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7722569 tn?1409707842 I call my son a little booger only bcuz hes got a mind of his own and wanted to come out when I was 32 weeks pregnant they had to stop my contractions because its to soon for him to come out.
Avatar f tn Anybody else have cute little nicknames for their baby before they find out the real name?
Avatar f tn What are your nicknames for your little one?
Avatar f tn I immediately called the baby Juls. My fiance and I have several nicknames for our little prince already. They include Juls, Buddy (which is one of my fiance's nicknames), Papa and Prince. Our son is due late November.
82861 tn?1333453911 All of our dogs have ended up having a ton of different nicknames, and they seemed to understand that each one was indeed, their name. For Doc, we also have Dr. Spot, Dr. Dork, Goober Head, Gomez, Dr. Detroit, Doofus. More to come in the years ahead, that's for sure! Maggie, after 5 years with us, has racked up several monikers: Mags, The Mag Pie, The Pie, Her Pieness, Her Pieness on Her Throne, Puppy Pie, Polar Pie, Magnus, Pot Pie, Snuggy Pie... lots of things you can do with pie.
Avatar f tn What type of nicknames do u have for your cute lil one. I have many lol. My fave is baby monkey. Lol. Am i crazy?!?
Avatar f tn Hi ladies, any suggestions on nicknames for boys ? I name my son kasey and im looking for a nickname.. It dont particularly have to go with his name r anything.. if u don't mean mind me asking what's sum of yall nick names ?
6706619 tn?1391316843 I didn't but everyone else around me did when I told them we picked Parker!! The question was, what so "Park" for short... Then a bad face... No one in my family has nicknames related to their name so I keep telling everyone his name will cone after he is here... But its fun to think about. We're doing James as a middle so I imagine a little P.
Avatar f tn Everyone will call him different names period you can't help that. No matter what name you decide, family especially will always give kids nicknames. I wanted Violet so bad and nobody wanted to call her that because we are Hispanic so everyone wanted a Hispanic name I gave in and named her Andrea Violet. Everyone teased they'd call her Juanita (her dad is Juan) or panchita etc different names I would get soooo mad. Anyway guess what...nobody every calls her Andrea. -_- nobody.
615651 tn?1233707108 s son is Caden and they call him Cade sometimes. And Tatie maybe. Or the nicknames can be something completely differant. Our daughters name is Natalia Vallerie and DH's family tried to call her Nattie which we don't really care for so we call her bug or buggie instead. But our daughter calls herself Talia and my mom picked it up. So you never know what it will be. Good luck!
Avatar f tn * Any member who creates a second nickname will immediately be banned and have any subsequent nicknames banned.
Avatar f tn Need help! Debating on our baby girls name..we are between Peyton and Scarlet. Middle name is Grace. I know both are tough with nicknames but my name is Lisa and I'm not a fan of any of those nicknames and I am fine without one!.let me know your thoughts. Thanks !!!
8106960 tn?1396643389 I hate that everyone is already thinking of nicknames for her...Like Leelee, Anni, Yaya?! (What the heck is a Yaya) You all might think that it's silly but I can't stand names like (Daedae, Kekee, Sheeshee) that for people period. I am comfortable with people calling her Ali because her name is Aliyanna but that's it.
317787 tn?1473358451 Hi there, there seems to be a problem with user nicknames. There are long numbers coming through with the nicknames. Sending so you can see it, thanks. http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn What are you talking about? My account is showing as a girl... Idk why but I am a guy.. What nicknames?
Avatar f tn On the radio they were taking about the nicknames moms & dads call their unborn babies in each state (US only). Some of them were really strange, like: pork bun fish stick john wayne mini toot pizza bagel baby bugaboo woodle? lol I'm not sure how accurate this data is because I've never heard anyone from my state call their baby what was listed in that article (search yahoo parenting unique baby nicknames in each state if you're interested).