar m tn Dear guys. The period of waiting for testing was very very horrible. I had a pcr RNA test for hiv 1 at 12 days after sex. Then I did some times of forth generation tests at 2, 3, 5, 8 weeks. All of them came back negative. The doctors in expert forum indicate the forth generation test is conclusive anytime after four weeks. May I stop testing for that? My exposure was mutual masturbating and oral sex. I ejaculated into his mouth, but he did not ejaculate.
Avatar n tn I had protected sex and then i belive i took off the condom before receiving oral from her, for a period of about 1 minute. I had been circumcised 8 weeks previous, and i wasnt sure if it had healed, i also believe she had her lip pierced. I got a bit worried lately as my chest infection doesnt seem to be going away, even after a week of antibiotics and two weeks later, im still spitting up yellow phlegm. Could this be linked?
Avatar n tn * Any member who creates a second nickname will immediately be banned and have any subsequent nicknames banned.
Avatar f tn Thanks. Do I need to testing again after one week. I did the test on 81 days.
Avatar m tn My glans did friction in her vulva and secretions, it wasn't penetration, were only seconds, were kisses and caresses in our parts. I've heard I must wait a period of 13 weeks for a test. Am 'I at risk in case the girl to be positive? Thanks.
Avatar f tn You don't have HIV and your symptoms have nothing to do with ARS.
Avatar m tn 3 Months is the official conclusive hiv window period,not 6 months.You tested out to 5 months which means you are 100% conclusively negative.
8106960 tn?1396646989 I hate that everyone is already thinking of nicknames for her...Like Leelee, Anni, Yaya?! (What the heck is a Yaya) You all might think that it's silly but I can't stand names like (Daedae, Kekee, Sheeshee) that for people period. I am comfortable with people calling her Ali because her name is Aliyanna but that's it.
Avatar m tn I had symptom of ASR I test neg after 4 month I would like if I still in my window period. I went to my dr he said everything look ok in my all tests. Want ask could the parson test positiv after 4 month. I am really worrid because my dr said u need to test 6 month and 1 year.
Avatar f tn if a pregnant women that be HIV test may have the From week for a positive result with this method Antiboby Rapid Test? time period was 8 weeks risk is travel? HIV test and if two 8-week resistance can figure out the sour?
Avatar m tn Thank you i really appreciate your response. Please confirm to me according to above tests and ARS like experience. Do i need to test anymore?
Avatar m tn elisa test is an extremely accurate test. Its window period is 3 months after the last exposure. A negative result, which is given by taking this test 3 months after an exposure, is fully conclusive.
Avatar f tn Bipolar has been an interesting, frustrating, life threatening and destroying condition I have endured for as long as I can remember. I didn't know exactly why I was - the way I was - until last year. I remember growing up and having to think about how to act/behave and what mood to feel....not really just be me, but to think about what I should do and say and the facial expressions I should have - exhausting.
Avatar m tn now this woman was on her period and i could see her dried blood on the finger where i had cuts. immediately i washed my hands and asked her if she was hiv positive but she got angry and got away? i guess my cut was fresh am i at risk?
82861 tn?1333457511 Our dogs not only know their names, they know their nicknames. That doesn't mean they listen unless there is something in it for them = ( One thing I've learned is that they learn things like "treat treat" or "no no" a lot quicker than just saying "treat" or "no".
Avatar f tn I know it would be way too early to tell if i am pregnant, my period is do around March 30..If i am preg, the embryo wouldn't even be implanted yet..I have a pap smear and internal exam scheduled for this wed the 21..I was wondering if when my gyno does the internal exam, if her feeling my ovarys and all that is up there will interupt the egg traveling to the uterus if I am Pregnant..or mess up the process..I think i know the answer is no, but I am a little parinoid..
Avatar m tn Shree Vishwambhara Dear folks, I was really going through a depression phase last 1 ½ years, and hence succumbed to bad habits. I recall having almost 10 exposures in that time period, all of them fellatio (oral received by girls of unknown status) and fingering in my anus. My most recent exposure was about six weeks back. In all but one instance, there was no condom for a few seconds, and her drops of saliva fell down on my penis tip, which I washed off immediately.
Avatar m tn 0 rapid test result was negative my que is my docter said that window period is 6 months you have to test after 6 months then u get positive result, he said you have high risk exposure thats why u have to test after 6 months, am i free from hiv or i have to wait 15 days or even 1 year for confirm my status?
Avatar n tn Condoms prevent HIV transmission. Period. Bacteria and viruses are two completely different organisms. their methods of infection are completely different. No comparison whatsoever. You did not have a risk of infection whatsoever regardless of your prostate infection. This is not an HIV concern.
Avatar f tn Pre-ejaculate can infect you with HIV if you have unprotected penetrative vaginal or anal sex.If you engaged in those activities then you had a risk,if you didn't then you had no risk--it's really that simple.
Avatar f tn Can u get hiv if you have sex with an infected person while she's on her period..?